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OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: Karmon

Service: Chief Commanding Officer Karmon-098


Enlistment Date: 2517


Gender: M

Birth Date: 9-3-2511

Birthplace: Presdil, Jerico V
Name: Alvarez

Service Number: N-517

Unit: SPARTAN-III Beta Company


Enlistment Date: [classified]

Location: MIA in Pegasi Delta

Gender: M

Birthplace: Eridanus II

Birthdate: [classified]


a quick and one of the most brute of Spartan-III, specializing in reconnaissance and long range firefight. Ruthless and shows no mercy to the covenant, he made this as his passion. His sniping skill is without a doubt one of the finest. a true stealth artist.

Alvarez is no lone wolf. He works efficiently with his teammates and always plan his attack. However, he rarely speaks out and only talks when necessary, letting his action speaks louder than words.

declared KIA but listed as MIA in Operation: TORPEDO. He was badly injured after a duel with an elite and his sword. Realized he's not dead yet and the mission is not complete, he then picked up his sniper and kill many foe in an attempt to protect the advancing Team Foxtrot. The mission was a success, and three of team foxtrot spartan retreats to sea thanks to him. Without Alvarez, operation: TORPEDO will not be a success. He died a hero's death, and will be remembered.

Choice of equipment: Sniper Rifle, Target Designator, M6C SOCOM. Recon helmet

Previous Engagement: Operation: TORPEDO

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Name: Jesse
Service Number: S-336
(P)MOS: 295D
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Gender: M
Birthplace: Victoria
Birth date: June 5th, 2528


S-336 is a good soldier shows intense amounts of loyalty, integrity,respect, and honor. Although is sometime unstable in battle and can loose control of himself this doesnt happen to often but when it does dont try to stop him.. hes great on almost any form of weaponry even has a bit of flying on his record. Overall an 8 out of 10 preformance rate

He's not one to chat with is compelty dedicated to the missiom[both good and bad] he's very proud of being a spartan and beleives its a gift to be serving with his comrades. He's a good trooper hell get the mission done ven if that means not getting to come out of it.

Choice of equipment: A standar issues assault rifle, a pistol and a jetpack is all he ever wants and all he ever needs

Previous Engagements:
Records will be added soon.
Name: Christian

Service #: S-B407

Unit: Special Warfare Group Three>>SPARTAN III-Beta Company//Omega-Team//

Rank: Lieutenant

(P)MOS: 73N

Enlistment Date: March 6, 2539

Location: Onyx

Gender: M

Birthplace: New Columbia, Tribute

Birth Date: October 5, 2535

Performance: Christian excels in all aspects of warfare, as does every Spartan. However, he has shown exceptional skill and ability in close-quarter combat and stealth. As such he is frequently assigned to missions involving assassination, hostage-rescue, sabotage, subterfuge and reconnaissance/intelligence gathering. Shows high lethality in hand-to-hand combat, very skilled with the combat knife. Like his fellow Spartans he is an expert with all weapons, but has exceptional skill with the shotgun and both rifle configurations. In addition he has shown an uncanny skill with pistols.

Comments: Christian has proven himself to be a master of stealth and it's applications in combat. He is is a team-player and works very well within the chain of command, and care's deeply for his fellow comrades. His skill set see's him engaging in solo operations regularly, but he is always ready to return to the rest of Omega team. Christian interacts well with non-Spartans, and has a good sense of humor, unusual for a weaponized super-soldier. An exceptional asset to both the Insurgency and Covenant conflicts.

Notes-Excellent at avoiding detection and using stealth tactics
-Excels at close-quarter and hand-to-hand combat
-Superb Rifleman
-Impressive kill count with the combat knife
-Both a "team-player" and "solo artist"
-Combat Rating of "Lethal"

Spartan's choice of equipment: Primary choice of either M45 Tactical Shotgun, MA37 ICWS +variations, M392 DMR or BR55HB SR when available. Uses either M6D or M6G Magnum's and variations for sidearm. Typically customizes weapons with enhanced sights and extended magazines when available. Always carries his standard issue combat knife.

Combat Record: >>>SEE ATTACHMENT<<<
Name: Jack
Serial #: 147
unit: EffifIknow
Location: Unknown/MIA/Harvest?
Enlist: 2517
Gender: Male
Birth place: CLASSIFIED
Birth date: 2511

Originally, there were 34 Spartan II Survivors after augmentation, but Jack was taken out of the program and ONI turned him into an assassin. (DERP) It is now shown that a total of 33 Spartan II's survived the augmentation. His armor was customized for complete stealth capabilities. Including a classified SPI suit prototype. He went MIA in 2529, his mission was to infiltrate a Covenant stronghold and Assassinate Esta 'Xamudee. An Elite Spec Ops Officer, responsible for attacks on various UNSC supply caches. The mission was a success. Before 147 could be extracted, he encountered a group of captured ODST's being transported in for possible interrogation. The ODST's were freed, but 147 lost all contact. He was last seen fighting off a pair of Hunters.

