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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: XXX, Damon

Service #: 007

Unit: Delta Squad

(P)MOS: 18B
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Outpost N64

Gender: M

Birthplace: durban, biko

Birth Date: 26/09/2520

Performance: Natural born leader; Cool under pressure. Has laser-like focus During missions otherwise he get easily distracted. Charismatic yet serious; capable of interacting with non-Spartans efficiently but strictly. (stress issues)

Comments: Suffers from stress issues; Not severe enough to interfere with mission. He follows out his orders flawlessly and without question as long as they do not seem morally wrong to him.

Damon is quick to state his opinion when he feels it is needed. His record before he was assigned to Delta is phenomenal, enough so to get him a rank to brigadier but he refuses promotion for reasons that he will not say. Greatest weakness is his team, especially when it comes to General Rall (sensual relationship?).

choice of equipment:

previous engagements: CLASSIFIED
name:joshua joseph neck

spartan number:116

unit:spartan LIBERTY team


enlistment date:classified



birth place:los angeles,usa,earth

birth date:16th january 2511

preformance:a brilliant tactician,told to be one of dr. halsey's favourite spartans,a great leader,leaves no man behind.
has unbelievable luck.

comments:"spartan 116 is one of the most determined spartans i have ever seen,he has extraordinary luck and has many leadership qualities,he is feriously devoted to his spartan comrades".-senior chief petty officer franklin mendez

notes:spartan 116 commands an modified halcyon cruiser;the UNSC"liberty" and commands spartan LIBERTY team.shows a great act of loyalty.he seems to always look up to spartan john-117 and tries to follow his examples.

choice of equipment:black mjolnir mark vi air assault armor,likes to use customised dual wielding magnums and carries the latest generation of spartan lasers.

previous engagements:most notable the fall of reach,othe engagements include 646 major engagements with the covenant and 49 major engagements with insurrectionists.
name: Adam

service#: S-A77

unit:spartan III/spartan red team/CQB expert

(P)MOS: A77

enlistment date: january 21, 2525

location: Planet Reach

gender: M

birthplace: Eridanus II

Birthdate: February 20, 2519


He is elusivve and swift in combat. He is a close quarters combat expert and is a marksman wiith a designated marksman rifle. He can use his knife in tactical ways to stab covenant elites. They say he has eyes in the back of his head because he can always tell if an enemy is behind him. He has perfect aim like a quarterback. He is also a pilot and helped noble six in the space of planet reach during the mission [Operation:UPPERCUT] He is fast even in his armor

comments: He has eyes in the back of his head. He is a hyper lethal vector on the battlefield. His friends and fellow soldiers call him by the name of "Red Shedder" or simply "Red" for short. He was part of Red team at harvest and was sent to bravo team on reach. He was also switched to noble team to help noble six to defend anchor 9 and jorge to destroy a covenant corvette. He jumped out after jorge let go of noble six. He jumped out at the control room when he tried to fix the controls. He is a great soldier in combat and in the air.

notes: Spartan A77 is my spartan name from halo 3. I have recon helmet so i made his helmet in all the multiplayer halos the recon when i got them. Id like to be in a machinima serries and i havent achieved full A77 armor yet due to xbox live run out.

choice of equiptment: An M392 designated marksman rifle with a scope and the M6G 'B variant' pistol. He uses a sprint armor ability. He wears sniper left shoulder, recon right, recon UA/HUL helmet, fj para knee pads, tacpad wrist, and parafoil chest peice on his spi armor and his odst armor consists of standard ODST armor with the recon helmet. the same dare wears but it says A77 on it and is Red.

previous engagements: Battle of Harvest with Red Team as a pilot. Switched to Bravo team and because of his abilities was sent into cryo sleep until winter contingency was declared on reach and was made a spartan-III with the SPI armor. Helped in Operation:UPPERCUT. Survived in the battle of reach as one of the 3 surviving spartans from reach. after operation uppercut, adam landed with noble six and traveled with him to new alexandria and was with noble team throughout the rest of their campaign. when noble six took control of the mac gun he skyjacked an incoming banshee with a jetpack and helped noble six take out banshees and phantoms. He boarded the pillar of autumn just in time. He helped on the fight of installation 04 and he was switched to the odst unit and fought as an odst that was picked by Veronica Dare to assist in her mission. He is not part of Bucks squad so he was never found by Buck and this leaves a mystery on how if this spartan died or not. his current status MIA.

