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OP Sergeant Novak

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Very nice Spartans everyone, thanks for all the contributing. Thanks to Nicholas Cave I am now going to add past records of Engagements. In this new section you are able to add some of your Spartan's previous missions and events.

I hope this new detail option gives you more fiction fun to fill out. Great job guys! Keep giving me suggestions.

*New Detail option: Previous Engagements.

OP has been updated.

OP has been updated a second time. Please refer to the OP for the recent memo.
I added ammunition type to the weapons because I used the prototype BR and the OG Magnum from CE.

Yes i said original gangster Magnum because it is the best, the only one i feel is even close to it is the ODST magnum with its sniper scope look. I realize some may not be into Halo that much to know the different types of ammo but maybe it'll allow them to do some random reading and learn more than they knew before.
Name: Sirran

Service: R-973



Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Onboard UNSC Destroyer Achilles

Gender: M

Birthplace: Skopje


Performance: The best pilot ever seen in the UNSC, R-973 has incredible eyesight even for a spartan. He has been responsible for over 3,000 KIA covenant mostly due to his multiple bombing runs. Prefers to have have a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher. Spends free time on the shooting range firing off a rocket and shooting it with his sniper. Has trouble walking after a incident with a reentry pack and has had permanent damage to his legs.His unpreceded reputation as a pilot earned him the nickname "fly boy". Deals with psychological trauma by often yelling or blowing things up.

Comments: R-973 spends most his day flying any type of aircraft available. After he witness the slaughter of Tribute he has had to deal with severe psychological trauma. R-973 often flies in troops, ammo, rations and vehicles.

NOTES: I made Sirran from my ever expanding imagination.
Name: Logan G.

Service #: 17753-39161-LG (Tag: K09)


(P)MOS: 18B (Special Operation Weapons Specialist)

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M
Birthplace: Atlanta, Ga. (Earth)
Birth Date: 5/8/2524


Spartan III unit, designation Kilo, has been known for their exceptional combat skills, and battle efficiency. 5 men, doing the work of 500. This Spartan, Kilo Nine, in particular, has been the backbone and leader of many of the operations. Aptly known as, the Diplomat, for his ability to keep calm under pressure, and solve problems with talking, before taking the more bloody approach. Aggressive, in many ways, but keeps his head on his shoulders, as time requires. As a weapon's specialist, he is easily able to manipulate the battlefield, using whatever he has at his disposal, regardless of the technology's origins. Brave, almost to a fault, having earned many purple hearts and taken bullets for his team, this Spartan is far from solitary, and is a great team player. However, his personality differs greatly when nobody is around. It has been noted that Kilo Nine is much more a thinker. A Philosopher, and even a poet, when off duty. A great literary critic, if you will, at times. And while his leadership skills, and tactics are well sharpened, and strategic, he can be a wild card. This is, in part, due to his own outlook on how things work, and how life is. Having experienced much of the things that most people would never have to suffer though, he's put his team ahead of himself, taking great care of his squad, and keeping his own problems to himself, for the well working of the rest of his team.

However, when provoked, Nine has been shown to be brutally aggressive. (See Footnote One) Thus, he has been classified as Hyper-Lethal, but with great care. For this reason, alone, he was put in a team unit, so that he would keep himself controlled, and part of this well oiled machine. If not for his personality, and how he worked, he would, otherwise, be a very valuable, but dangerous asset, and has shown to do so. (Footnote Two)


As is noted in the earlier portion of the log, Nine is classified as Hyper-Lethal. During a early mission against an Insurgent hive on Reach, the Spartan ran out of ammo, and charged an entire firing squad, and killed every one of them without a single weapon. However, having taken so many bullets, he was shortly Medievaced out of the mission, and taken to a medical facility not far away. He survived, with many broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and multiple gunshot scars. His team, however, if not for him, would have never made it into the Insurgent hive, and completed the Mission. -Footnote One.

Kilo Nine works as a Lone Wolf unit. Or, can, simply. Kilo Squad Mission #:337, was a mission to sabotage a Covenant Supply Line, during the Siege of Paris IV. Simple enough mission, get in, plant, get out. However, during the mission, as it was supposed to be a covert operation, Kilo 4, Mike, was discovered and captured by a Sangheili Minor, who then alerted the base. As Kilo squad was trying to finish the mission, Kilo 2, Kilo 6, and Kilo 8 were all downed, leaving Nine to finish the mission. And he did just that. Using Plasma Batteries and the motor pool they had there at the small outpost, he created a large, ticking time bomb, with a short time of less than five minutes. In that short frame of time, he was able to rescue Kilo Four, and get every single one of his squad mates to relative safety. The mission was a success, and out of the four that were injured, only Kilo Six succumbed to fatal wounds. Two, Four and Eight received Purple Hearts, and a leave from the team for a short period of time. They, however, lived through the engagement, thanks to Nine's Heroism and ability to work well by himself. -Footnote Two.

