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OP Sergeant Novak

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>Name: Newman

>Service #:S-086



>Enlistment Date:CLASSIFIED



>Birthplace:San Fransisco,America(Earth)

>Performance: Lieutenant Newman is most comfortable with his own customized AR and Grenade Launcher, along with a highly non stealthy aproach to handling missions. One report has him seen walking up to a platoon of Elites (Zealot class) and mowed down the lines with AR fire. Of course Due to his "techniques" Newman has gotten into a few harsh situations. Newman in matter of fact was listed as "MIA" in the battle of Onyx until he was recently picked up from a distress signal Newman manufactured from a stockpile of scavenged equipment from a squad of marines that he rescued during a prison break on the covenant troop carrier "The Revelation" after an Elite guard was foolish enough to get within grabbing distance of his cell.

>Comments:Newman's style of getting things done may seem unorthadox and at times downright insane, but it seems to allways workout (and strangely once on his first and last stealth mission)I myself and ONI would have him removed but his fellow pupils, body count (and sheer explosive personality) suggest other wise.

>NOTES: When Newman was still in the training facility he was a expert on enemy psychology and he even created many theories on his own (we believe this may be a cause to his aproach to things) He spent alot of time alone in the barracks. One day a training officer made a surprise inspection of Newman and in his possesion found a collection of liquid, plastic, and foam explosives.Mendez confiscated his explosives but that never stopped him from perfecting his own studies in explosives which soon led to his discovery of the biomass bomb, a bomb that can be armed in seconds and can destroy a covenant ship by slowly melting the whole hull of the ship. Newman is destructive and loud but he gets the job done.
Name: Linda
Service number: 058
Unit: NavSpecWarCOM/NavSpecWep SPARTAN-II Blue Team
Enlistment Date: 2517
Location: Onyx Shield World
Birthplace: [CLASSFIED]
Birth Date: 2511

S058 is an exceptional sniper. A lone wolf, she dosen't speak a lot more than her targets on the scope.



I dont know if you know this but its an actual spartan in master chiefs squad and you kind of copied basically everything about her and im not trying to troll or start anything so if you didnt know that you are soposed to make your own spartan im sorry :)
Name: XXX, Kyle
Service Number: B-33R
Unit: (S-II) SPECWAR/GroupTWO/GAUNTLET Discharged
(P)MOS: 833R
Enlistment Date: Feb 16, 2543
Location: Sanghelios

Gender: M
Birthplace: Lazy Acres, Paradise Falls
Birth date: Feb 16, 2527

Performance: Highly skilled in mid to close range combat; highly inefficient at long range. While deployed with GAUNTLET his roll was primarily that of an assassin. Driving ability is comparable to that of XXX, Cathrine of SPECWAR/GroupTHREE/NOBLE. B-33R created the splatter medal and wears it proudly, his last noted tally was in the thousands but included numerous “accidents” involving UNSC Marines.

Comments: Despite early promise as a Spartan claims to prophecy lead to his eventual dismissal. B-33R was found alone, during three deployments, using active camo, wielding a shotgun and mumbling prayers ina corner. B-33R was to be stripped of his rank and uniform but escaped via a covenant carrier that had been acquisitioned for research. B-33R was tracked too Sanghelios in the Triple Star System. No team has been sent to recover B-33R for fear that this might be perceived as an act of war by the Covenant. B-33R is believed to have claimed refugee status with Covenant Separatists.

Notes: A number of B-33R’s prophecies have since come to pass including the Fall of Reach.

Choice of equipment: Prefers melee combat, the old 1, 2 or a knife to the throat but carries a M45 TS Shotgun of which he sawed off the end for no apparent reason. B-33R asked, on numerous occasions, to carry a covenant energy sword but the request was always denied.
Name: Andrew

Service#: G196

Unit: Gamma Company, Team Cutlass

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED


Gender: M

Birthplace: Lister, Gannymede

Birthdate: 21/06/2537

Performance: Notable leadership skill, marksmanship and intelligence.

