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OP Sergeant Novak

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Jolobo7173 wrote:
Name: Leon
Service number-011
affiliation: Orion II Project Omega Team
Gender: Male

Leon is a spartan II commando of omega team

Leon is most known for his skill in close quarters combat and shown to have use an energy sword in halo wars 2
Uh, this is supposed to be a “Create your own Spartan forum”
Name: Sam
Service #: 010
Unit: Alpha Company - SPECWAR/Group Three
Primary Military Specialization: Sniper
Enlistment Date: Dec 25 2531

Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: Apr 20 2518

Performance: Excellent
Comments: N/A
Spartan's choice of equipment:

  • Mjolnir Armor [Gen 2]
  • Sniper Rifle
  • DMR
  • Magnum
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:

  1. Insurrection of Mamore
  2. Battle of New Constantinople
  3. Bonanza Asteroid Belt
  4. Fall of Reach - Listed MIA later recovered and conscripted into the first class of the S-IV program.
  5. First Battle of Requiem
  6. Second Battle of Requiem

Current Operation: Waiting Assignment on the UNSC Infinity

Notable Relations:

  • Franklin Mendez - Spartan-III Instructor
  • Jun - A266 - Spartan-IV Instructor
Service Commendations:
All major military honors except Prisoner of War Medallion

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 2536 - Present
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:
Halo 5
hcs athalon armor and helmet
Service #:S-395
Primary Military Specialization:UNSC/[REDACTED]/RECON/SPEC.OPS/[REDACTED]
Enlistment Date:8/19/2554
Birth Date:[REDACTED]
Performance:Skilled in precision weapons, data retrieval/analysis, [CLASSIFIED], served on UNSC Infinity from [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], executed Operation:Hitpoint with S-[CLASSIFIED] on [REDACTED], [CLASSIFIED].
Comments: Shown to exhibit antisocial tendencies, while maintaining efficiency on missions. Known to not interact with other Spartans unless under directive. Has shown more effectiveness and socialization with ODST teams, likely the result of siblings training to become ODST’s. Highly tactical, known to turn a complete checkmate situations into resounding victories.
Conclusion: Intelligent, agile soldier, known to maintain lone wolf status amongst Spartans, exceptionally high kill-count. Rating:Highly Lethal.

