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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name and Service Number: Rose-G205
Gender: Female
Unit: UNSC Special Forces, Spartan-III (formerly Gamma company), Spartan Branch
Military Specialisations: Close-Quarters Combat/Battle, Wheelman

Performance: Rose-G205 took a shining to CQC/B training from conscription to deployment and was strongly encouraged by her CO to follow through with formal specialisations. G205 is highly adaptable and comfortable using a wide range of equipment in the field, including alien weaponry and vehicles. She has a tendency to use her CQC skills to disarm hostile infantry and board/hijack vehicles. Rose-G205 holds informal status as the 'designated driver' of her current Spartan fireteam.

Comments: Reprimanded on multiple occasions for not relinquishing battlefield contraband after deployment (one Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword, one Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer, two Type-25 Directed Energy Rifles, one Z-180 Close Combat Rifle).

Compassionate and empathetic (rare traits for a Spartan), Rose acts protectively of civilians and non-Spartan UNSC forces within acceptable mission parameters. She has adapted to post-war service more positively than predicted and has shown a progressive attitude towards improving Human/Sangheili relations. Recommended for interspecies operations within Joint Occupation Zones.
Has been monitored by ONI for Headhunter suitability alongside Emerald-G115, with whom G205 shares a high match percentage. Formal acquisition is pending approval.

Spartan's choice of equipment: BR55 Service 'Battle Rifle', M45 Tactical Shotgun, M6H/SOCOM 'Automag', Combat Knife, UNSC Machete
Previous engagements: Onyx Conflict
My SPARTAN-4 is me from the kingdom-planet Poland. I was a swordsman from ages 17 - 23 and enlisted thanks to the diplomatic Dignitary of a Polish Princess. Land Forces to Army to out of Polish Special Forces as a 1st Sergeant. With the defeat of the covenant I too of Poland joined then the U.N.S.C. as a spartan commando. Eventually attaining Field Major by age 28 (current.)

I like flip, flamethrowers, and pizza burgers.

I mainly used ROGUE, but after cross-missions in RECRUIT, HAZOP, and E.V.A. armor I've gradually accepted BUCCANEER.

I use a SAW, too.
I'm changing my mind about it being BUCCANEER, because my armor would be green not blue. So, PIONEER
will take its place, then I returned to HAZOP.
My Sangheili
Name: Zypa Reram
Gender:Male (Preferred to be called They/Them)
Kill count: 3,592
Weapon Specialty: Plasma Rifle / Halo 2 Beam Rifle
Type of fighter: Team Fighter
Birthplace Creck in Sanghelios System in 06/09/32
Location in 2560: on the ship Heresy in Darkness
Armor: Red Halo 3 Elite Minor with white stripes and a brute chieftains shoulder pad
Backstory: A disagreement against a Brute Major and Zypa turned into a argument which turned physical, Zypa ended up killing the brute. Which out him on the chase. He then freed some prisoners and they became a very elite group called "The Heretics" which proceeded to raid prisons and build their clan. The Covenant didn't care that much because the war on Them Vadam wasnt going good. The new clan is now a splinter group. Focusing their attention on the banished.

Other things: Zypa has had his fair share in sexual activity in the past. Also his parents were hunted down by covenant officers when The Heretics clan started. The Heretics is allied with the UNSC.
All I know is that mine is dangerous. Hehehe
Ooh alright >:)
Name: David

Service #: B636

Unit: Spartan-III Beta Company

Primary Military Specialization: operator

Enlistment Date: 2532

Location: Zeta Halo

Gender: M

Birthplace: United States, Earth

Birth Date: 2519

Performance: Skilled at infiltration and CQC, works best with his A.I. partner Sarah, his strengths include

a encyclopedic knowledge of UNSC firearms (give him any gun 9 times out of 10 he knows how to use it)

and a love of Martial Arts witch makes him a formidable opponent in hand to hand combat.

His weaknesses include


and a lack of willingness to lead during missions.