Comments: The leader of Team Cutlass

Search ANdrew-G196 on the halo fanon wikia for more!
# Sierra 511, Aaron
# Captain

# Name. Aaron
# Service Number. A-511

# Enlistment Date. October 19th, 2529
# Location. [UNKNOWN, MIA]

# Gender. M
# Birthplace. New York, United States, Earth
# Birth Date. March 19th, 2522

# Performance. A-511 is most effective while in close range. The orders and objectives he is given are never left unfinished. He takes he missions seriously to conceal the safety of others. He also has a lot of experience in hand-to-hand combat. Though very tough, A-511 always best with a team.

# Comments. When not on a mission, A-511 can be fun around others. He has a strong sense of humor and is like a big brother to most. He rarely argues with people, can gets along easily. The only things that put him in a bad mood is when he thinks of his fallen friends.

# Choice of Equipment. Shotgun, Assault Rifle
# Past Engagements. Operation: TORPEDO, Siege of Paris IV, Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, Fall of Reach

I actually have two.

Meh, I'll post My Reach one.
Name: Ben
Service #: 375
Unit: Fenris ODST Squad
(P)MOS:Enlistment Date: __/__/2532
CLASSIFIEDLocation: Listed as MIA
Birthplace: One of the many Outer Colonies
Birth Date: 01/16/2527
Performance: Rated as Lethal
Comments: "I never thought I'd owe my life to one of those cyborg freakshows..."

-- Sergeant Scott Edwards
NOTES: Ben is a S-III. He was pulled out of Alpha Company before it's suicidal mission. He prefers the M45 Shotgun and the M6G Magnum. He is kind and he still has a sense of humor, even in the midst of battle. He is known to keep a cool head regardless of the situation.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: He was sent on joint operations with the UNSC Army against the Insurrection. He was later assigned to an ODST squad and assumed control of said squad. Their mission is highly classified, but Ben was able to get all of his squadmates to safety before being left behind. It is unknown whether or not he survived. Those who survived the battle of Reach reported seeing a lone space craft leave the planet's atmosphere before going into Slipspace.

He's pretty much a re-imagining of Noble 6.

NAME: Grayson











S-120 is a very skilled assassin and close quarters expert he always listerns to orders but might not carry them out the way you want him but he get's the job done with close to no casualties to team mates or cavilians.


S-120 is not a man of many feelings but he can bring up his feelings when he remembers his life back on earth but as soon as they come there gone.He alwayslooks out for his squad mates and could one day be a leader but first he has to obey orders propaly and not disrespect other unsc opratives but first he must contral his anger and rage.

S-120 is from my fan-fiction and imagination

CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT: knife.silenced pistol and silenced smg and the armor mod active camo

Name: Sam

Service #: 007 (What can I say? I love Bond :P)

(P)MOS: Unknown

Rank: Lt. Colonel

Unit: Blue Team

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Shield World

Gender: M

Birthplace: Bristol, United Kingdom, Earth

Birth Date: 11/01/2225

Performance/Comments: Was kidnapped on Earth at the age of 10, taken to a secure facility on Sargasso, where he would be trained as a Spartan until the age of 13, where he was transferred to Sword Base on Reach. Sam-007 took part in the battle of Reach and helped protect key military personel, where he was to meet with Noble team's Jun to help protect Dr.Halsey.

He is an excellent all round Spartan. He is neither the strongest, fastest or intellegent, but puts 100% effort into every aspect of his military career. Spartan Sam-007 displays much battle knowledge and courage. Sam-007 tends to take up defensive positions and has protected key UNSC locations and personel. He was last seen in the Battle of Onyx with his fellow Blue Team members, Team Saber, Team Katana, Dr. Halsey and SCPO Mendez. They were transported to the Forerunner construction of the Shield World, where Sam makes it his priority to ensure the survival of Dr. Halsey and SCPO Mendez, believing their lives to be invaluable to the survival of humanity.

