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OP Sergeant Novak

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Service Tag: 271
Gender: M
Unit(s): UNSC, ONI, (former) ODST, SPARTAN-IV Program, Leader of Fireteam Valour
(P)MOS: Marksman, CQC, Special Operations, Espionage, (former) Orbital Insertion
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Status: Active
Date Of Birth: 27/01/2531
Place Of Birth: New Alexandria, Reach (glassed)
Highly skilled at medium range firefights and close quarters combat, served during the war as a Gunnery Sergeant in an elite ODST division, usually shows to be calm in stressful situations other than an incident in late 2552 of which he was seen in a fit of rage battling Covenant forces after learning of the glassing of Reach, went MIA before being found by a recovery team in the gutters of New Mombasa, caught the eye of Dr. Halsey during SPARTAN training.
End Of Report Conclusion
A calm, quiet individual who is gifted in two very different specializations, eager to serve under operations by the UNSC and ONI.
Rating: Hyper-Lethal, two other SPARTANs with this rating although one went MIA in 2552.
Name: Spencer
Service #: B244
Unit: UNSC, ONI, (former) Beta 5 division Spartan-III Beta Company, Spartan-IV leader of Fireteam Konjeme
Primary Military Specialization: Stealth and close quarters combat.
Enlistment Date: Classified
Status: MIA (disappeared along with the rest of Fireteam Konjeme in 2558 during Operation Bluesky)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Constantinople
Birth Date: 2534
Performance: Lethal
Previous engagements: Fall of Reach, First and second battle of Requiem, Operation Blue Sky.
Current Operation: Operation Bluesky- Although missing the operation is still underway as the spartan team operating was predicted to lose contact with ONI.
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: Classified
Notes: Spartan shows extreme aggression towards enemy and even friendlies at time. Spartan is extremely effective in combat showing extreme movement speed and excels at CQC. One of the fastest spartan but not the fastest. Even though he shows extreme aggression S-B244 also shows extreme leadership abilities and rallies troops during ground engagements. Although B244 specializes in CQC he is extremely proficient in long range combat, extremely deadly with a sniper rifle. B244 worked as a lone wolf during operations before the Fall of Reach, assigned to work with a team because of leadership abilities. Spartan is known to drop out of contact during missions and reappear sometime later with the mission completed.
  • Name: Charles. C. Mosher.
  • Service #: S498.
  • Unit: Delta 6 Division.
  • Primary Military Specialization: Spec ops.
  • Enlistment Date: 10/10/2553.
  • Location: On-board the U.N.S.C Infinity.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Birthplace: Seattle Washington Earth.
  • Birth Date: 7/31/2535.
  • Performance: Exceptional in hand to hand, long range gunfighting, Expert pilot, and Reconnaissance.
  • Comments: Always gets the job done as effective as possible with minimal casualties, has a tendency to enjoy the hunt and kill to much, tends to like solo assignments.
  • NOTES: Exceptional at planning on the go.
  • Spartan's choice of equipment:
  1. Firearms: SRS99-S5 AM Sniper Rifle, D.M.R:Attachments, Sentinel Sight, Stabilisation Jets, Extended Mag, and Sound Dampener, 2 S.M.G's: Attachments, Sound Dampaner, Recon Sight, Extended Mag, and Threat Marker.
  2. Equipment: Series 3 Jet Pack, Type 3 Active Camouflage, Z-5080 Promethean Vision.
  3. Armor: Helmet Recon Gen 1, Body Vigilant, Legs/Arms LG-50 Bulk, SOFT CASE, UGPS
  • Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Both Requiem campaigns.
  • Current Operation: CLASSIFIED ONI SECTION 3.
  • Notable Relations: N/A
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Silent, well trained killer.
My spartan is about 8 feet tall, has mandibles, has two energy swords, and looks like a sangheili. Wait..........................................................I AM A SANGHEILI! I prefer the elites. *-*
Name: Armando Cruz Aponte.
Service #: A017.
Unit: Spartan-3/Alpha Company,Team Anchor.
Primary Military Specialization: Close Quarters/Assault/Demolitions.
Enlistment Date: 2531.
Location: Somewhere in space.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Madrigal.
Birth Date: May,17,2517.
Performance: Average at best,mostly just lazy,tends to cheat if it means winning at almost anything.
Comments: Like most Spartan 3s, he lacked the genetic requirements of Spartan 2s, which doomed him when it came to Operation: Prometheus. Luckily despite his habitual bad luck he, and a few others survived,and made their way to UNSC space. Following Operation: Torpedo some Spartan 3s of Beta Company who survived (not including Tom or Lucy) joined Warrant Officer Armando's team: Anchor which was made up from the survivors of both operations. Team Anchor now wages conflicts of any kind to UNSC's enemies, while rejecting some of the new advancements, and rules. Armando has a strong dislike of Spartan 2s, (except Kurt-051,and Jorge-052) and Spartan 4s, especially Commander Palmer. Lastly strongly dislikes his new Gen 2 armor, wears a custom made armor with parts of his old damaged one instead.
I will destroy all of you Humans. Your eradiaction is the will of the gods! FOR THE COVENANT!!!!