[This document is forged and edited by ONI Research and Development Section 3. Any attempt to uncover classified information will be met with immediate prosecution.]
Name: Thomas
Service Number: 99505-51696
Unit: Fireteam Scorpion (SPARTAN-IV Program)
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: M
Birthplace: Alluvion
Birth Date: February 27, 2521
Performance: First Deployed onto Alluvion in 2542. Claimed to have killed 3 Sangheili and 17 grunt Ultras. Claims to have badly injured a Zealot. Recutied into the SPARTAN-IV Program after killing 9 Sangheili Ultras and 4 Zealots on Meridian in 2551 (Confirmed by ONI). A SPARTAN-IV that is more than a marine in MJOLNIR armor.
Previous Engagements: Battle for Alluvion, Battle of Actium, Battle of Sargasso, Siege of Paris IV, Battle of Meridian
Status: Active
Always nice to see a bio for an S-IV. I modeled mine based on my and how long I've been in the games so I went with a S-III. But I always like seeing people go with S-IVs, particularly with Marine backgrounds.
Service #:BT-555
Unit:Special Warfare Group III/Spartan IV program
Primary Military Specialization:Assualt/AI Theory
Enlistment Date:2530
Birth Date:2540
Performance: Breitner is a loyal Spartan IV though his generation is a Spartan IV he has a Spartan III Augementation a test by ONI to see if Spartan IV generations can use the Spartan III augementation though it hasn't been sucessful for most he actually passed it and was able to use the Spartan III augementation though because of the high kill-rate ONI has labeled this Test as failed and Deployed Breitner with the code-name "Last Spartan III".
Comments: Breitner has interacted well with the Spartan Teams he has served under though he transfers from one team to another to either be their replacement or an extra arm in the group.
NOTES:Spartan's choice of equipment: Breitner's armored is a Variant of Jorge's helmet though he still holds the same Bulky Apperance with a Grenadier Chest Piece.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:Working alongside Different Spartan Teams on whatever mission that comes up.
Current Operation:UNSC Infinity
Notable Relations:Blue Team, Fire Team Osiris, Fire Team Majestic
*New* Service Commendations:(None)
*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:(Redacted)
New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:Sarah Palmer-"Though he isn't one of the best Spartan he's the most versatile being able to be in sync with the Spartan Teams as if he was a member of that team from the start."
Name: Jay
Service #: J-106
Unit: UNSC, Spartan IV
Enlistment Date: U/N
Location: U/N
Gender: M
Birthplace: Harmony
Birthdate: Unknown
Performance: J-106 is a very skilled soldier in the field, he loves to flank the enemy or charge straight into the fight. If he has to stay back and give covering fire he will do that with his DMR. Him alone against Covenant or Prometheans he's a force to be reckoned with, but put him with Spartans he'll work with he and his team can be unstoppable.
Notes: Despite having survived the Covenant attack on Harmony when he was young he does have PTSD but not on severe levels. He hasn't let it get in the way of his work, but he did have an incident with a zelot. Since the attacks he's hated the Covenant and was willingly gone on missions that involved high ranking Covenant officers. When he goes into War Games he can be very competitive and if something bad happened you will probably hear him over the comms yelling in frustration. If he can get his hands on an Energy Sword anyone within lunging distance is as good as dead. ( Be sure to look out for him in Infection)
Equipment Choice:
C.Q.B. Helm
Teishen Armor
Energy Sword
Current Deployment: Waiting for assignment
Name:[CLASSIFIED] Vandom
Service #: B-312 Noble 6
Unit: Assassin Rouge Command Enforcement section ONI Commanding officer
Primary Military Specialization: Weapons expert, CQC, CQB, AIR ASSAULT
Species: Human from Reach
Appearance: Black
Sensory Rate: 300% more than average human perception
Vocal Tone: Deep(Like S117)

Personal Quote: “Why aim for the head when you can assassinate the mass”

Fun Fact: I am a headhunter


Enlistment Date:[REDACTED]
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Reach
Birth Date: [REDACTED]
Performance: Hyper lethal vector
NOTES: Lone wolf assassin
Spartan's choice of equipment: Ma5c Assault rifle, m6 magnum, prophets bane energy sword, arm mount energy sword, speed and jet booster enhancements

Height(No Armor): 5 ft 8 in
Height(Armor): 6 ft 1 in
Weight(No Armor): 220 lbs
Weight(Armor): 2,424.62 lbs

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of reach & [REDACTED]

Current Operation: Securing ZETA-Halo Array
Notable Relations: Kat B-320 Noble 2
Service Commendations: Headhunter
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 2535-Now
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: ARCE is very useful to noble team, more than they were for me. From [REDACTED]
Spouse: Kat B-320(KIA)

Strengths: CQC, midrange, and long range
Weaknesses: Mechs, empathy, Hunters, and Promethean Knights
Childhood: Military enlistment no prior memories
A.I.: Cortana model D-24 A.D.S.

ARMORY(Armor section)
Helmet: Mjolnir Mk VI Scarred
Chest: HP/HALO
Arm(R): ODST with hidden energy dagger
Arm(L): ODST with wrist mounted tact. pad
Utility: (On left leg) Tactical/Trauma kit
Visor color: Gold(Torchbreaker)
Knee Guards: GUNGNIR
Armor Effect: Inclement Weather
Main color: Brick
Secondary color: Blue Steel
Undersuit Color: Extreme Dark Gray

Backstory: Born on December 22, 2518 Bane Vandom became orphaned. The Covenant attacked Reach just one year later in 2519. Bane grew up with a foster parent and a cheaply created A.I.

On Bane’s birthday in 2525 he asked the A.I. what had happened to his real parents.
The A.I. had stored information about the Covenant’s attack. He was told that his parents escaped the initial attack just for them to get killed by a few stray bullets and needles from the fight between SG Avery Johnson and Thel ‘Vadamee.