Name: Dustin
Service Number: S-025
Unit: Spartan II
Enlistment Date: 2517
Location: Classified

Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Vegas, Mars
Birth Date: 2510

Performance: Works best in a team, He uses his brain to plan out things, but his gun is always on hand.

Comments: [Eyes only UNSC only] Dustin was moved from the normal spartan program due to his exceptional skills in testing, Oni clacified him as dead during augmentation with the 30 other "dead" Spartans. Timeline:

2516- 117 kids from ages 6 to 8 are kidnaped and trained to be solders.
2525- Those 117 kids now 14 to 16 are augmented and 30 “die” and 12 were crippled, those 30 dead spartans were never actually dead, but were instead enlisted into a new program in secret.
2526-Those 30 form teams of 5 named after Greek gods and goddesses
2550- Those 6 teams are given MJOLNIR Mark V and team leaders are given Mark VI Prototypes.
2550- During a small space battle, the covenant bored all of the teams ships and kill 19 Spartans, The only survivors are Dustin-025 and Spencer-097 of Athena team, John-074 of Hephaestus team, Steve-o-063 of Poseidon team, Robert-095 of Apollo team, Kyle-125 of Hermes team, and finally the untouched Hades team.
2550- On the way back from said space battle “The Line in the Sand” Athena teams ship, recovered the survivors of the lost ships and told Oni about the fight, Oni formed them into a new team on the spot.
2550- when entering slip-space back to Reach, Large traces of radiation are detected, and Athena gets sucked in bringing one ship with it.


This is based of of my future machinma pro-log. It tells you what happens right after this.

Uses DMR+BR prototype

Holy Hell, I really like the one from Kieran, and his Specialized Sniper....2 for 1 huh, thanks for saving that platoon! Hoo-Rah!
Hahaha such a cool Thread, altho I have to say, some 'Spartans' inhere say they are/were better than Sierra-117....well....

You do know Cortana Picked Them' for a reason?, right. LUCK.

*them as in MC and N6
Name: Tom

Service Number: S-009




Gender: M

Birthplace: Minister

Performance: a brilliant student during the first years of Spartan Training, Tom S-009 followed trainees to hell and back. Slower, weaker, but yet smarter then his comrades; Tom was placed along with ODSTs as a NCO (Non-Commitioned Officer.) His brilliant ground operations would become legendary and in the notes of military scholars and historians for centuries to come.

Comments: Quick thinking, brilliant and a bit of a know-it-all. Does no talk very much before or after missions, and has a cold and intellectual tone to him

Notes: Keeps a small notepad on him at all times that is full of mission specs, tactical info, and small notes on day after battle records. In 2612, the notepad would be found along with Tom's body in the crippled remains of the NMPD HQ. These documents would be placed under strict ONI observation an study until 20 years later, when it was released into the public, (censored of corse.) Tom, if he had survived, would of been the human races finest officers. Many higher ups in ONI were going o promote him to General if he had survived.

Weapon of choice: M6 Grindel/Galileam Nonlinear Rifle (Spartan Laser)

Previous Engagements: Battle of Mare Erythraeum, Fall of Reach, Battle of Earth, and several smaller battles.
Name: "Demon"

Service #:S-666

Unit:Hell Spartans


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M



Performance: Kills with a vengeance like no other. has gone through suicide mission after suicide mission and just keeps coming back

Comments: So far has survived every mission given without question.

NOTES:Do not want to be on the bad side of him... you would rather wish the covenant had found you.