Choice of Equipment: MA5C and DMR.
Name: Seven
Service Number: S-721
Enlistment Date: Classified
Location: MIA

Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach
Birth Date: 2532

Performance: He was a lone spartan he used his weapons to his advantages, his personal favorite was the Assault Rifle, he used it every chance he got, he required alot of titles, The Master, Seven. He never spoke but if he did it wasn't a conversation he either listented or scouted out enemies.

Comments: S-721 was said to be a close Friend to S-117, him-self. But no one ever knew, he never shared his stories with the spartans he only reffered about his close friend named John. Seven is unknown if he is dead he is MIA, but as they say "Spartans never die, there just Missing In Action."

People say, he was in the frozen wasteland and his armor went into protection mode, but he froze with the ice. Some say its true.

S-721's favorite choice of Armor was; A Recon helmet with a green Visor.

Some other spartans, before the glassing of reach believed that he was also behind it as he was caught talking with Elites some-how they didn't wan't to kill him, why? (read below)

S-721 And the Elite Force:

S-721, was sent on a top secret mission from the UNSC, to try to make piece with the Elites/Covenant Forces but in a brutal fight they couldn't accept. He had a source, he was a golden elite he seemed to be every-were but invisible people gave them the nick-name of "BoB's".

S-721 was invited to the Elite Space Ship/ Corvette, as the other spartans must've seen. Which made them go in for an attack,

S-721 was about to gain piece with the Elites, as the other spartans broke in, continuing the war by Humans, and Aliens.

S-721 wasn't seen after that. But they were above a frozen waste-land were he went flying out of the corvette, he survived using an armor lock before smashing the ground.

Maybe, S-117, will some-how know to go to this frozen wasteland and search. For what could be the only other spartan left alive.


- The Corvette? that was about to destroy Reach, S-721 was on before Noble 6 destroyed it was when all the elites were also gone, but it was the crew of spartans that were the only ones killed by Noble 6's laser.

- On the level Lone-Wolf When its just Noble 6; all those spartans on the ground are the squad that went to save S-721 from the elites.
Name= Andy 734

Service #= ANDY

MPOS= Sniper, Scout.


Rank= Sergent Grade 1

Birth Place= New Alexandria

Comments/FAQ's= Team Player. Usally stays back to snipe from a dictance, but, if needed he will scout ahead to clear the way.

Wepon(s) of choice= Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assult Rifle.


Squadron/Unit= Shadow Fox.


Shadow Fox is a classified unit made for staying behind the rest of noble team. Unseen, but there. They fought in the battle for sword base and the nightfall mission. Everyone on the team was once part of S-III but decided to leave when Reach was destroyed/lost. Thier location is unknown, but they are always there.
Name: Gene
Nick Name: The Gene Genie

Service Number: S-101

Rank: Lt. Colonel

SIII- Lone Wolve's


Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Earth

Gender: M

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 21/1/----

Performance: S-101 is a superb soldier deadly in nearly every type of combat. Pulled out directly after training on Onxy his lone wolf prefrence's were put to use. He has been listed MIA ( Persumed KIA by ONI ) a numerce amount of times but his skill with in the feild surparse's everyone expectations makeing Suicide mission's look like a stroll in the park. He has had many deployments, most recently -------------------------------. His bravery is unmatched and his record is Excellent only a few others can match the same amount of dedication and results. Although his excellent record he is very well know for his silence.

