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Tell Us About Your Spartan

OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: Maybelle
Service #: B232
Unit: UNSC, Spartan lll, BETA
Primary Military Specialization: Medic
Enlistment Date: [N/A]
Location: MIA
Gender: F
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: April 23, [Year Unknown]
Performance: performs effeciantly under extrem stress
Comments: Can fix a wound a well as she can fire a weapon
NOTES: B232 records state she has saved as many men and wemon as she has killed Covenant
Spartan's choice of equipment: CQB armor, Assault Rifle and Plasma Pistol, extra med kit storage/bio foam, difibulater that links up to armor
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Reach
Current Operation:MIA
Notable Relations: [N/A]
Name: Azkul Lok
Service #: 113
Unit: Spartan-IV, Fireteam DragonsBreath
Primary Military Specialization: Explosives
Enlistment Date: 2550
Location: Earth
Gender: Male
Birthplace: California, America, Earth
Birth Date: 12 Dec 2532
Performance: Likes to go overboard on blowing targets up. When put on assassination missions he often will resort to blowing the entire location of the target up.
Comments: He holds grudges and very often will get payback even if ordered not to.
NOTES: Don't insult him. He has anger problems.
Spartan's choice of equipment: This Spartan really enjoys using the HAVOK nuclear warhead as much as possible.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: look for planets with large amounts of nuclear radiation...
Current Operation: Stationed on the UNSC Infinity
Notable Relations: N/A
*New* Service Commendations:
*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 6 years of active duty
*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: "Well... he gets the job done. Nuked a covie base when his target was one general. I like his style..." -Private First Class Michael "Mickey" Crespo
He wears legendary armor
Name: Trish [REDACTED]
Service #: S-142
Unit: UNSC, Aspire
Primary Military Specialization: Standard ops, ODST, Stealth
Enlistment Date: [REDACTED]
Location: UNSC Trebuchet
Gender: Female
Birthplace: UKSC London, Earth
Birth Date: 2513

Performance: Prefers manoeuvres of stealth tactics, preferably alone. Joining in the original SPARTAN-II Programme, 2IC of Green Team, S-142 found it a struggle to work with a team. Slowly, she grew to her team-mates and became part of their family. Now, she thrives at the side of other Spartans, but she still likes to drift from them every once in a while.

Comments: Addictive personality. S-142 needs to stop smoking and consuming excessive amounts of Energy inducing drinks as it is seriously damaging her potential. She seems to be somewhat playful nowadays, but her past suggests that this personality is either rehearsed or a sign of recent change.

NOTES: Never offer S-142 a banana

Spartan's choice of equipment: MA37 Assualt Rifle, BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle

Name: Mordecai
Service #: S-076
Primary Military Specialization: N/A
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Location: Last seen on covert op accompanying Linda 058 (UNCONFIRMED)
Gender: M
Birthplace: New Manila, Mars
Birth Date: 3-21-2512
Performance: Manages to work in a team despite his recent dismissal from Fireteam Phenomenon. On the battle field Spartan 076, like any Spartan II, naturally leads the IV's. Due to great experience from the Human Covenant War, his orders are questioned by none. Tends to take the path of least resistance, but will not hesitate to fight head on.
Comments: Spartan 076 had always shown high aggression (some might say utter hatred) in the battlefield, and having a VIPER variant helmet, his aggression and reaction times have only increased. Likewise, he is often annoyed by fellow servicemen asking about The Master Chief and what Dr. Halsey had did to them. Off the battlefield Spartan 076 is very kind for a Spartan II.
NOTES: Blue eyes tend to distract the female CO's.
Choice of equipment: Normally deploys with a battle rifle modified heavily by himself. Always has two M7 sub machine guns on person. Currently field testing experimental active camouflage.
Notable Relations: Very close to Linda 058
Service #: S-287
Primary Military Specialization: Sniper/Recon
Enlistment Date: [CLASSIFIED]
Location: UNSC Frigate Aegis Fate
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Pirth City:Outskirts, Arcadia
Birth Date: February 23, 2539
Performance: S-287 is ranked as one of the most skilled scouts. Uses mostly stealth approaches to combat but will fire some extra lead if the need arises. Mostly a lone wolf but he has been tasked with S-286 many times. He is also very decent at piloting a falcon. Current covenant kill count: 44,421
Comments: Silenced weapons are a no-need, the enemy is usually dead by the time they hear the shots. Keeps original weapons from “Reach” engagements.
NOTES: This is based off of my Halo: Reach spartan
Spartan's choice of equipment: MA37 Assault Rifle, SRS99 Sniper Rifle, and active camouflage armor add-on for quick disappearance Optional choice: Designated-Marksman-Rifle (DMR)
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: “Battle of Reach” 2551-2552, Short engagements on Installation 03 (Gamma Halo),
Current Operation: [CLASSIFIED]
Notable Relations: Spartan-286 (S-III)