*New* Spartan's choice of equipment: Shotgun and an assault rifle. rarely uses armor abilities

*New*Some of your Spartans previous engagements:CLASSIFIED
Name: Conora
Pseudonym: Lance
Rank: Senior Master Sergeant
Service #:G378
(P)MOS: 11SX (Special Operations Pilot)
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Location: Medical Bay, UNSC Exodus Dawn (Shredder-class Destroyer), Slipspace
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ariel
Birth Date: March 23, 2531
Performance: G378 is a skilled pilot, he has proven just as capable piloting all UNSC aircraft although he performs better in the UH-144 Falcon & the D-77TC. G378 is a good candidate for Sabre piloting should the project ever be restarted, however his preference for atmospheric aircraft follows the Spartan preference for operating planetside. However he still maintains his qualifications for space flight, he has also in an emergency proven able to pilot smaller starships into slipspace.

It is also worth mentioning that recent operations have seen G378 forced to pilot various Covenant craft and his innate piloting skills have shown him somewhat skilled in them. Beyond this G378 is also proficient on the ground, however he prefers to maintain his distance if based on the ground.

Comments: G378 is known to confirm all bombing orders twice before enacting them, however, as he remains engaged whilst awaiting confirmation this is tolerated. It is also interesting that G378 is not as biased as other Spartans to being tied to the ground, although he follows their distaste for space combat.

G378 also has good tactical awareness, although he, like many Spartans, has developed a preference for detached deployment, tactical oversight or long range fire support, unless ordered to join up with friendly forces. Comm chatter from G378 is usually mission oriented and kept to a minimum, although if among units he is familiar with he enjoys engaging in typical squad banter.
NOTES: G378 is noted for his compassion towards other friendly forces, often remaining in operation for prolonged durations of time even when he has been ordered to withdraw. He is also responsible for surprisingly in depth records of the locations friendly forces have fallen or the location of wounded, often returning to the field to recover wounded and dead if possible. His priority is of course to recover the wounded, however, he doesn't follow procedure and rescues those in hotzones first.

As such he is known to require a larger repair budget for his armour and body after each mission on the ground. However, G378 willingly takes a sizable deduction to his pay to cover this and has become very adept at making field repairs to reduce costs. As such it is not uncommon for him to return with ruined armour pieces and other armour components used as field replacements, as he recovers Spartan assets this behaviour is tolerated.

---STATUS UPDATE---As of October 13th, 2552 G378 is MIA and returning to Earth via cyrosleep onboard the UNSC Exodus Dawn. G378 and twelve other survivors managed to finish Operation: [CLASSIFIED], G378 then collapsed following a jump through slipspace that he manually programmed and executed.

Following ONI directives, the sole surviving ONI member of the operation swore the other survivors to serecy and removed G378 from his armour. Due to the loss of the ship AI and backup systems, the Exodus Dawn survivors plotted a slow burn back to Earth and entered cyrosleep after launching a tightbeam to Earth. Which was intercepted by friendly forces that happened to pass through the data by chance.

Favoured Equipment: G378 favours the M392 DMR or BR55HB SR with a MA5K Carbine as backup. Although when piloting he utilises the MA5K Carbine and the M6C/SOCOM Automag.

His usual armor configuration is as follows:
- Pilot UA/HUL[3]
- HazOp(L) & UA/Base Security(R) Shoulder Armor
- HP/Parafoil
- Tactical/UGPS
- Tactical/Hard Case
- Visor: Blue
- FJ/Para Knee Armor
- Armor Mounted Drop Beacon (Utilised for either ODST drops or weapon drops, also useful for locating G378 for exfiltration)
- Chosen Armor Colors: Maroon and Sage

Operational History: CLASSIFIED
Heh sorry about the forum eating my line breaks... I would edit it but I like the ability to do so.
Heh sorry about the forum eating my line breaks... I would edit it but I like the ability to do so.
It's alright, I can read it fine. Thanks for contributing in the thread. Give feedback if you want on what I should add for extra detail.
Name: Jon