NOTES: Still in active duty, with Kilo Four, Eight, and Seven, and Two.

Equipment: Mark V(B) Helmet, with full attachments. Commando Right Shoulder. Tactical Pad arm attachment. Hard Case equipment pack. Normal use of the Designated Marksman Rifle, and/or Battle Rifle, as well as the Sub-Machine Gun or Shotgun.

Previous Engagements:
Operation: Burnout
Battle of Paris IV
Battle of Sigma Octanus IV (Ground)
Battle of Reach
-Battle of Viery
-Battle of Aszod
Battle of Earth
-Battle of Cleveland
Operation: Goldmine (Current)

Name: Jordan
Service number: FA4G
Unit: Specwar/Spartan III
Location: Reach
Age: Classified
Gender: M
Birthplace: High charity
Date birth: 17/6/2520



Redone P-515's profile.


Service Number: P-515

Unit: S2

(P)MOS: 150D

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: Male

Birthplace: England/Earth

Birth Date: October 1st 2541

Performance: P-515 is a medium to long range weapon user, give him a DMR or sniper rifle and let him get on with it, but what make P-515 stand out from the others is the fact he uses covenant weaponry more than human weapons, this apparently comes from his love for anything he thinks is advance technology, although a small problem with using covenant weapons it is always dismissed due to his effectiveness with covenant weapons.

Comments: P-515 does weapon maintenance for what ever team he is in, always checking weapons after a fight and making sure there in the best possible condition, he also is a team person and hates been alone during missions, because of this he is always assigned to small teams.

Choice of equipment:
Right Shoulder: CQC
Left Shoulder: Sniper
Chest Piece: HP/Halo
Knee Guards: Grenadier
Utility: Tactical Hardcase
Visor colour: Gold
Armour colour: Yellow primary, White secondary

Previous Engagements:
Fall of reach ( several small missions before and during the fall )
Battle of Earth ( several small engagements and high op tasks )
Name: Juliana Emerson

Age: 28 years old

Species: Human

-Suppressed M6 Magnum (M6S)
-Suppressed M7 SMG

-Hyper lethal mixture of acrobatics and hand to hand combat
-Skilled in stealth arts
-Misleading appearance
-Armor built in AI "Mono" used for cyberwarfare and code breaking
-'Jumppack' burst-thrusters built into her armor
-Temporary active camoflage (armor effect)
Interesting idea! This also gives me motivation to add my Spartan into my Halo fan fiction that I'm working on. Still need to find a place here to post it...

Name: Allen
Service Number: R41
Unit: REASSIGNED>> 427th ODST Battalion
(P)MOS: 19C
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Lawrence, North America
Birth Date:

SIERRA-R41 preforms best behind the wheel of any standard - and classified - UNSC vehicle. His performance behind Covenant technology is above average in comparison to fellow Spartans. In long-to-mid-range combat, SIERRA-R41 handles exceptionally, and is adapted to dodge-and-weave maneuvers when forced into close-quarters combat. Few are able to best him when he wields a Type-1 EW/S [Energy Sword].

SIERRA-R41 is quite talkative, much to the dislike of many in his squads. However, when the situation calls for it he can be exceptionally stealthy. He prefers methods of stealth during combat ("camping" as the Marines call it,) and will utilize the paths with the highest opportunities of cover. When the opportunity to pilot/operate a vehicular asset is denied him, SIERRA-R41 makes for a more-than-adequate gunner. He works well with a small squad of 4-6, but responds negatively to Spartans shirking their duties or endangering the lives of the squad.

>>SIERRA-R41 is based off of the way I play Halo, and will be featured in my Halo fan fiction, accompanying the ODST squad that the novella follows.