Yes. My Spartan makes no sense. That is why he is special.
Name: Dylan

Service #: 001


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Installation 01

Gender: M

Birthplace: Earth

Birthdate: 9/22/****

Performance: Next to John-117, Dylan-001 is most likely the greatest leader in NAVSPECWAR. Participating in many covert operations, Dylan-001 is responsible for more than 2200 Covenant and Insurrectionist deaths. He is the leader of Tean Phoenix, which has been recently assigned to scout out the remaining Halo rings and reclaim as much Forerunner technology as possible.

Choice of Equipment: BR55HB Battle Rifle
M6C Pistol
Prototype Energy Katana

Previous Engagements: CLASSIFIED

Name: Sparks

Service #: 191

Unit: All/None - Support Spartan, held on standby to fill either the gaps left by KIA/MIA Spartans, or when exceptionally perilous missions require more Spartan support.

Enlistment Date: 2517

MIA - last seen enroute to Pillar of Autumn.



Birth Date: Earth Calendar - April 2511

Performance: Specializes in almost nothing, but capable of almost anything. Specializes as a "support element", designed to multiply squad efficency and stand in for KIA/MIA spartans. Works effeciently with any squadmate, and is very effective in dealing with civilians. Able to sympathize with and control most civilians during times of combat operations, without it affecting his ability to make tough decisions regarding their safety (or lack thereof).

Comments: Was picked out to be a support Spartan when he exhibited exceptional adaptability while in training, along with displaying the ability to get along reasonably well with a wide range of squadmates. It was also impossible for Dr. Halsey to discern a preference in terms of combat or weapon specialty, further suggesting that he would best excel as a broad support element.

NOTES: Only known Spartan to exhibit classic symptoms of depression, but as with most Spartans, he was easily able to conceal the symptoms from UNSC personal in order to continue serving. It has not proved to be a problem.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Support Equipment. This includes everything ranging from hardened uplink modules or addtional squad diagnostic HUD elements that allow him to stay aware of his team's needs, to more hands-on equipment such as drop-shields or extra ammo.

Some of your Spartan's previous engagements: Stationed on standby at Earth, periodically helping to deal with small pockets of insurrectionist activity. Called into action during the begining stages of Reach. While in-route to the planet, Dr. Halsey labeled his current mission as "hopless", declared it a waste of resources, and instead had him rerouted to intercept the Pillar of Autumn as an additional support element for its suicide mission. Sparks repeatedly likes to bring up the irony in that reassignment.
As with all Spartans, he participated in many other engagements. Unlike other Spartans, most were defensive missions, support missions, and surgical strikes against insurrectionists.
BtW, great idea for a thread!
Name: Aruseus493
Service #: K66
Unit:(P)MOS: ONI Sec. 0/ S-III
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: M
Birthplace: Kirkland, Atlantis
Birth Date: [Unknown]
Performance: Excellent
Comments: Follows orders to the letter. S-K66 was recruited by the ONI after capturing a Insurrectionist Spy that infiltrated the Spartan training camp on ONYX. Trained in hand to hand combat and knives, this Spartan is a silent killer. The Covenant have never met this Spartan as he isn't on the front lines but the necks of corrupt ONI Sec. 3 officials. K66 has been known to stalk his prey for weeks before bringing down the blade of justice onto the loose ends of our own military.
NOTES: Not to be sent to Harvest, Reach, or Earth.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Combat Knife/ 2 Throwing Knives/ Silenced Pistol/ Sprint x2/ Smoke Bombs/ Stolen Energy Sword
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: [Classified By ONI-0]
Name: Cole
Service Number: S-335
(P)MOS: 51T
Enlistment Date: Classified
Location: Classified

Gender: M
Birthplace: Earth
Location: May 13, 2544


S-335 possess skills beyond any spartan, with the exception of S-51 and S-117. He is not a "Team player" according to the past teams he had been assigned with. He is known as a "Lone Wolf" because of his tendency to leave his Teammates and pursue the mission single handedly. The only exception to his behavior is that he always gets the job done. His ability in combat is quite destructive - earning him another nickname, the "Grim Reaper". Not a single convenant bast*rd has ever survived him, his service record is quite exemplary; 7 large-scale battles and not a single scratch. His total amount of kills is one-thousand one hundred seventeen.