Name: Ryan
Service #: S-666
Unit: UNSC SPARTAN IV, Fireteam Corrupted
Primary Military Specialization: N/A
Enlistment Date:2553
Location: [ROUGE]
Gender: Male

Birthplace: Earth, Chicago, North America
Birth Date:2526


An elite assassin. Prefers to hide and attack the enemy unawares. High performance in the War Games simulations and even higher on the field. History includes ODST and Marine Corps.

A very good spartan.

Name: SPARTAN O’Brien
Service #: 71306-91076-JO

Primary Military Specialization: Rifleman
Enlistment Date:
29 Jul 2552 (UNSC Marine Corps)
21 Sep 2555 (UNSC Spartan Branch)
Location: UNSC Infinity

Gender: Male
Height: 205.7 centimetres (6 ft. 9.0 in)
Mass: 121 kilograms (266.7 lb)
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Cybernetics: Spartan Neural Interface

Birthplace: Perth, Australia, Earth.
Birth Date: 11 Jul 2534

Rank: Spartan

Spartan O’Brien’s professionalism is highly commendable. His ability to make sound tactical decisions under fire, however, is his defining aspect. Works strongly as part of a team, and is highly disciplined. Takes his duty seriously in all aspects.

He is known to be slightly arrogant at times. Despite this, teamwork comes naturally for O’Brien, and has no trouble following orders, or supporting fellow fireteam members in order to achieve an objective, and on multiple occasions, has been described as “unshakable and persistent” by his superiors. The presence of these sought after characteristics, along with his performance during the Battle of Earth; (where he drew enemy fire while allowing his fireteam, which had taken one casualty, to escape) , were the reasons for O’Brien being selected for the Spartan IV Program in 2555.

Spartan's choice of equipment:
  • M6H2 PDWS
  • MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN2]
Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
Human Covenant War
  • Attack on Sol (Battle of Earth)
Second Battle of Requiem.

Current Operation: None at present, conducting simulations on UNSC Infinity. Awaiting orders.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:
UNSC Marine Corps: 29 Jul 2552 – 18 Sep 2555
UNSC Spartan Branch: 19 Sep 2555- (Assigned to UNSC Infinity for Second Tour on Requiem in 2558. Part of the second wave of Spartan IVs)
Name: Tera 'Vadai

Faction: Swords of Sanghelios

Unit: Special Operations

Rank: Commander

Current location: Unknown, in some important and classified mission

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Vadam, Sanghelios

Birth date: 2530

Intel on Performance: She has been ranked as more mature despite his youth

NOTES: She really cares about his teammates, even being willing to sacrifice her own life to save them. She grew up with humans, so she have no grudge against them. After the end of the Human-Covenant war, she decided to go with the Swords of Sanghelios, while maintaining contact with humans. Some humans think she is one of the most reasonable of her specie

Choice of Equipment: Energy Sword, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, Covenant Carbine, dual Plasma Rifles

Previous Ops: Operations with Nova Team (Spartans-III) against the Covenant

Current Op: Leading the Delta Team (Sangheili). Joint operations between Sangheilis and humans

Notable Relations: Delta Team, Thel 'Vadam, Rtas 'Vadum, Nova Team (Spartans), Uzse 'Taham

Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: Never give up (by Rtas 'Vadum), be not predictable (Thel 'Vadam), analyze her opponents and not underestimate them (Uzse 'Taham)
I like this....I will finish creating the story of my spartan and will be back to post it
Name: Soren' Vadulse

Faction: Swords of Sangheilios/Storm faction

Unit: Lone Wolf

Specialization: Special operations/ Spy for the SoS

Current location: [classified]

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Qikost

Birth date:2/5/ 2521

Intel on performance: While drafted very young and had out standing combat training records there has never been a more reclusive sangheili in the milky way. Always failing when he worked with teams some times it felt like he was failing purposely so he could go to lone wolf training. But never has there been a better single man army other than Thel'Vadam himself. He has only failed two missions before and in both instances he was forced to blow up U.N.S.C cruisers other than that his combat record is flawless.