As you can tell I am a proud Sangheili. Who fights for The Covenant. I am 8 feet tall and my favorite passtime is killing humans and laying on piles of Human skulls and dreaming about killing my other teamates. Does that say enough?
Name: Alex
Gender: Male
Service Number: S-443
Unit: UNSC Firebirds, War Games x6 Champion, ODST
Enlistment Date CLASSIFIED


Birthplace: Reach
Birthdate: 23 November 2056
Name: Nal 'Vadum
Faction: Swords of Sanghelios
Unit: Arbiter Royal Guard, Noble Sangheili, Ships Master, Noble Swords master
Specialization: Sword Arts and Ships
Current location: UNSC Infinity guarding the Aribter
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sangheili
Birth date: 12 May 2023
Intel on Performance: Above average
NOTES:Choice of Equipment: Energy sword embedded with red crystal, Plasma Rifle, Covenant Carbine
Previous Ops:
Current Op:
Notable Relations:
Name: Ryan
Service #: S-573
Unit: SPARTAN IV Unit Sapphire Team
Primary Military Specialization: Intelligence Gathering / Information Denial
Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
Gender: Male
Birthplace: New Phoenix
Birth Date: September 26, 2540
Performance: Quiet and stoic, S-573 keeps to himself but has special relations with other Spartans of his company. He has an unorthodox method of taking out potential threats and enemy scouts, using <REDACTED> and <REDACTED> to remove any traces of information from adversaries. When he is done with a target, there is usually nothing more than scrap from the target's armor.
Comments: S-573 has made his way as someone who gets his job done and is exceptional at completing all tasks. However, his relations with his company and fellow Spartans can at times slow down his progress during missions. This is not always a weakness, however, as he let a target go in order to save one of his members from an assault.
NOTES: Do not mistake his silence for lack of knowledge or understanding. He can be very unexpected in his methods and uses this to catch his targets off guard.
Spartan's choice of equipment: CIO-Class MJOLNIR Armor, Battle Rifle for primary and Boltshot for a sidearm
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: One of the first few Spartans to gather data on Requiem for use in tactical missions and diagnostics. Later stationed in New Phoenix by request to gather more intelligence about Forerunner technology and weaponry and to aid the survivors of the Didact's attack.
Current Operation: Stationed on UNSC Infinity to help technicians understand new Forerunner technology.
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Name: Peck, First: Lewis, Last:

Service #:

SPARTAN Fireteam Olympus (An elite group of Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs, with extensive combat knowledge and skills),

Primary Military Specialization:
Espionage / Stealth / Assault

Official Enlistment Date into UNSC:
March 6th 2557 (Enlistment into S-III Program is unknown).

UNSC Age of Fate (Infinity Class)



Birth Date:
October 13th 2524

G-006 is a deadly combatant, an expert marksman who never misses the first shot. He is proficient in all forms of weaponry and usually doesn't put off his orders till the last second.

Comments: [N/A]

Selected for the Program, under authority of Fleet Admiral Jameson Beckett. S-III augmentations not compatible with Armor. Extensive damage to nerve structures in arms, some muscle fibers replaced with cybernetic strands.

Spartan's choice of equipment:
EVA Wrath MJOLNIR Generation II Armor. Tends to use the MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System, the SRS99SD-AM and an M6H SOCOM with AP rounds, (other weapons vary depending on operation).