Choice of Equipment:
UNSC Issue>>

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle
M6G Personal Defense Weapon System
Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel
MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System
MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System
Portable Jump-Jet (Jetpack)
UH-144 Falcon
AV-14 Attack VTOL
M12 Force Application Vehicle [M12G1 LAAV, M12R LAAV]
M808B Main Battle Tank
YSS-1000 Sabre

Covenant Issue>>
Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword
Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved
Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer
Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft
Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle
Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle
Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage

Previous Engagements:
Battle of Reach
Battle of Installation 04 [ERROR//INDIRECT]
First Battle of Earth [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Battle of New Mombasa [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Battle of Installation 05 [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Battle of High Charity [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Battle of Voi [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Battle of Installation 00 [ERROR//INDIRECT]
Name: Rinke

Service #: R271

Unit: Reapers


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: CLASSIFIED

Birth Date: 11-27-2150

Performance: well known for crazy, suicidall misions with Y 272, R 271 is 1 of the most lethal assets we have at the UNSC. he is known to pull of stunts with ANY vehicle, any normal human being would consider impossible. With Y-272 on the gun, they form a deadly duo.

Comments: Driver in most cases, he has proven himself deadly in other cases aswell. stealth bieng 1 of his trade marks, deception is common, even when you are having a normal confersation with him.

Leader of Reaper Squad. Expert hand to hand fighter. almost telepathic bond with brother Y 272. Vehicle Expert. Equiped with Active camo

Name: Yorik

Service #: Y 272

Unit: Reapers


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M


Birth Date:

Performance: As deadly as his brother Y272 will usely take gun to rain lead on the enemy. able to shot down a enemy aircraft, even when the vehicle(warthog) is in a barrelroll, he forms the perfect team with is brother R271

Comments: altough Y 272 is lethal with most weapons found on the battlefield, he favors dual M7/Caseless Submachine Gun to help the enemy to the afterlife. Very proficient hand-to-hand fighter, make use of his supirior athelethemsism to take down his enemy's with bonebreaking efficiency. He is the smarter of the 2, but lacks R271 charisma.

NOTES: Able to 'snipe' with M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, same equipment as R271
Name: Real name unknown, known only by his codename: Ender

Service #: S-314

Unit: [ONI Sanctioned Classified]

(P)MOS: Unknown- Listed as Special Counterinsurgency

Enlistment Date: Unknown/Classified

Location: Listed as having been on the planet Harvest

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Unknown-however it is widely assumed that he was born somewhere on Harvest

Birth Date: Unknown


The subject known as "Ender" was one of a select number of privatized Prototype Spartans that were developed after the ORION Project was decommissioned in 2506. This program was headed by Dr. James Benjamin Halsey (the late husband of current ONI Director Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey), and was believed to have been funded by many branches of the UNSC, including the previous founders of the ORION Project and ONI. These Spartans were the first to be introduced with the MJOLNIR armor (While it is accredited with the release of the Spartan-II project, this fact is untrue and many of the basics of the augmentation process and armor design were directly copied by ONI upon the death of the secret projects founder and the glassing of the planet Harvest for use with the ONI sanctioned Spartan-II project, including many of the surviving notes of the late Dr. Halsey).

While these Spartans were being developed even before the official deactivation of the Spartan-I project, it is believed that Spartan S-314 was the last Spartan to be born from this project, some time later, hence his codename. These Spartans were developed for the same reason as the original project, to deal with the colony rebellions and eliminate insurgent groups. It is believed that the project was, for the most part, a success and operated in secret for many years, until the humans first contact with the Covenant on Harvest.

Although considered a success, there were some problems with the still imperfect augmentation process. While many of the physical problems were fixed from the ORION Project, many of the Spartans began to suffer from mental degradation including post-traumatic stress, paranoia, mental insanity, and in some cases, rejecting indoctrination teachings and joining insurgent groups. When Dr. James Halsey began to notice these conditions, he knew that the Spartans would become a dangerous liability. Ender was created to be the the answer to this problem and was tasked with the elimination of any Spartans who were either mentally unable to continue service or had defected to the Insurgency.

There are no physical records (besides those mentioned in Dr. Halsey's notes) of these exploits. When the Covenant attacked Harvest, Ender and the remaining Spartans fought the Covenant valiantly, but were unable to stop them from glassing the planet. It is a widely held belief that Dr. James Halsey was killed during the invasion and all remaining Spartans were killed in action during the glassing. Ender is listed as MIA, but it is possible that this is just the designation given to Spartans out of tradition, and it is most likely that Ender probably died during the Battle of Harvest. Their are some reports claiming that Ender was not on the planet when it was glassed and therefore may still be alive, however it is unlikely, as in the reports his beacon was lost while he was attempting to hijack a Covenant cruiser in orbit above Harvest called The Atonement. The Atonement's whereabouts are unknown.

