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OP Sergeant Novak

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Helmet: The FOTUS helmet's torque-node extension represents a breakthrough in replicating Forerunner "baffler" sensor-distortion systems.

Armour: Hand-crafted from the finest locally-sourced materials and repurposed Forerunner technology, FOTUS-class powered assault armor has proven invaluable in Seattle's corporate shadow-wars.

Name: Sara Bartkus

Service Number: 94183-86391-SB

Unit: Fireteam Evangelion (Sangheili-Human Joint Operation Team)

Prime Military Specilization: Alien Technology and Combat

Enlistment Date: August 13, 2532

Location: UNSC Infinity (Infinity-Class Flagship)

Gender: Transgender Female

Birthplace: Chicago

Birthdate: August 13, 2514

Performance: Strong, Silent, Very reliable. Spartan Sara (Not to be confused with Spartan Sarah Palmer) is extremely good at what she does, though she doesnt do it the way anyone taught her. Her methods are very good, but these ‘Methods’ have been questioned by both her teammates and ONI.

Comments: Needs to work better with her team

Choice of Equipment: T-1 Energy Sword (Vorpal Talon Variant), M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle (Arclight Variant), and M6 PDWS.

Previous Engagements: Battle of New Mombasa, Battle of Delta Halo, Battle of Requiem, Battle of Oban, Battle of Sanghelios.

Current Operation: Zeta Halo

Notable Relations: Sarah Palmer, Captain Thomas Lasky.

Years of Active Duty: 27
She stands out cuz of how she speaks however she does not get along with other people so she normally goes solo in her mission however she does try to help but they refuse their offer
Name: "JINX"
Service #: X302
Unit: ONI, Beta-5 Division, SPARTAN-III Fireteam SABER
Primary Military Specialization: SPARTAN-III "DENIABLE OPS"
Enlistment Date: [REDACTED]
Location: [REDACTED]
Gender: M
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: March 2nd, 2532
Performance: JINX is specialized in solo infiltration via dropping from Frigates hovering within the atmosphere, usually under the cover of night or during a heated battle that would allow him to slip past undetected. He is then tasked with eliminating or destabilizing the enemy from behind their own lines, allowing UNSC forces to push in on a weakened enemy. He then vanishes without a trace. Insertion via aerial vehicle piloted by himself is also among one of his methods. JINX has also been known to participate in exo-atmospheric battles amidst engagements with the Covenant in space. In the event of his death, all records of his existence are to be scrubbed, destroyed, and all handlers are required to sign an NDA.
Equipment: Silenced M392 DMR, Silenced M6G Pistol, Combat Knife, Flashbang Grenades, Smoke Grenades
Previous Engagements: Fall of Reach, Battle of Installation 04
Current Operation: [REDACTED]
Name: Alex's Wilson
Spartan ID: S-A193
Nickname: Jumpy
Callsign: Excalibur three
Unit: S-IV, Fireteam Excalibur
Specializations: Reconnaissance , Asset Recovery and Protection, Assault, melee combat
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth, London, England
Age: 28
Location: UNSC Infinity
Status: Active

background S-A193 is solid Team player who is supportive both on and off the battlefield and is known Amongst his fireteam for his jumpy behaviour and great drive skills. He is a good marksman and is often competing against (Excalibur Five) as they both claim to be the best marksmen in the fireteam. During combat situations he is normally cool headed and will follow his fireteam leaders (Excalibur One) orders without question, despite his constant teasing. (Excalibur One) in turn often looks to him for advises when it comes to making team decisions. If he or the team fails in anyway he will often take it personality and will blame himself, which is often follow by a short period of intense solo training in his free time.

Apprances: Short buzzcut brown hair, green eyes, light brown stubble bread, tattooed UNSC on to his upper right Arm.
Height: 7ft 5in
Weight 125 Kg

Armour: Hellcat Class variant of the Gen2 Mjolnir powered assault armour
- Combat Knife
- M6G Magnum
2x stun grenades 2x Flashbang grenades, 4x frag grenades.
Spartan’s Name:
Alex Faye

Service Number:

Active aboard the UNSC Infinity

UNSC, Marine Corps, Marine (formerly), Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, 105th Shock Troops Division, 7th Shock Troops Battalion (formerly) Spartan, Spartan-IV Program, Fireteam Avalanche

Corporal (formerly), Spartan, Fireteam Leader

Enlistment Date:
Marine Enlistment: 8th February 2546, ODST Enlistment: 6th January 2550, Spartan-IV Enlistment: 10th January 2553


Date of Birth:


49267-92501-AF was a strong candidate in their early military career as they quickly climbed the ranks and even managed to pass and get accepted into the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, the best of the best infantry, with only having served 3 years and 11 months with the Marines. After serving with the ODSTs for 3 years and seeing out the Human-Covenant War, he was extended an invitation to the Spartan-IV program for his outstanding combat record by a former Spartan-III Jun-A266 to join the newly created Spartan-IV Program, which 49267-92501-AF accepted. 49267-92501-AF performed exceptionally in training after he received his augmentations, and he was quickly recognised to be an appropriate candidate for a Fireteam Leader role with his strong leadership capabilities shining through.