He always leads his team straight through the gates of hell, making him very unpopular with all people he works with. He always carries a custom-made .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle to all his operations. His accuracy and precision make him probably one of the best human snipers that can be found anywhere. He has Post-Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation which was most likely caused by the deaths of his entire family during a horrible slipsace incident. He seems to take all his battles personal, which is most likely why he is ruthless in the war.



Name: Ethan

Service #: E063



Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: Utgard, Harvest

Birth Date: 8/18/2499


Comments: Rank: Brigadier General.

NOTES: Don't mess with this guy. Ever.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Assault rifle, Battle Rifle. Skilled with nearly anything (besides focus rifle, he sucks with it for some reason)

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: CLASSIFIED:: All that is known is he has been going on top-secret missions under order of ONI officials, and hasn't worked with a squad in 32 years.
Name: Borys Kowalski

Service#: S343


(P)MOS: M1501

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Poland


Performance: Excellent

Comments: Borys used to climb the rank ladder very fast, with barely making any mistakes in his whole career.

NOTES: After OPERATION DELTA, Borys lost contact to his UNSC command. Research teams are still trying to save him. He is supposed to be on CLASSIFIED. Operation DELTA was a one spartan army mission on CLASSIFIED to research the acient forerunner structure but his pelican crashed and he never came back since then. He's MIA. Before working with the UNSC, he was a squad mate of another SPECTRE, Commander Shepard.

Choice of equipment: MJONLIR Mk. V helmet with an advanced night vision black visor. His weapon of choice is a cross between the DMR and BR, he calls it the BMR.

Name: Dan

Service #: 301


(P)MOS: 19D

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: Chicago, Earth, Sol System

Birth Date: 05/15/2510

Performance: A very experienced pilot, favoring the UH-144 Falcon for its maneuverability and the high combined firepower granted by the two door guns. Extremely proficient with explosives. Shows a high level of both interest and proficiency with non-primary weapon systems, including knives, the M319 IGL, and models in the M6 line including the C, D, G, K, I, and J variants. At any time he carries between two and four Magnums, including two G variants, a J carbine, and a K variant tucked in a magazine pouch. Performs extremely well on a team of capable soldiers, whether they be Spartans or not. Part of the "Army of Three", comprised him, Heavy Weapons Luke 125, and Sniper Tom 139.

Comments: It is almost a shame that he is a Spartan, for if he wasn't we might have one more full time pilot. When I first saw him preparing for combat I worried that his arsenal of sidearms would be less effective than a single MA5, but after watching him in action I think if anything we need to further the M6 line.

NOTES: On several occasions he has nearly single-handedly depleted our supply of M225 SAP-HE ammo, note that when supplying S-301 an excess supply of it will be necessary.

301's choice of equipment: M6J Carbine or MA5 variant when unavailable, M319 IGL, M6G x2, M6K, Incendiary Grenades, Combat Knife, and when a UH-144 Falcon is unavailable a Portable Jump-Jet pack if possible.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: REDACTED
name: dante

service number: G-257



enlistment date: CLASSIFIED

location: on board the unsc say my name

gender: male

birthplace: harmony

birth date: october 31st 2536



comments: those who he has shared a battle field with have talked about a good "aura" that he emits.
his teammates have stated that he has saved their lives multiple times.

notes: he was pulled out of gamma company due to his extreme battle prowress and outfitted with mjolnir armor.

257's choice of equipment: system 99 anti material rifle
M45 tactical shotgun


just the back story i thought up for my reach spartan.
Name: Dan (redacted)

Service #: S-147

Unit: NAVSPECWARGRU 1; Headhunter; ONI Classified unit

PMOS: S-III:5306

Enlistment Date: 19 Jul, 2539

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Unknown

Location: Unknown; last known to be on classified ONI mission during Battle of Reach

Performance: S-147 was noted early on for his ability to blend in with his surroundings and exceptional fieldcraft and survival skills allowing him to seemlessly navigate the battlespace. In early combat training S-147 displayed superior capability in all manors of combat, especially manipulation of weapons (most notably the Magunm, AR, & grenade launcher) achieving above average speed and accuracy at all ranges, espcially CQB situations, though he is also a formitable sniper. He was put ahead of his peers with his ability to replicate this performance with covenant technology. As a direct result of these traits S-147 became and Elite Headhunter an expert of infiltration and direct assault working with only one other Spartan. He has completed numerous missions striking covenant forces where they least expect it forcing them to remove fighting elements from thier front lines in order to attempt to combat his path of destruction. On his latest mission in which he was tasked with a recon of a compromised facility on a small moon he proved to be most deadly surviving an encounter with an Elite Zealot's energy sword that rendered his armour inoperatale and his partner dead. Through is superior skills and combat prowess he was able to take out an Elite strike team on the moon without the use of his armour bringing S-147 among the ranks of a ledgendary Lone Wolf and Headhunter.