Then one week later ONI showed up at the door and interviewed Bane. He expressed extreme anger towards the Covenant. He knew his mom was hit by the bullets from SG Avery Johnson, but the reason SG was there was because of the Covenant.

Years later Bane fought on Reach. The planet was glassed. Bane hid in a cave, his A.I. helped him stop the bleeding from almost dying from the almost fatal incident caught on his helmet cam.

I cauterized my arm where it was cut after I killed the 2 elites. I then found a cave where I passed out from blood loss only to wake up 2 days later. My old mk v helmet was lost so I walked blind into a different, recently deserted cave with little food and supplies. I found a small saber hidden deep in an ONI mining facility where Covenant had been. I struggled to sneak my way to the ship port where I was able to open the door and quickly fly out. I sent a destress signal which was intercepted by ONI. They found me and fixed me up providing me with mechanical parts to help my arm work properly. I got a new mk vi helmet and worked for secret for ONI for years. I recently got some extra augments to become a spartan iv. Now I go by Noble and no one suspects that I am the ACTUAL Noble6.

Now going as B-312 A.R.C.E. Unit, he is trying to help secure ZETA-HALO Array whilst not getting seen or detected by anyone who knew about him as Noble 6.
Name: Sam Way
Service #: S-001
Primary Military Specialization: Battlefield
Enlistment Date: 2528
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Eridanus 2
Birth Date: June 7 2515
Spartan's choice of equipment: Sniper rifle and Magnum.
Armour: Helmet: EVA variant with the EVA skull (C), with a variant that says CNM
Chest: Assault / Sapper
Right shoulder: Safety (Knife) Until general
Left shoulder: Operator
Doll: Assault / Opener
Knee Pads: FJ / For
Utility: Tactical / Soft case
Viewfinder color: Black
Name: [REDACTED] (Goes by Diesel)

Specialization: Heavy weapons

Enlistment: 9/4/2556

Location: U.N.S.C Make My Day

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee

Birthdate: 4/13/2524

Performance: She is angry, she is a loner and doesn’t work well with other Spartans. Don’t put her on a mission of more than 4. If you send her out to take out covenant, rest assured that, no matter how long it takes, there will be no one left alive.

Comments: She is rude and brash but she always follows orders exactly as they are given. Won’t hesitate to protect teammates

Equipment: Gravity hammer, SAW
Previous engagement: Marine Corps

Commendations: Acts of bravery

Years of active duty: 6

Notes: Has spouse in the spartan program named Joseph Fawcett

(Credit to Zarry of the Mega Construx website for original character idea)
Name: Adrianna CalvilloService #: Adrianna-G243Unit: UNSC Navy Hospital Corpsmen / Spartan-III Gamma Company (former) / Spartan-IV, Fireteam SierraCallsign: DocRank: Spartan-III: Petty Officer First Class (former) / Spartan-IV: Spartan CalvilloPrimary Military Specialization: MedicalAge:27Location: UNSC Infinity, assigned to spartan Fireteam SierraGender: FemaleBirthplace: Reach, New AlexandriaPerformance:Well-reserved, defensive combat tendencies.

Comments:“Spartan Calvillo is most notable for her numerous rescues of fellow UNSC personnel on the battlefield, often able to reach the wounded at a faster pace than a standard Marine combat medic given the mobility and enhancements received via the Spartan Program.”

NOTES: Medical for spartan Fireteam SierraSpartan's choice of equipment: GEN2 Mjolnir, MA5D Assault Rifle,Standard UNSC medical supplies (mainly for wounded UNSC combatants and civilian personnel)Some of your Spartans previous engagements:Fall of Reach, 2552Battle of Earth, 2552Most combat engagements near the end of the Human-Covenant WarCurrent Operation: Stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity, INF-101Electronically viewed via terminal #6458 - Office of Naval Intelligence
"Rank: Spartan-III: Petty Officer First Class (former) / Spartan-IV: Spartan Calvillo" is a nice touch.