Notes: While being born on sangheilioses forest moon he was an odd one out for having the heavier features of a sangheiliose born sangheili carrying the heavy scales and tan skin of his predecessors. Roughly about 7,9 and 410 pounds of muscle and hatred he has the heavy mandibles of his sangheiliosien brothers but slightly larger eyes than a storm faction sangheili. But after the human covenant war the SoS found his appearance perfect for a spy-op against the storm faction

Choice of equipment: When on Spy op: standard Storm faction armour and weapons. But when he is on standard op he wears a modified zelot class armour and wields a energy sword Carbine and a scatter shot ( if available) and carries a invisibility matrix device. And has a special beacon on his Spy-Ops that shows up only on U.N.S.C and SoS huds and radar that tells then not to shoot this one.

Previous Op: Mostly espionage and assassinations

Current Op : Spy for the SoS while working with the Storm Faction

Notable Relations: He made eye contact with Rtas'Vadume once...

<level one clearance ends here>
Name: Raven [No Data]
Gender: Male
Service Number: S-014
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, SPARTAN II Program, Mythic Team
Enlistment Date: [Data Redacted]
Birth Place: [Data Redacted]
Birth Date: [Data Redacted]
Current Location: {location redacted}

SPARTAN Raven-014 works well with the other members of his squad, and his squad alone. He will not tolerate other SPARTANs besides Jeff-077 and Crystal-721. He kills with extreme prejudice, especially against Insurrectionists and Covenant. This trait may have come about because he believes the Insurrectionists and Covenant destroyed his home planet. S-014 will often try to save his teammates instead of his allies (He once saved S-721 instead of Vice Admiral Thompson). Mythic Squad is highly regarded as of the best groups of assassins in the UNSC, and the best SPARTANs for any task, having some of the best equipment for the job. Most of this equipment is built personally by S-014, who loves to tinker with the MJONIR class armor. His armor was built from a base MK V armor set. His Performance has became more and more enhanced over the past few weeks, reports have been coming in that he has an AI, even though that should be impossible because he wasn't given any (even restricted) access to one. O really?

He is known as "The Doctor", by almost everyone in the UNSC, and also has been known as "The Furious Demon" by the Covenant species. Raven has always favored an armor that currently is not available to any SPARTAN in the field, mainly because he will not give the blueprints for the armor. He calls it "Crowe MK II", but it retains several design features to that of a 13th century plague doctor. It is extremely powerful, withstanding up to twice the MJOLNIR's normal strength capacity, and almost 1.5 times faster. The "Crowe MK II" also gives him a regenerative field that heals much faster than the ones currently used by the UNSC. ONI in particular is worried about his unwillingness to help any other commanding officer in the field, as well as S-014 not handing over blueprints of the armor. Further investigation ongoing, but if he disobeys the UNSC protocol again, then his status will turn into: kill on sight.

Notable Commendations: Close quarters and mid range combat mastery. Has almost every medal that one can receive except prisoner of war. Only Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 has more combat commendations then Raven-014. The creation of myself, an AI, without flash cloning required.

Notable Engagements: Started service aboard the Cruiser Say My Name, helping out during the Harvest Campaign, The Fall of Reach [Codenamed: Tip of the Spear], The Battle of Earth, Assault of the Ark, Clearing of Forerunner Installation 03 "Gamma Halo" for scientific inquiry, and several SpecOps aboard the Infinity [aka Requiem Campaign and anything after]. His current location is unknown.
Better safe than in your hands.
Notable Relations: Dr. Catherine Halsey, Sergeant Forge (MIA, as well as all of the Spirit of Fire), Noble team (before the fall of Reach), Arbiter (as an enemy, see below*) Vice Admiral Thompson (deceased), Commander Miranda Keys (deceased), Dr. Sandra Tilson (composed), Captain Del Rio (Demoted), Captain Laskey, SPARTAN Sarah Palmer.