Comments: 636 has been know to keep to himself

NOTES: 636 has been seen carrying a small can of spray paint in his hard case and uses it to paint "Kilroy was here" on walls and Covenant vehicles and ships why he does this is not know

636 is one of the few spartan-IIIs from Beta Company who survived Operation: TORPEDO

Spartan's choice of equipment:

primary weapon M395 DMR

sidearm M6C/SOCOM

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:

the fall of reach

the battle of earth

Current Operation: [CLASSIFIED]

Notable Relations: briefly worked with Lucy-B091
Name: Leon

Service #: G-267

Unit: Gamma Company

Primary Military Specialization: Head Hunter

Enlistment Date: 2545

Location: Meridian

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Miridem

Birth Date: October 21st 237

Performance: Few Flaws such as caring too much about SIII Spartans but disliking SIV. His First Operation was to get a Spartan-IV who was captured by Insurrectionist after getting overwhelmed in Battle. Going on the mission gave him the perspective that Spartan-IV were inferior to the Spartans before them. During the mission during EVAC, The building was bombed with a barrage of Incendiary missiles setting the building on fire. The IVs ego that many had sacrificed Leon's teammate and he was seriously injured but Leon was able to get him out. The Headhunters and the IV were split up and right before getting to their EVAC Point, the IV yelled for help since he was hanging onto a ledge over a pit of fire. Leon would purposely let go and get himself and his teammate out failing the mission but at least getting that scum out of the Spartan Branch.

Comments: He will fail a mission if it means saving another Spartan's life except on one occasion when he let an SIV burn alive in a building. He Hates Brutes more than any other Covenant Force because one ate his mother's head and the same brute would kick it off a railing and into the middle of a train track before getting squashed. Leon was able to outsmart it by pulling a lever after trying to run away but ending up in a Factory the Brute would be crushed under a pile of SCORPION tanks.

(Might edit later I dunno)
Name: Adam Brockingson
Service #: C-458
Primary Military Specialization: Pilot, Sniper, Assualt Trooper. (Was Previously an ODST Sniper.)
Enlistment Date: 7/13/2550
Location: {REDACTED} Spartan Branch, Spartan-4 Operations.
Gender: Male
Birthplace: A Luna Colony.
Birth Date: 4/38/2532

Performance: Being a Spartan-IV who loves to charge headfirst Into combat, Then asking questions later is a very valuable asset to any Team or Band of Spartans. He also seems to love to destroy and shoot up things, Also being able to use almost any Vehicles or Weapons that the Battlefield gives him.

NOTES: It should be kept note that This S-IV will take a bullet even for a Non-Military person or Persons. As he did this in New Mombasa and It resulted in a dangerous injury but in the process, he saved two Civilians from being killed. Likes to charge straight into combat but will stay put If needed as a Sniper.

Spartan's choice of equipment:
Standard Mjornir Gen2 Recruit Armor.
M6H Magnum
BR55HB Battle Rifle
M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
Battle of the UNSC Infinite
Battle of New Mombasa (Served as an ODST.)

Current Operation: None Assigned. Free for Assignments.

Notable Relations: Briefly fought alongside one of the ODSTs named 'Dutch' in New Mombasa.