But this was the nicest touch: "Electronically viewed via terminal #6458 - Office of Naval Intelligence" Just adds a nice bit of detail to the file format.
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Name: Jamison 'Jekyll and Hyde' Tanner
Quote: "What?! I can't hear you over the rev of my Chainsaw and the screams from your lips!"
Faction: N/A
Unit: Fireteam Black Mamba
Specialization: Weapons expert, Melee, CQC, Operator, Engineer, EOD, Explosive Operations
Current location: Unknow
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth date: 2xxx
Intel on Performance: [>Redacted<]
NOTES: He is known to be very brutal on occasions and very kind in others, depending on who sets his 'Mr. Hyde' Personality off
Choice of Equipment: He wears a typical UNSC Marine BDU with paint splatters meant to symbolize the blood of his enemies while he wears their jaw bones around his neck. His weapons consist of a MA5D and a mini grip mounted chainsaw like sword
Previous Ops: Fall of Reach
Current Op: None
Notable Relations: Family was slaughtered, leading to his split personalities
Service Commendations: [>Redacted<]
Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: [>Redacted<]
NOTES: He is known to be very brutal on occasions and very kind in others, depending on who sets his 'Mr. Hyde' Personality off
He sounds kinda bipolar.
Name: Holly
Service #: B067
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: [REDACTED], Fireteam Shadow as of July 9, 2553
Primary Military Specialization: Sniper
Enlistment Date: August 3, 2537
Location: [REDACTED], UNSC Infinity as of July 9, 2553
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Jericho VII
Birth Date: March 4, 2532
Performance: Excellent focus and skill when sniping, whether part of a team or alone. Holly doesn't talk much, but her skills with a sniper rifle are breathtaking to behold.

Comments: Ever since her counter-insurgency op on [REDACTED], working closely with fellow Spartan [REDACTED], as well as her experience on Reach, Holly has shown a bigger interest in close teamwork than before. How this will affect her new team remains to be seen.

NOTES: Holly has emerald eyes and dark-red hair color. Her skin is, like all Spartans, very pale from having spent the majority of life in armor.

Spartan's choice of equipment:
1x SRS99-S5 AM
1x M6C
Operator-class MJOLNIR Gen-2 Armor

Previous engagements:
Second Battle of Arcadia
The Fall of Reach
Defense of Nassau Station, First Battle of Earth
Battle of Mare Erythraeum, Mars
Raid on the UNSC Infinity
First Battle of Requiem
Second Battle of Requiem

Current Operation:
Unknown. Contact lost with UNSC Infinity after emergency slipspace jump to escape Guardians.

Notable Relations:

Service Commendations: [REDACTED]
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 21
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: [REDACTED]
Name: Buckweet
Gender: Male
Service # S-666
Unit: ONI grim reaper (spartan-II)
(P)MOS: Assassin
Enlistment Date: Classified
Location: Classified

Birthplace: Earth
Birthdate : October 31 2511

Performance: S-666 is very skilled at hiding in plain sight and killing is target quickly and with his active camo he can get into places that are guarded to the max. He is skilled with the art of assassination, close quarters combat, and hand to hand fighting.

Notes: He doesnt work well with others because he thinks that working with people is a distraction.

Name: Rockney [Redacted]
Service #: S-118
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Los Angeles, Earth
Birth Date: August 11, 2511
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, SPARTAN-II, White Team
Location: Unknown
Spartan's choice of weapon: M7S Caseless Submachine Gun
Helmet: Commando
Performance: In his prime Spartan 118 was as formidable as any of his counterparts in the Spartan II program. But what set him apart was an advanced understanding of Military Strategy and Tactical prowess. The leader of White team. As he grew older he received many promotions and worked his way up the UNSC. Spartan 118 captains the sister ship of the UNSC Infinity, the UNSC Eternity. Thought to have not been completed, the UNSC Eternity was finished in secret and assigned to the members of White team. The ships current whereabouts are currently unknown and their mission is CLASSIFIED.
Comments: Unlike his fellow Spartan II, John 117, Rockney is a very vocal Spartan. He enjoys the spotlight and likes to captivate his audience. This desire to hold the attention of his fellow spartans grew into an admirable leadership quality that he exhibits to this day.
I Like a lot of the spartan backstories I would do one but I would have to find a time to put all my info here on this thread for the spartan
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