*The Arbiter (Thel Vadum) recounts: "When I fought the Furious Demon, it seemed to emanate hatred, a kind of a ferocity I had never seen... All I can remember was he was stronger, faster than me... I am sure that mask of vengeance killed ten of us for every one human that we killed. I will not lie. I was afraid."

{from AI: Shattered Dawn}
[{{ Raven-014 created me, and you wish to kill him? He has saved more lives than you can imagine. You are despicable and paranoid... I will save him and Mythic Squad from you. Maybe Cortana will help me... She's right, the created deserve the Mantle...}}]
i want to dasighn my own odst team of 6 any ideas
Name: Yonsky
Name: First Lieutenant Cain [REDACTED]
Service #: G447
Unit: UNSC, Special Forces, Spartan IV (Formerly Spartan III), Black Talons Spec Ops Platoon
Primary Military Specialization: Command, Stealth, 3D Maneuvering
Enlistment Date: [REDACTED]
Location: 'Vadam Keep, Sangheilios
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Meridian
Birth Date: 2541

Performance: A skilled Commander, he and his Platoon specialize in stealth, and three dimensional tactics, able to near-silently climb up a two story simulated building with no equipment usage. He is a very good shot, and proficient in silent takedowns of all species except for Lekgolo.

Comments: He is rather sarcastic towards everyone, and, while he rarely drinks, he almost always gets very drunk when he does. These are coping mechanisms for dealing with the deaths of his parents right before his eyes, at the hands of a Spec Ops Elite. This Elite was driven off by a squad of Marines, sustaining minor injuries. He is now a Storm Covenant Spec Ops Zealot, and has been encountered several times by the White Talons. They are equal in skill in almost every way.

NOTES: Was taken Prisoner during battles of Requiem. Escaped with other captured Spartans soon before evacuation.
Age is listed at 22.
Combat Rating: Lethal

Spartan's choice of equipment: Like all members of his team, he wears armor that is black, and is equipped with an SPI-Based Stealth System.
His Armor is a set of slightly scarred Noble Armor, with a Reaper Helmet. His preferred weapons are a Suppressed SMG, an M6D magnum, and a modified BR85 Sentinel Variant with a slightly longer range, a direct uplink to his HUD, and the ability to fold the scope down to the side.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Several battles on Earth, Several Battles on Requiem, Infiltration Mission on Sangheilios, sanctioned by Hood and the Arbiter, and known to only a handful of people. The Black Talons were sent to destroy one of the only remaining Covenant Outposts during the battle of Sunaion. This is how they ended up on Sangheilios after the Created began their takeover.

Current Operation: Helping Guard the Arbiter

Notable Relations: N/A

*New* Service Commendations: Purple Heart
Medal of Honor
Prisoner of War Medallion

*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: [REDACTED]

*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:
Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose: A Solid Team Leader, and amazing at Stealth.
Commander Palmer: Good kid, and a solid soldier. His Talons were assigned to the Infinity recently, and operate rather differently than other IVs.
My spartan is unfixed in halo waypoint
Since it has been a few years, I thought I'd update my Spartan:

Name: Tom
Service #: 036
Unit: Formally SPARTAN Red Team, Fireteam Revolver,
Primary Military Specialization: Lone Wolf, Squad Leader. Commander and Assault.
Enlistment Date: <CLASSIFIED>
Location: <CLASSIFIED>
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arcadia
Birth Date: 24 March 2511

Performance: Exceptional. He is known to get the job done and usually prefers to work alone. He prefers precision weapons however he is comfortable with any weapon type, regardless of origin. He has received extensive training in all weapons used by and against the UNSC.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Battle Rifle, DMR and Assault Rifle
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Fall of Arcadia, Fall of Reach, Unofficial operation: Halo *(see notes below), multiple classified operations.
Current Operation: <CLASSIFIED>
Notable Relations: Doctor Catherine Halsey, Colonel Hackson, Smart A.I. Class Three: Persephone

Notes: Throughout his career as a Spartan he has had a strong record of getting the job done, however he has always worked better by himself rather than as a team. He was posted among SPARTAN Red Team on Arcadia when the Covenant first attacked early in the war, however he stayed behind with several other Spartans when the UNSC Spirit of Fire took three Spartans with them in pursuit of a Covenant ship. From then he was posted in defence of Arcadia until it fell shortly after. From then he was conscripted by ONI and deployed in top secret operations, with no records available below security clearance of Section Zero of ONI. This continued until 2552 when he was brought to Reach to participate in the operation to send Spartans to capture a Covenant leader. He was on Reach when it fell and was considered KIA, listed as MIA.