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 10 Years. Very Experienced on the Battlefield.
Name: Mason [REDACTED]
Height: 6ft'6in" w/Mjolnir Armor, 6ft'1in" W/O Armor
Service #: S-838, Spartan IV
Callsign: Scarlet-1, "Wraith"
Unit: Infinity, Fireteam Scarlet
Primary Military Specialization: Ballistics Expert, Recon, Tactical Prowess and Elimination
Enlistment Date: [REDACTED]
Location: [REDACTED]
Gender: M
Birthplace: Tribute, Epsilon Eridani System, [REDACTED]
Birth Date: 6/7/[REDACTED]
Performance: Excels in hand-to-hand combat and is almost undefeated by non-humans and humans alike, Does not miss a shot and extremely apt at mid/long ranges, phenomenal battlefield awareness and tactical strategy.
Spartan's choice of equipment: TacPad equipment, Series-3 Active Camouflage, M-99 S5 AM Sniper Rifle (15.4x114mm APFSDS), M20/PDW SMG, M395 DMR
Armor: Mark VI [Gen 2] Hunter Helmet, Mark VI [Gen 2] Hunter Chest Armor, Mark VI [Gen 2] Warrior Shoulder Plates, Mark VI [Gen 2] Warrior forearm Armor, Mark VI [Gen 2] Scout Leg Armor
Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Earth, Battle of Installation 00, Battle of Dratheus V, 1st Battle of Requiem, 2nd Battle of Requiem
Current Operation: Infinity Operations
Notable Relations: Supplementary AI CLE 4561-8 "Charlotte", S-839 Spartan Kamphuys "Scarlet-2", S-847 Spartan West "Scarlet-3", S-925 Spartan Nichols "Scarlet-4"
Service Commendations: Exceptional Status, HIGHCOM Commendations for Dratheus V,1st/2nd battle of Requiem, Spartans Overwatch Medal, Spartans Marksman Medal
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 6 Years
Comments: Best used for battlefield overwatch and tactical support, his ability to analyze enemy tactics and counter effectively are nearly unmatched. S-838 exhibits battle-altering vision and will often spearhead/coordinate an enemy-crippling flank or offensive, killing with brutal efficiency and accuracy (even under fire). Labeled as asset to watch by HIGHCOM and ONI Section III after his abilities are proving to be vital to the success of his surrounding allies, however he is also under a close eye due to his near subordination stemming from his analytical mind on the battlefield as a total, will be vocal about tactical misuses over higher-ranked UNSC members. Available for special operations reassignment. Suffers from Sociopathic tendencies, often isolates himself to think and discuss things with AI Charlotte or other members of Fireteam Scarlet.
Recommended for promotion to Mission Handler, under watch for openings in the Commander rank on future UNSC Vessels.
Name: JT
Service #: Spartan-074
Unit: Legacy Division
Primary Military Specialization: Sabotage, Station Defense, Reconnaissance, breach and clear ops
Enlistment Date:Classified
Location:UNSC Infinity
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: March 11, Year Classified
Performance: Effective in stealth engagements and CQC. Skilled with any and all weapons on the battlefield. First in, last out.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Assault Rifle/Shotgun, Sidekick
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Insurrection War, Battle of Harvest, Battle of Reach, Battle of Earth, multiple classified Headhunter ops, Second Battle of Requiem.
Name: Spartan Derek Cardelli
Gender: M
Service Branch: UNSC Spartans, Spartan-IV
Flood Containment Unit, Fireteam Obolus
Preferred Armor System:
Preferred Loadout: MA5K/A1 SOPMOD (Reflex Sight, Suppressor, Kinetic Bolt engine, Gyroc Missile Launcher/w/Typhon Warheads), M6H2/SOCOM Pistol (Subsonic HE rounds), M12 Combat Knife, M410 Napalm-C Grenades
Campaigns: Trevelyan Reclamation, Gamma Halo Reclamation, First Thales Expedition, Venezia Campaign, Talitsa Campaign, Terceira Campaign, First Battle of Requiem, Battle of New Phoenix, Second Battle of Requiem, Operation: "Dark Shot"

November 2558
Dr. Catherine E. Halsey personally petitioned Admiral Serin Osman to spearhead a high-risk expedition outside of the Milky Way galaxy. This proposal was based on records recovered from Forerunner archives during the Requiem Campaign. The vast majority of these logs were the personal research of the prolific ancient Forerunner Lifeshaper, the Librarian. According to her research, "Path Kethona", a dwarf galaxy 160,000 lightyears from the Milky Way, is the alleged origin of the Precursors (and by extension, the Flood). Late in the Forerunner-Flood War, the Master Builder fired Omega Halo's neurocidal pulse at Path Kethona in a precise, directed strike. All life and Precursor structures and artifacts in Path Kethona were instantly neutralized. Or so it was believed. In theory, objects in slipspace are essentially shielded from the Halo array's pulse. Dr. Halsey surmised that Flood-infected ships were in transit to Path Kethona sometime between the discharging of Omega Halo and the main Halo array. She suspected that the Flood may have survived, posing a potential threat. At the behest of Dr. Halsey, Heimdall Station and its advanced Forerunner-derived instruments, conducted meta-spectral scans of Path Kethona and detected a faint neurokinetic signature. Even with only circumstantial evidence, Dr. Halsey was adamant about dispatching a Flood assessment and containment team to ascertain whether or not a Code: Hydra was imminent. Admiral Osman initially rejected the proposal, but later reconsidered after counsel with an anonymous party; the expedition was approved on the condition that another researcher be sent in Dr. Halsey's stead--she was, after all, a war criminal. Dr. Pak Won Soo, a colleague of Dr. Halsey and a specialist in the theoretical field of neurokinetics was elected to replace her on the voyage, dubbed Operation: "Dark Shot". The ship, UNSC Charon, was selected for the mission. It was an Umbra-class stealth corvette; a heavily modified variant of the demonstrator aboard the doomed Argent Moon research station and the only extant example of its kind. It’s ordnance consisted of conventional weapons as well as several NOVA bombs. It’s engine was sourced from a design seed recovered from the Babd Catha ruins on Reach; with this powerplant, traversal to Path Kethona would only take months. It was also equipped with slipspace stasis pods, for prolonged voyages. With the objective set and the ship in preparation, the next phase of the operation was to select and train the escorting fireteam.