Comments: S-147 has proven to be a force multiplier for the UNSC able to strike the covenant in ways that they were previously unable too. This however has come at a great cost as S-147 has went out heavy and returned light from many missions, to include only coming back by himself on 2 occasions. S-147 has been to mandatory psyciactric evaluations due to this but has shown no adverse symptoms due to his experiences. He is unlike many Spartans in that he is outgoing to those who are not his kind if approached, but he appears to be most at home in the field. This however has also proven to be a problem as he does not appear to rever those in athoritive positions and tends to act towards them as if they are comrades more than superior officers often resulting in several ranking officers having disputes with him which has caused him to challagne them in return. Perhaps this is why he has been reassigned to do some work directly for ONI which can only be guessed to be extremely unorthidox, which is right in line with his apparent nature; moving in the shadows and striking when least expected.

I loved reading all the posts and hope that I made a good addition, i just started writing and there it is. I was a huge fan of the Headhunter short story in Halo Evolutions so though i would do something along the line of that.
Jason McNeily
SERVICE #: S-221
Unit: SpecWar/Group5/Spectre(SRE)
Enlistment Date: March 4th, 2518
Gender: M
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, United States, EArth
Birth Date: April 2nd, 2510
Performance: Jason 221 is capable of several skills, and was a decorated soldier during Reach, presumably killing an entire Covenant Division without any backup before his EVAC came to take him to Debrief. The rest of his squad was killed, unfortunately. He is skilled in the Martial Arts, knows most weapons and vehicles (including Covenant), and is also learning to speak some Shangeilli (Which is proving to be quite hard).
COMMENTS: Jason 221 is not much of a talker, but when he does, it is usually strong and straight through. He says what he needs to. He also is a natural leader, having lead a marine batallion into battle, bringing back all of them alive.
CHOICE OF WEAPONS: Assault Rifles; IF OUT OF AMMO he will use covenant weapons, saying it's time to kick -Yoink- with their own weapons.
NOTES: He might still be alive. During the Glassing of Reach, there was escapes via Ground-Space-Rocket-Transport-Ships. It was presumed there was a ship with the Cybernetics of a Spartan leaving toward a civilian craft bound for Earth. It is unknown if it made it. (UPDATED: JULY 2579, Spartan 221 is alive and healthy. Now Commander of SPARTAN III Team Omega.
Name: Axel
Service #: S-175
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: M
Birthplace: CLASSIFIED
Birth Date: June 15, 2531
Satus: MIA

Performance: He's highly skilled in close to medium range firefights, is an artist with a shotgun and a combat knife but acts more like an ODST than a Spartan, often yells strings obscenities during firefights and blatantly wastes ammunition on dead bodies, but he always gets the job done, complete disregard for personal safety makes already near suicide missions even more dangerous for both him and other spartans, fortunatly the members in his squad have learned to deal with this and actually benifit from his wreckless nature. *KEEP AWAY FROM EXPLOSIVES* S-175 has gotten his hands on explosive ordinance several times in the field and has made rather large and expensive messes, although all hostiles are eliminated everything else usually is as well

Comments: If he wasnt so efficient in the field I'd have him pulled out and would have a full psychiatric work up on him, when asked why he acts so wreckless and feels the need to yell at hostiles in the field he simply responds "because its fun", we're still not entirely sure where his overly aggresive behavior comes from. S-175 also doesnt use all equipment given to him properly, on a stealth op on CLASSIFIED he was given a sniper rifle in addition to his regular loadout, he proceeded to use it like a club until it was too damaged to continue using, displays mild signs of pyromania and seems to get rather excited at the sight of fire and has a bad habit of lighting hostiles on fire

Weapons: M90 mk.1 Shotgun w/ Combat Knife Bayonet, MA5C Assault Rifle, Kukri
Armor: Prototype [R] RECON-UA/HUL[3]** helmet, ODST-l, UA/MULTI-THREAT-r, mk.5-b chest w/ Kukri, UA/BUCKLER on arm, UA/NxRA utility, FJ/PARA knees

*S-175 has a nasty habit of misinterpreting orders in his favor
*S-175 originally wore a Mjolnir/C [CQB-HU/RS/CNM] helmet before acquiring a Prototype [R] RECON-UA/HUL[3]** model
**We're not sure exactly how S-175 acquired this helmet and are currently looking into it

***S-175 along with the rest of his squad went MIA during a firefight on Reach outside of the Boneyard
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