[REDACTED]: "49267-92501-AF really excelled in his training shortly after receiving his augmentations, and it became obvious that he would be ready rather quickly to be suited up in Mjolnir armour, and be cleared to deploy into the field. On missions he acted similarly to Spartans of the previous iterations, but out of combat his socialising skills are adequate, and he does not need to be checked up on, or require a re-eval on his mentality."

Marine Battle Dress Uniform (formerly)
ODST/UA Personal Protective Equipment (formerly)
(Black with Orange accent) GEN2 Recruit Armour (formerly)
(Black) Mk VI GEN1 Armour (was scarred post-[REDACTED] engagement and is unable to be repaired at this time)
Primary - MA5D Assault Rifle
Secondary - BR55 Battle Rifle
Holstered (Torso) - Combat Knife
Holstered (Hip-side) - M6G Magnum (2552 Model)
Holstered (Belt) - 2 Frag Grenades

Notable Engagements:
Battle of New Llanelli
Battle of Skopje
Siege of Paris IV
Invasion of Algolis (temporarily)
Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
Fall of Reach (early stages but later evacuated)
Battle for Earth
Battle of Installation 00
Battle of Requiem
Requiem Campaign
[REDACTED] Engagement

Current Operations:
Created Conflict
Training in the WZ FF Simulation

Notable Relations:
As a Marine, 49267-92501-AF saw lots of action on his first years of deployment having served alongside many different soldiers, and being moved to different regiments as the personnel numbers were required, but when 49267-92501-AF he served with the ODSTs in the 7th Battalion, he had the same squadmates right upto his invitation into the Spartan program. Some of his other squadmates who were invited into the Spartan program also accepted it, even with two being put under his control in Fireteam Avalanche, but he does socialise with others who were assigned to different Fireteams. Spartan 49267-92501-AF commands 4 other Spartans [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED] & [REDACTED]. These 5 Spartans together make a strong well-bonded team and have remained a Fireteam ever since they were first formed.
During the [REDACTED] engagement, Fireteam Avalanche worked with the Mjolnir-clad Spartan-III S-A270. A highly recognised and distinguished Spartan-III.

Service Commendations:

UNSC Tenure:
Name: Jamison 'Jekyll and Hyde' Tanner
Quote: "What?! I can't hear you over the rev of my Chainsaw and the screams from your lips!"
Faction: N/A
Unit: Fireteam Black Mamba
Specialization: Weapons expert, Melee, CQC, Operator, Engineer, EOD, Explosive Operations
Current location: Unknow
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth date: 2xxx
Intel on Performance: [>Redacted<]NOTES: He is known to be very brutal on occasions and very kind in others, depending on who sets his 'Mr. Hyde' Personality off
Choice of Equipment: He wears a typical UNSC Marine BDU with paint splatters meant to symbolize the blood of his enemies while he wears their jaw bones around his neck. His weapons consist of a MA5D and a mini grip mounted chainsaw like sword
Previous Ops: Fall of Reach
Current Op: None
Notable Relations: Family was slaughtered, leading to his split personalities
Service Commendations: [>Redacted<]Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: [>Redacted<]
Someone finally uses the name Jamison as a first name and without the "e". As a fellow Jamison, I salute you.
Update: 12/23/14 Extended DutyWho is your Spartan and what makes him/her stand out? Their intellect, boldness, bravery, or pure spirit? In this thread, write who your Spartan is and how they came to be. It can be from fan-fiction or your own overwhelming imagination. An order that I prefer you write it in would be along the lines of this:

Name: BuckService #:Unit:Primary Military Specialization:Enlistment Date:Location:Gender:Birthplace:Birth Date:Performance:Comments:NOTES:Spartan's choice of equipment:Some of your Spartans previous engagements:Current Operation:Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:

*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:

*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:P(MOS) has just been re-worded to "Military Specialization" This is for better clarity and fits with Halo 4 coming out. Hope this helps. You do not need to stick with the 8 they had mentioned, you can invent your own spec if you wish.So, without further ado, you can describe your fictional Spartan. Thank you for contributing to this thread if you have posted. I would really like to know who your Spartan really is.

Update: Due to new options being added for detail please use bold on the questions. For example: Name: John. If you're still confused look at the options of detail examples above this part of the post. Also, every detail is pretty much optional. Thanks.Sangheili Template (This is only a default template, you can change the layout to fit what suits you.)

WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?

Name:Faction:Unit:Specialization:Current location:Gender:Birthplace:Birth date:Intel on Performance:NOTES:Choice of Equipment:Previous Ops:Current Op:Notable Relations:

*New* Service Commendations:
*New* Covenant/Other faction Tenure:*New* Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders:
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