January 2559
Twenty-four Spartan-IV candidates were chosen from existing Flood Containment Units (FCU) and sent to Anvil Station for evaluation. The requisites were A) to not have a security clearance above Secret and/or have any intimate knowledge of strategic UNSC intelligence; this is due to the Flood's ability to hijack a host's neural system and access its memories, and B) they must pass a series of grueling War Games simulations of escalating complexity, based on human encounters with the Flood as well as Forerunner Promethean combat data and training regimens. On that end, Huragok were instrumental in translating the hyper-complex algorithms. By March 2559, only six candidates successfully completed the training simulations; the top four candidates were selected to participate in Operation: "Dark Shot" and christened as Fireteam Obolus. The other two were assigned as FCU instructors. Spartan Derek Cardelli graduated as top cadet and was delegated command of Fireteam Obolus.

Operation: ”Dark Shot” crew: 7
Spartan Derek Cardelli, Spartan Gabriel Thorne, Spartan Mahmoud Faris, Spartan Lydia Moss, Dr. Pak Won Soo, Captain Amanda Wolfkill, Lists-to-Right (Huragok), Danielle (Smart A.I.)

Feedback from the candidates’ performance and other Spartans currently assigned to FCUs informed the development of the Hivemind-class MJOLNIR armor which was concurrently tested aboard Anvil Station. If successful, the armor system would replace HAZOP-class armor as the FCU’s standardized MJOLNIR variant. The Hivemind suit’s simplified HUD eschews QOL and vulnerable modularity in favor of a rigid, ultra-robust architecture. A dedicated Flood tracking suite of Forerunner design was integrated, but was so complex and taxing on MJOLNIR’s processors, it could only be installed as an external plug-in. Similar to "Promethean Vision" when activated, the suite would dynamically detect and track neurokinetic signatures idiosyncratic of not only Flood supercells, but also Precursor installations and artifacts which are highlighted and outlined with a distinctive green tint. On higher-powered bursts, the suite could also track hyperspectral, meta-phenomena in real-time including Star Roads phasing in and out of real space. A new, redundant air-filtration system neutralizes 99.99% of CBRN threats including Flood spores. There was no support for simple or smart A.I.s as they could be potentially subverted by the Flood’s coordinated stages. Instead of the standard A.I. port at the base of the helmet, an experimental neural resistor was installed which would theoretically mitigate a Gravemind's neuro-pheromonal influence on the Spartan's nervous system, significantly reducing the intensity of phero-suggestive hallucinations. Should the Spartan be compromised by the Flood, the Corruptor Protocol is declared and the suit automatically initiates an irreversible three-step process, described as follows: 1) A lethal dose of VX/2 nerve agent is administered via auto-injectors directly into the operator's brain and spine; seconds later, micro-shaped charges embedded in the helmet and dorsal region detonate, destroying the subject's neural system, preventing parasitic interface with the host. 2) After suit sensors register complete cessation of biological activity, the suit's powerplant will self-destruct, denying the parasite the MJOLNIR armor as well as neutralizing the local threat. 3) The final phase consists of a variable-scale nuclear bombardment or cleansing beam strike. If these methods are not available, conventional weapons will suffice until WMD-equipped assets arrive and complete the protocol. Preliminary trials of the prototypes in War Games were a resounding success; the suit yielded an increased survival rate against a full-scale Flood pandemic by 11%. Using Forerunner threat assessment metrics, the Hivemind-class armor registered as an equivalent to a basic Class-12 Warrior-Servant combat skin--the minimum armor grade recommended to engage Flood from the Feral to the Proto-Gravemind stages. Further refinements are currently in progress to enhance the suit’s defensive qualities, including the integration of hardlight technology. Fireteam Obolus will deploy with the Hivemind armor in Operation: ”Dark Shot”.
Name: Daniel
Service #: S-0614
Unit: SPARTAN-IV Fireteam "Seraph"
Primary Military Specialization: Assault BLTZ
Enlistment Date: 2542
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Jerusalem
Birth Date: 2522

Spartan's choice of equipment:
Primary: MA5B ICWS
Secondary: M20 PDW
Utility: M9 HE-DP Grenade
Equipment: M805X Thruster Pack
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
1. Served in the Human-Covenant War. Was stationed on Verent in Milo Squad. Was sole survivor of Milo Squad in evacuating the remaining forces there prior to Covenant glassing.