Son of Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole. Last words know to be said:There is no hunting like the Thrill of hunting the armed . And those who've hunted the armed long enough, and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter

NOTES: Shows obsessions with knives. He carrys atleast 3 diffrent Types of Knives at once. CQB is his main Speciality has been Know to take on atleast 10 elite's at once and stand victorious.

service#: 148
unit:NAVSPECWEP1st company
status: presumed dead(
(P)MOS:Black ops: RECON: Stealth opss
DOB: 1/12/2511
Gender: M
Birthplace: Earth sol system


148 is a deadly soldier with highly advanced military training. He was presumed dead in 2524 when all spartans went through the surgical procedure to make the candidates spartan IIs. He was placed into the hands of Oni because of his stealth skills that took out an entire squad of other candidates.
NAME: James
SERVICE #: S-192
Enlistment Date: [CLASSIFIED]

BIRTHPLACE: New Kaysea, Harmony
BIRTH DATE: December 26, 2523

PERFORMANCE: S-192 is a highly-disciplined, undetectable soldier whom is a priceless asset to the UNSC. He can complete his objective and evac an area before an enemy can even spot his blip on their radar. These skills combined with his pin-point weapon accuracy at long range make him one of the top choices for missions behind enemy lines.

COMMENTS: Highly-disciplined and never makes a sound even when he isn't in combat. Does whatever possible to get a job done with efficiency and speed. Tenacious, quick, precise, and undetectable. No better words can describe him, but there is something missing. You can see it in his eyes the few times he removes his helmet, but can't figure out what. He is unwilling to reveal it. I guess you can add mysterious to that list.

EQUIPMENT CHOICE: SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle (CE), M6C/SOCOM Magnum (ODST), reflex/speed-enhancement armor (sprint), and specially-integrated ODST VISR HUD.


Service #: S:081

Unit: Spartan Green Team

(P)MOS: 358C

Enlistment Date: 7th July 2517

Location: Currently Unknown MIA

Gender: M

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 27th April 2511

Performance: Often known as Halsey's Wild Child Jack 081 is known for his lone wolf abilities. He prefers to go on his own into battles which is a great weakness in Jack as he has always found great trouble getting along with the other Spartans. His work on Harvest is greatly respected, killing two thousand Covenant soldiers by himself to help some passenger planes leave one of its cities and saving thousands of civilians on the planet
Comments: Reaction to other people has always been a great weakness to him, this causing hostility in the SPARTAN II Program whether to get rid of him or to keep him. His temper has also been a problem as when he loses his temper he gets very angry and causes a lot of things to go wrong within the program. Even though his attitude has been terrible he puts it to good use by having thousands upon thousands of Covenant and Inssurectionalist soldiers to his name. Jack is only rivaled by John 117 for amount of soldiers killed

NOTES: Extra care must be taken with Jack as he can fly off the handle at any time

Spartan's choice of equipment: Shotgun

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Battle of Harvest, Battle of Erebus, Battle of Reach
Name: Marcus

Service #:M156


Rank: Sergeant Major


Enlistment Date:

Location: onboard UNSC Maverick

Gender: Male

Birthplace: New Alexandria, Reach

Birth Date: 3/26/2529

Performance: M156 prefers stealth and picking off his opponents. He is also skilled at driving a warthog and a competent falcon pilot.

: M156 is know for inspiring confidence in those under his command. he is also boastful and tends to joke around with his teammates.

M156 has taken the fall of Reach hard and has taken many unnecessary risk to prevent the covenant from destroying other planets

Spartan's choice of equipment:
Primary Weapon:BR55HB SR w/Silencer
Ammo:M634 X-HP-SAP
Secondary weapon: M6C/SOCOM
Ammo:M225 SAP-HE
Armor Ability: Active Camo
Helmet:mk.v Military Police
Chest: Tactical/Commando
L. Shoulder: Recon
R.Shoulder: Recon
Knee: Grenadier
Utility:Hard case
Wrist: Tacpad

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:

Battle of Ballast
Battle of Reach
Battle of Earth
Name: Church

Service #: B-155

Unit: Spec-ops (S-III)


Enlistment Date: Classified

Location: Classified

Gender: M

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 2510

Performance: Known for astonishing ground combat skills. 115 has also been know to taughnt and tease the enemy in battle however 115 displays an almost super natural ability to cheat death and bring it upon his enemies. In fact 115 has been sent on many missions other spartans would have minimal chance of survival in, and coming back with only a few scratches. 115 also displays some high amount of knowledge of some technology, being able to hack many computers his commanding officers wish he wouldnt. 115 also seems to enjoy the company of A.I.'s more than some humans, which is noted to be strange due to his talkitiveness. 115 is Hyper-Leathal.