Service #: S-142

Unit: SII


Enlistment Date: 9/7/2520


Gender: Male

Birthplace: Onyx

Birth Date: 12/20/2516

Performance: CLASSIFIED

Comments: Perfectly fit able bodied soldier with no athletic flaws, has no tolerance to enemies, kills on demand, not "one with a team", and has no respect twards others on the battlefield

NOTES: S-142 seems to have no fear towards enemies although he has merciful intentions for most.
Name: Fox
Service #: F-086
Enlistment Date:
Location: level 4 holding facility
Gender: Female
Birthplace: [REDACTED]
Birth Date: [REDACTED]

Performance: Fox is an unusual soldier, she has sn uncanny nack at CQC, spacificly with the shotgun. when said weapon is in her hands the effective range doubles if not triples. she is a very quite when on duty and off. her last mental eval showed SEVERE signs of PTSD. and is currently in holding for her own safety. pending further eval.

Comments: Fox has been through many combat tours, including [REDACTED]. even with the onset of PTSD, she has proven her self time and time again. she prefures to be on her own, but knows her limitations with support weapondry. will follow orders to the exact, if not within regulations. this has been overlooked due to her 99.9% success rate.

NOTES: Fox is prone to SEVERE outbursts of anger. she has wounded and killed medical staff. also in the 9 months she has been in holding she has said nothing. other then "why?" it is not known at this time why she only says that.
Further note: Fox has a very unusual love for books. will see if we can bribe her to get her to talk.

Favoured Equipment: Weapon of choice M45 TS Shotgun, with the MA37 ICWS Assault Rifle.
Armor: Helm: Air assault with UA/CNM
Chest: Collar/Breacher
Shoulders: Sniper (blanks, engaved with former team mates service number who have been KIA)
after reading through this, this sounds like it would be an awsome offshoot for a fanfic... lol, need to work on my wrighting skills... **wonders off pondering how to write a story**
>Sierra 174, Leorry
>Lieutenant Colonel

>Full Name: XXX, Leorry
>Service #: S-174

>MOS: Spec Ops and Assault. Close Quarters Combat
>Enlistment Date: 18th October 2541
>Location: MIA

>Gender: Male
>Birth Date: 04/17/2020
>Birthplace: XXX/XXX

>Performance: Unbreakable. S-174 is a remarkable leader and stays cool under pressure, even though having his brother (S-175) killed during an unsuccessful infiltration mission on a Covenant CCS Crusier. There's not a whole lot more to mention. Focuses mainly on the mission. He completes, and with skill, too.

>Note: None available at the time.
>U-4, Roark
>Service #: U-4
>MOS: Any possible situation
>Enlistment Date: [CLASSIFIED]
>Location: Ark Ruins
>Gender: Male
>Birth Date: [CLASSIFIED]
>Birthplace: Forerunner Onyx Shield World, Rictor Base
>Performance: PROJECT: NEVRDIE, The 2nd Battle of Delta Halo, and recent reconassaince of Arc Ruins
>Preferred Armement: Dual Modified MA25B, Modified Covenant Energy Sword, MJOLNIR mk. 6 UMBRA Variant
>Note:Part of 2nd Halsey's undercover project, Roark is the test-tube son of Linda, John, and 5 other classified SPARTAN 2 and 3's. He is the best the Spartan that can be made.
>Vector: OFF SCALE

halo killed my wife and her son and also ran over my dog 12 times
Name: Jonny

Service #: S-112


(P)MOS: 65A

Enlistment Date:


Gender: M

Birthplace: Earth


Performance: 112 was rumoured to be a ghost on the battlefield, he would pick off enemies and leave no trace of him being their; asides from the dead corpses of the lambs that came to the slaughter. Little is known of what he actually did on the battlefield, he has been seen to either stay far from the battle and pick of enemies with pure ease from afar; or would infiltrate enemy fortifications and leave behind nothing but bright flourescent blood behind him. 112 has also been sighted piloting Longsword fighter jets and Sparrowhawk's by other Pilots; who say that he would completley mutilate any Covenant who dared to venture into the skies. These are all rumours however, since 112 has never actually had a proper Military deployment like other Spartans; only ONI knows who he really is and what he does.