2. Partook in the defense of Algolis in ODST Fireteam "Mantis".

3. [redacted] in service of Office of Naval Intelligence [redacted] delivered [redacted].

4. Enlisted in the SPARTAN-IV program class II. Assignment on Infinity during engagement with Forerunner shield world designated "Requiem".

5. SPARTAN Fireteam "Seraph" assigned to aiding Swords of Sanghelios in the conflict against Jul 'Mdama's forces on Sangheili.

6. SPARTAN Fireteam "Seraph" assigned to escort and protection of Xenoscience Research dispatchment on Nomos II.

7. SPARTAN Fireteam "Seraph" recalled to Infinity for defense of UNSC assets and Wargame training simulations.

Current Operation: Wargames Training
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:
2542 - Enlisted as a Marine in the UNSC.
2548 - Being the sole survivor of his squad after evacuating Verent was brought into the ranks of the ODST.
2551 - ODST status was overridden by ONI and was reassigned to [redacted].
2554 - Enlisted into the SPARTAN-IV program and assigned to the Infinity.
Nombre: Rodrigo. Género masculino. Número de servicio: 000. Unidad: Uns, Strike Team, Spartan II. Fecha de alistamiento: 2518. Ubicación: Desconocido. Lugar de nacimiento: Clasificado. Fecha de nacimiento:
10 de abril de 2511. Ubicación: desconocida. Estado: vivo. Comentarios: este espartano es un asesino a sangre fría, buscará cualquier método para cumplir su misión cumpliéndola, tiene tendencias agresivas cuando entra en conflicto con quienes amenazan a los humanos, se considera su guardián y nunca deja de Quarrel, es capaz de acabar con ejércitos, pero solo de noche, le gusta trabajar solo, lo They used como sujeto de prueba para los aumentos del Spartan 3. Conclusión: es un individuo talentoso, letal, violento, mentalmente fuerte y listo para cualquier batalla.
Service #: B-312, NOBLE 6
Primary Military Specialization: UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, Assassin
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Location: UNKNOWN, MIA
Gender: M
Birthplace: Damask, Jericho VII
Birth Date: January 30, 2530
Comments: [redacted]
NOTES: [redacted]
Name: A. Jaeger
Service #: S4-010
Gender: M
Birthplace: Kansas, Earth.
Birth Date: 10-28-2535
Grade: Sergeant, UNSC Navy (O-3)
Unit: Spartan IV, Fireteam Blaze, Rifleman
Primary Military Specialization: Orbital Drop Cert., H.A.L.O. Cert.
Enlistment Date: 2-24-2552
Location: Earth
Performance: Questionable
Comments: Operates preferably on his own but will comply with orders in a team.
Equipment:- BR85H Battle Rifle
- M6C/SOCOM, Suppressed Sidearm
- MA5D ICWS Assault Rifle
Armor: [GEN2] Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor- HELMET: Recruit (Former)
- ARMOR: Recruit (Former)
- VISOR: Recruit (Former)

Pervious Engagements:- Battle of Reach
- Raid on Reach
- Battle of New Mombasa
- Battle on the Ark
- Campaign of Requiem
Current Operation:- Assigned to the UNSC Infinity.
Notable Relations:- Served as a Rifleman during the Battle of Reach and worked with notable Spartan-III operative, B312, on several counterattack operations against Covenant invasion force.
Service Commendations:- Purple Heart
- Gold Star for Bravery
- Meritorious Service Medal
- Marksman Award
- Jumpmaster Award
- Human-Covenant War Veteran
Years Active: 6
How could he have fought on Reach, the Battle for Earth, and Battle of the Ark as a Spartan IV? Was he previously a marine or ODST?
Name: Ayden C.
Service #: S- 495
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, Left Dual
Primary Military Specialization: Further inspection required
Enlistment Date: March 4th, 2527
Location: If not on the field, in his room playing Chess with Roland
Gender: M
Birthplace: Reach
Birth Date: February 27th, 2511
Appearance Armor: Deadeye (to the core)