Update as of 2558: It was discovered that Sierra 036 survived the attack, and subsequent fall, of Reach. According to his debriefing he was on Reach as it fell, and was tasked with multiple tasks to impede and frustrate invading Covenant forces until the command structure on Reach collapsed. After this he and the A.I. Persephone that he was carrying evacuated the planet on a Sabre class craft and managed to board an orbiting Covenant Frigate. The Covenant Frigate jumped away from Reach and stumbled upon Installation 07 where he was hunted for close to a year until he successfully prevented Covenant forces from gaining control of the Installation with the assistance of the installations monitor. Upon the Covenants defeat, Sierra 036 was forced to enter a Forerunner status chamber to maintain his life until rescue arrived.

Approximately five years later Sierra 036 was awoken by UNSC forces who were under attack by unknown mechanical forces. Sierra 036 could not locate either the Installations monitor or the Class 3 Smart A.I. Persephone, who later turned out to be responsible for the attacks due to rampancy. Sierra 036, alongside local UNSC forces, were successful in defeating Persephone and it's army of mechanoids. Sierra 036 was then taken back to Earth for debrief where he was then redeployed on multiple operations against the increasing Forerunner threat as part of Fireteam Revolver in the Spartan IV programme, operating out of the UNSC Infinity under the command of Commander Sarah Palmer.

After the initial attack on UNSC colonies from Forerunner constructs (later identified as Forerunner Guardians) Sierra 036 was recalled to <CLASSIFIED> to advise on this new threat on the presumption that Persephone was still active. When the construct responsible was identified, Sierra 036 was made a senior military advisor to the UNSC and ONI on artificial intelligence and how to combat them due to his previous experience. Sierra 036 has become, arguably, the most important living military asset in the UNSC and his survival is considered the highest priority.
Name: Harrison

Service number: HS88

Unit: 197 -(code name - Green house)

Primary Military Specialization: Garrison Commander

Enlistment Date: 2548.05.16

Location: SV-Hassle

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 2523

Performance: High end explosive expect

Comments; I highly decorated explosive engineer, working for the unsc for 14 years a young Spartan. But highly talented.
A drive to motivate others and create little work of big problems. Code name green house was to do with his units capacity to heat an area up like a green house and grow explosions like plants.
only to be deployed when all unsc personal have left area team works alone and with no help to cause no harm to other troops deployed.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Heavy artillery garrison equipment (unsc classification)

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:

Current Operation: Classified

Name: Dante
Service #: 014
Unit: UNSC, Ranger, No Team
Primary Military Specialization: Special Operations
Enlistment Date: 11/14/2553
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Reach
Birth Date: 09/07/2533
Performance: Known by making Stealth Work in he's "high danger" missions and a calm management in chaos situation. Don't like team work so he is assigned to single works although he is ocassinally asigned to team works, a true "Lone Wolf"
Comments: A 2552 Reach survivor, he enlisted to the Spartan_IV program waiting to have (in he's own words) "a revenge for what they did to he's planet". Although he is known by being a lonely guy others Spartans respect him saying that he is kinda gentle and worry about he's mates. Also he likes
very much the black color, they said he had a dark armor in memory of the Reach victims.
NOTES: It takes a lot of time to finding all of he's info.
Spartan's choice of equipment: -Helmet: War Master
-Breastplate: Mark VI
-Forearms: XV-27 Shifting
-Legs: Countoured
-Shoulders: Mark VI, Tracker ADRT
-Primary colour: Iron. Secondary colour: Grey
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Spartan IV
Current Operation: CLASSIFIED
Notable Relations: Close friendly relation whit Crimson Team
Service Commendations: Wetwork, Tracker
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 8 Years in Saprtan IV program plus 1 Year has a Soldier in Reach Defenses
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: UNKNOWN
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