112 was presumed to be dead after the augmentations that given to the Spartan-II candicates, since many of them died or become disabled because of it; 112 suffered a heavy Coma, but arose suprisingly 1 year after the augmentations; ONI "took the responsility" of 112 after he awoke, details after this are heavily classified. and what happened to 112 is still unknown. However it is speculated that 112 was not the first Spartan that ONI aqquired, but unlike the rest; 112 agreed with what ONI was doing and did not try break free of his new "owners" since he never returned to the UNSC.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Rumoured to carry, SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, MA5C Assault Rifle, MDC Personal Defence Handgun.

Previous engagements: 112 served in multiple engagements upon the defence of Multiple Outer Colonial planets during the Covenant attacks; he was only spotted twice during the early defence off the Inner Colonies, and was never seen again since the fall of the first few planets within the Inner Colonies. Details are classified on all deployments and missions.
Name: Blaine

Service #: S-115


(P)MOS: Classified-Top Secret

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: MIA

Gender: M

Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach

Birth Date: Unknown

A calm and collected Spartan, who does have a hot temper when angered. He is capable of steady hand-eye co-ordination, meaning he is a strong marksman. Also, due to his bulky build, he is capable of lifting incredibly heavy objects.
He expertly can use close quarter and ranged weaponry. He treats any allies like family, being extremely loyal to his team-mates. He would put them before himself in any firefight.


S-115 is a strong fighter, and dislikes losing battles. He is one who would take one for the team. His armor he loves to wear is his Recon class helmet, with a primary armor color of Red and a Secondary of Blue.

He is a stealth artist, and doesn't show mercy. It is due to these features and his armor configuration that he is called "Hidden Inferno" He is a huge asset on the battlefield, but does not like to gloat about his abilities on the battlefield.

Blaine is also a mercenary for ONI section III doing odd jobs and assassinations for the Office.

He died in the battle for Reach, protecting the Spartans of Red Team as they entered Castle Base. In his his last fight he was able to take out two Wraiths, Three Ghosts, A Banshee, and a pair of Hunters before a Elite charged him with an energy sword. Blaine's shield systems were damaged in the attacks, and he was surrounded. Knowing his home-world was doomed, Blaine stuck a few Plasma grenades to his chest before diving into the group of Covenant that surrounded him. In his last hoorah he exclaimed "REMEMBER REACH!".

NOTES: I plan to use Blaine for a Reach Fan-fiction I plan to do in the future.

*New* Spartan's choice of equipment: Sniper, Shotgun, DMR, Armor Lock, Evade.

*New*Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Classified, although he did participate in the fights of Harvest, before escaping.

Hope he sounds interesting enough for you guys. Let me know what I could change, as I am looking for critisims!
Name: Artemis

Service #: A447

Unit: Epsilon


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: MIA last seen at XXX

Gender: M

Birthplace: Colonist Carrier Starship Noah's Life's Work

Birth Date: August 27 2532

Performance: Outstanding

Comments: Hyper Lethal, Brilliant tactition, best Pilot among the latest batch of Spartans. Recieved indoctrination late and is capable of interacting with non Spartans easily. Unusually small for a Spartan II. Has been mistaken for ODST in the past. Distant relation to XXX.

NOTES: Never really manages to avoid attachment to his team. Has suffured from PTSD when members of Epsilon have died.

*New* Spartan's choice of equipment:

*New*Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
Name: Brittany
Service Number: S-192
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Gender: F
Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach
Birth date: April 15, 2532


Patient, calm, skilled, and deadly. Long range combat is her specialty. Listens to orders exceptionally well, a bit of a lone wolf.

Comments: S-192 is very silent. Likes to get the job done and doesn't divert from orders.

Choice of equipment: Sniper Rifle, Battle Rifle.

Previous Engagements: Battle of Reach, Battle of Earth.
Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
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