Notes: I will be adding more about his actual personality and traits later.
Name: Travis

Service #: S106

Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Fortress World Installation 06

Gender: M

Birthplace: Arcadia

Birth Date: 10/12/2511

Performance: S106 has passed expectations. Not only does he have significantly notable Leadership skills, his Planning capabilities are also outstanding. Travis 106 has a habit of collecting the knifes of fallen comrades, and spends a lot of his time practicing his knife combat. We've put 106's plans to tests, and has plotted massive counter attacks against covenant assaults. He's a great leader, period.

Comments: "Travis 106 has seen much trauma in the past years of service most notable the removal of his right arm due to [CLASSIFIED]. Immediately after we paired 106 with 064, and 036 his performance all around has increased.

NOTES: All members of White Team are to be treated differently than other SPARTANs. Navy wants us to try a different more caring way of raising SPARTANs with these three.

Spartan's choice of equipment: BR55/ DMR. M series Shotgun and Two SMG's. Combat Knife.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Arcadia, Reach, Harvest, Installation 06.
Service #: S-724
(P)MOS: 253T
Enlistment Date: [CLASSIFIED]
Location: [CLASSIFIED]

Gender: Male
Birthplace: [Earth]

Performance: Expert marksman, give him a SRS 99 Anti-Material Rifle and 2,000 Yards and he'll take down any target you need him to. Even with his expertise in long range counter operations, he has specialized close range combat abilities. Adept enough to defeat a high ranking Sangheili officer in hand to hand combat.

Comments: Speaks his mind, but not talkative. Follows orders without question. Very loyal to his squad and the mission, and will step in for a dangerous task in a heartbeat if either is compromised. Often reported "missing" by his squad mates due to the orders given directly from his administrator. All the orders are top secret and require ONI Level clearance. Due to the nature of many of his missions a lot of black ink is present on most of his reports, leaving little information available to access for evaluations.

Choice of Equipment: SRS 99 Anti-Material Rifle | M45 Tactical Shotgun

Previous Engagements: ONI Level Clearance Required [CLASSIFIED]

Service #: S-013


(P)MOS: 18 B

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED



Birthplace: Earth

Birth Date: March 4, 2534

Performance: S-013 is tall even for a Spartan ll. He stands about 7'5". Not quite as tall as S-034 was, but his height gives him a "presence" among his fellow spartans (as well as anyone else he comes in contact with). He is built like a swimmer and loves the water. He is slimmer than S-052, but fills his frame well. He's very adept at covering long distances by foot, though he enjoys deploying the Warthog/Mongoose as much as the rest of the lls. He is capable of utilizing light and heavy weapons systems (a product of being a weapons specialist) but favors mid to long range combat.


S-013 truly enjoys interacting with children. He enjoys being a "protector" of those who cannot defend themselves. He often acts like a big "teddy bear" in the down time between missions tossing children in the air and playing tag with the orphans. However, his "attachment" to said children and the disabled can have a negative result on his performence. In one instance he arrived on scene shortly after a contengent of brutes had devastated the children's wing of a hospital. After the mission he returned to the ship and "told" his commanding officer he would be changing commands to the ONI Section Three Group responsible for research into the covenant race known as Brutes. Translated the Spartans in this goup were to infiltrate cities and heavily populated areas where the brutes operated and kill as many as they could. They would also collect intel and train new spartans on the race that was taking a step up in the covenant chain of comand.

NOTES: S-013 will display great mercy and compassion towards humans and our allies (those elites that have seen through the covenant BS and have defected), but WILL NOT leave Brutes alive after an engagment. He has been repremanded several times by ONI officials for simply "dispatching" Brutes left over when the battle is won. These same Brutes are the ones ONI wants brought back alive and observed.

Choice of Equipment: Armor Protocol override (sprint), DMR, Magnum, Plasma Pistol

Previous Engagements:
Numerous Human Cities to Repel Brute "Clensing" Operations
Name: Malcolm

Service #: A028

Unit: CLASSIFIED (Spartan II)


Enlistment Date: 2517 October 25th



Birthplace: New Constantinople

Birth Date: 2511 October 25th

Performance: Spartan A028 has shown many impressive skills in stealth and assassination missions. Not one with heavy weaponry, but this soldier is deadly with the Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Materiel.
A028 has also proven worthy in many battle scenarios. He has left no man behind and does what he can for his team. Standard issue states that this is not acceptable due to slowing the mission down, but somehow A028 has found a way to complete the mission with 99.56% of his battalions still alive in the allotted time, if not faster.
This Spartan is also very skilled in driving the UH-144 Falcon and any variant of the M12 FAV. He has shown a hint of emotional attachment to these vehicles. A peculiar Spartan indeed.