Comments: 115 is known for his killing abilities. Several maries noted him take down several elites with his bare hands. He has also been issued an A.I. to keep track of him and to help him in battle due to his lone wolf tendancies.
Name: Devin

Service #: S-388


Enlistment Date: Classified


Gender: M/F

Earth, North America

Birth Date:
October 7, 2525

A skilled rifle marksman that is most proficient with BR55 and DMR rifles. An extremely skilled hand to hand fighter best in his class of other S-III's also is an excellent team player.

S-388 never leaves home without is rifle; although he is skilled with all the small arms the UNSC currently employ he is most effective with a rifle. The proficiency at which he dispatches targets with is rifle is impressive even by Spartan standards. S-388 is also a skilled fighter in hand to hand combat and he has several hand to hand Brute Chieftain kills as well as two Elite Zealot kills to prove it. Until recently S-388 was working with four other S-III's in Sword Team but two months ago on a mission to [Classified] the other four members of his team went MIA. S-388 now works strictly on "Lone Wolf" missions.

Name: Maria
Service # :M13
Unit: classified
Enlistment Date: classified
Location: unknown -MIA

Gender: (F)
Birthplace: classified above top secret.
Birth date : unknown

Performance Review: Intellect above her piers.Expert in hand to hand combat, infiltration, weaponry ..Was part of the unit assigned to take out a Convenant high level enemy with Odst troops as its sniper but was re routed to Reach before its fall .She managed to escape but went MIA on en route to a planet with more ancient tech( unclassified name -Forerunner tech-) during a high stakes recovery mission.

Comments:Her training was beyond the usual Mark 2 spartan and Mark 3,
Recon training obtained from ONI made her a highly skilled infiltrator and tech specialist, but above all , her will to live and help those in need made her a dangerous but gracious asset to ONI and to her unit(s)

Equipment choice:
In her own words( anything that would make blue/purple Convenant rain to fall from the sky ...
heavy weapons are a recurring choice of hers.

Other information:
she has always kept silent on her past , her training, her interest(aside from killing convenants (a psych evaluation was overdue during last evaluation of the subject))

Previous Evaluator side note: subject seems distant and tries to avoid eye contact during our time and was holding her knife in hand... psych evaluation is needed

Name: Leo

Service #: S-013

Unit: Spartan IIs, Demoliton Unit "Thunder Team" [KIA] , Infiltration Unit" Racer Team [KIA], ODST Squad "Daredevils" [KIA]

(P)MOS: 607M

Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED

Location: Clasified

Gender: M

: Losantiville, Mars

Birth Date: 2511

Performance: S013 has been Given the Call Sign "Black Cat" by his Commanding officers For Two Constants in his Mission Performance, First For his Never Ending Bad luck, If some thing can go Wrong on Mission it will, Second For His Ability to some how Survive it all. He has Seen The Death Of 2 Spartan Squads he has been assigned to as well as the
Annihilation of a ODST squad he Was put in Command of, He even Survived a Direct Needle Round to the head.

Comments: A Soft Spoken but a Friendly Individual Who uses a smile to hide his guilt over seeing so many friends and comrades die.

Choice of equipment: Perfers To enter Engagements Duel Wielding SMGS, but will Switch To the Battle Rifle when out of ammo, Wears a Reinforced ODST Helmet, he views as a good luck charm, on account of it stopping a Needle Shot an inch form being Fatal

Previous engagements: Harvest, Reach , Mars [
Battle of Mare Erythraeum ]

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