A veteran to the machine auto fire, yet as of late has chosen the DMR and Pistol over Assault Rifle. A soldier always out on the field not in the training rooms. High accuracy with a rifle, a man who fails at not landing a headshot on a grunt. Left hand of Dual, the pair of S- 495 and his (ERROR) S- 543, the Dual have been the last to escape Reach safely of unknown ability. Was known as having Hero play style,and keeping his teammates safe from harm, a trait that seems not unique but his entire fighting style is the most unique thing about him. His performance off duty is the tension relief, or the one that opens up 110% up to, and look to them for a little mood change fora giggle now and then. A man of flaws though, he isn't the man to go against if you want a fair fight, you will destroy him and end up leading him down his path of (ERROR) a little bit farther. A hole inside of him that grows with every lost soul, every friend, every... The man can't feel emotions unless in sight of a another person, taking ADHD meds for his health issue, a man who still has a chance at life but is going to need to be pulled out soon and with the strength of 117 himself.

I've seen him on the docks before, he gets in one ship for firefight and once that ship comes back he resets his score, collects his pay, and is on another ship. Never seen anyone else be like that: every day, sun up to sun down. -Palmer. Who, Death? Never seen him in the training hall, the arena, literally any place involves PvP. The mans always been a bit strange to all of us, really. -Spite. The kid looks familiar but i can't put a finger on it. That's the part that keeps tripping me over: I can't recognize him. -Jun. Great Chess player, not the best but a fun guy to play with. Always turning a gear in his head it seems, I usually play with him while he talks about something, or explains something, or etc. Never ever positive about himself while he can only be a positive for others, also studied him for awhile and he seems to have a radar of some sort, still figuring that out. -Roland.

This spartan was what I picture myself being combined with my spartan himself. What Roland doesn't mention is that S- 495 has 5 different dog tags: Carter, Emile, Kat, Jorge and his x2 (his First one and his S IV one) making 6 total dog tags. Has an old S III armor in his closet: Project Noble Operator.

Spartan's choice of equipment: DMR and BR
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Reach's last hope: Project Noble Reach, Left Dual
Current Operation: Firefight Leader
Notable Relations: TBD
Service Commendations: Open Season medals, Firefight dedication (an unsaid, but should be pointed out medal), no special medals
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 7 (to be believed, but unknown)
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: Don't give him a power weapon. Never let him out off a tour early. The man can get the job the done. -Different Commanders. If possible, watch your Noble history, you'll find out why. -Every single commander.
Name: Orion Li
Gender: Male
Service Number: S-1432
(P)MOS: 313X
Enlistment Date: Feb 2 2058

Location: UNSC aerondight

Birthplace: Earth
Birthdate: [redacted]

Orion is highly skilled in leading troops into battle and has been known to work his way up the ranks very quickly. He is one of those who prefer close quarters combat and uses some of the strongest melee weapons, preferring energy swords crafted by the sangheili taken by oni during conflicts with the covenant and banished. He is mostly sent on open field missions but has been known to work independently in stealth missions.

There is absolutley no background information about him. Most think that oni has redacted it already but some say there is none. He seemed to have lived off the grid before becoming a spartan.

Name: Orion LiGender: MaleService Number: S-1432Unit: UNSC, Captain, SPARTAN-IIII(P)MOS: 313X
Enlistment Date: Feb 2 2058
Location: UNSC aerondight Birthplace: EarthBirthdate: [redacted]Performance:Orion is highly skilled in leading troops into battle and has been known to work his way up the ranks very quickly. He is one of those who prefer close quarters combat and uses some of the strongest melee weapons, preferring energy swords crafted by the sangheili taken by oni during conflicts with the covenant and banished. He is mostly sent on open field missions but has been known to work independently in stealth missions.

CommentsThere is absolutley no background information about him. Most think that oni has redacted it already but some say there is none. He seemed to have lived off the grid before becoming a spartan.

notes, where are the notes? and i thought that comments was like an interview of different people, but i don't hold that part against you because that could be affected as well
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