This Spartan is capable in many battle scenarios. Its been said he has been given special missions by ONI that are withheld. Some of these missions include wiping out several covenant battalions with only 10 Lotus Anti Tank Mines, 17 clips for the SRS 99, and a built in standard issue SPI armor cloaking device. Because of his stealth skills and his leader-like capabilities, this Spartan has been assigned his own group of Spartan III's as of 2532 November 19th.

Comments: There is no additional information on this Spartan II due to the fact that he likes to hide his emotions and has personally asked ONI that most of his personal information will not be put out in public. However, sometimes his emotions get the best of him. This Spartan uses his environment and what he is given to make the best of any situation. He likes do things high quality, as fast as possible, and quietly. If he is forced to use heavy weapons/equipment, he likes to make them as huge as possible. Once even trying to gain access to a Havok Nuke from ONI, he planned to destroy a whole covenant factory by himself. However, ONI declined this request.

NOTES: None.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Any SRS 99 Sniper Rifle, M6C/SOCOM.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Constantinople. Fought alongside with Spartan III Alpha Company.

Service #
: S-069



Enlistment Date


: M

: Mars


: A SPARTAN-III Security specialist. Though an expert in CQC, it would be wrong to say that S-069 is not proficient with mid to long range weaponry. S-069 has extensive experience with the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, BR55HB SR, and the SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle. Displays fearlessness when engaging enemy forces with KA-BARs and hand-to-hand combat when ammunition runs dry. Not the best pilot or gunner, but S-069 is a very proficient driver when it comes to the M12 LRV. Performs very well with the UNSC Marine Corps and thus has been on loan to the Corps post OPERATION: ████████.

: Would be rated “Hyper Lethal” if he wasn’t a Security specialist. Works exceptionally well with the Marine Corps branch of the UNSC. I believe it’s because he can identify with the Corps’ ideology and principles. He has an uncanny ability to “sense” the presence of a hostile and deal with the situation. His instincts were vital to mission success during his time with the Corps.

: Candidate for the HEADHUNTERS. Possible partner for S-069 still unconfirmed. Highest compatibility rating with fellow S-III HEADHUNTER candidates was 60.6%. The possibility for finding S-069 a partner is improbable. Maybe it’s best he stays on loan the UNSC Marine Corps.

Choice Equipment
Weaponry: M45 Tactical Shotgun, MA5C Assault Rifle, two holstered KA-BARs
Armor: Mark V MJOLNIR armor, same issue as NOBLE team. Helmet: MJOLNIR (M) variant L/R Shoulders: Standard issue Mark V shoulders
Chest: Standard issue Mark V chest
Knees: FJ/PARA
Armor Color Primary/Secondary: Sage and Steel
Visor Color: Gold

Previous Engagements
Name: Peter

Service #:S- G237


(P)MOS:ERR(Emergency Rescue and Response)/u-231

Enlistment Date:February 17, 2535



Birthplace:Garviel station, Io

Birth Date:April 22, 2525


Comments: From:Codeword TREETOP: He likes to duck and roll, but I trust him to keep his head down and get my men out of there. Prefers to work alone, and excels at Anti-Personnel actions, but can still operate almost any vehicle, human or covenant. He's quiet, for the most part, and at long range, I've yet to see anyone best him with the sniper rifle.

Choice of equipment:Prefers mobile Ranged
Name: David

Number: G482

Class: Spartan III

Branch: Army

Armor: Full MJOLNIR Mark V, sage in color

Originally going to be in the UNSC Navy, the UNSC Army requested a Spartan III of their own for classified missions, these included the assassination of Rebel leaders and making certain political figures "disappear".......

Went M.I.A. on Reach. Current status unknown.
Name : Khaled

service#: s-055

Unit: ONI/section8/S-(II)

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Saudi Arabia

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Riyadh

Birth date: CLASSIFIED

Silent, deadly , and hyper lethal. S-055 is known for single handedly capturing a Covenant Super Carrier and retrieving it back to ONI section8

Presumed dead after final S-II agumentation S-055 was neither dead nor alive but a vegetable his body was taken to ONI section 8 for one last agumentation to make him the ultimate Spartan

NOTES: S-055 is a fan made spartan

Choice of equipment:A state of the art MJOLNIR MK.VII

Previous Engagement : CLASSIFIED
Name: Harry

Service: S-X01

Unit: Orbital Defence

P MOS: 343

Location: Space station

Gender: M

Birthplace: New Mombassa

Birthdate: 2532

Performance: The most decorated pilot in longsword fleet

Comments: Admired by his peers

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