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
Served in the 'Battle of Sul' alongside 95th Bloodhound Battalion . Stationed aboard the UNSC 'Come Hell or High Water' (Autumn class Heavy Cruiser) during the Battle of Installation 09 [Special Access restricted Rear Admiral+], saw extensive combat on the ground against both Covenant Remnant and Flood targets alongside Spartan 'Strada'. Assisted Spartan 'Demon' in taking down ONI Section-0 branch code-name 'Leviathan' under order from FA Beckett, Served on board Infinity class 'Age of Fate' .

Current Operation:
Serving aboard the UNSC 'New Dawn' under Rear Admiral Lucas M. Archer, in the Fleet 'Undying Justice'.

Notable Relations:
Lewis' family escaped Reach during the downfall, making their escape to Earth on a transport. He has had no contact with them since he was a child, but knows of their whereabouts.

Service Commendations:
UNSC Silver Star recipient, Distinguished Service Cross. (One is from the US Armed Forces, yes. But seeing as how the UNSC evolved from the US Armed Forces, I added it).

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty:
2536 - Present

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:
[Previous Commanding Officers died in battle due to severe injuries, no recommendations recorded.]
>>[FILE: Lawrence Carter]<<
>>[RANK: Major]<<
>>[FACTION: Argonaut Company]<<
>>[STATUS: Active]<<

While most of his life is classified, Lawrence Carter is known to be a Marine who selected for the Orion Project. He was promoted to Major and given command of the UNSC Argo and the Argonaut Company. Lawrence led many missions against the Liberaion Army of Freedom (LAF), at one point in 2513 even infiltrating their ranks for 5 years and killing their leader.

In 2517, when the Spartan II Program began using Flash Clones to replace candidates, the Major began thinking that clones could be more effective than regular use of indoctrinated children. Thus he culminated researchs that led to the creation of 3 Clones of himself: Jason, Ulysses and Achilles. They were genetically altered to become more durable and long lived than Flash Clones. Fireteam Trojan became Carter's Spartan Team, relaying orders on the battlefield while he led from the Argo.

When the Covenant invaded in 2525, Fireteam Trojan was deployed to battle the House of 'Corsam, a Sangheili Clan who supported the LAF. Lawrence was annoyed by this change of plans for the LAF had been on the brink of defeat. In 2533, the Major came to be recognised as Reclaimer by Monitor 1996 Dormant Thinker, who then supplied the Argonauts with Sentinels support to free his Huragok Engineers from their slavery at the 'Corsam Clan.

With Dormant Thinker's help, the Major also gained intel on the Flood, a parasite he would later use as a bio-weapon against the 'Corsam Keep without ONI's knowledge. This, however, ultimately led Ulysses to be infected in 2544 and turning him into a Combat Form, effectively leading the Company to stop Lawrence's clandestine use of this bio-weapon.

In 2546, Jason would lose his right arm in combat against Shaol 'Corsam, Kaidon of the Clan. It is rumored that he became part in the Fall of Reach, but died in 2589 at the hands of the Kaidon. Achilles was sent on a handful of missions to eliminate Shaol, but none were successful.In 2552, Ulysses would return in action as a Gravemind, leading the Major, who was immuned to the Flood thanks to Orion, to become a Spartan IV and lead ground assault to counter his infected Clone.
>>[TARGET: Shaol 'Corsam]<<
>>[SPECIES: Sangheili]<<
>>[BIRTH: 'Corsam Keep, 2480]<<
>>[RANK: Kaidon]<<
>>[FACTION: House of 'Corsam]<<
>>[STATUS: Unknown]<<

A Sangheili born in the House of 'Corsam, Shaol 'Corsam became the youngest Elder in the 'Corsam State. In 2515, his father died and his cousin Khaz 'Corsam was elected to replace him as Kaidon. Khaz was a zealous believer and not a secular ruler, leading Shaol to defeat him in a sword duel and claim the throne of Kaidon. As Kaidon, Shaol followed in the 'Corsam tradition by valuing honor and secularism.

The Kaidon became famous for conquering the Jiralhanae Master-Pack of Warlord-Chieftain Brutus. He also quelled the 'Va Keep's declaration of war on 'Corsam by an unexpected negociation with the Kaidon's son, Shipmaster Murdok 'Va. Murdok's Fleet of Repentance later became a powerful ally of Shaol. These negotiations led to his wedding with Haan 'Va, sister to Murdok, and forged an alliance between 'Va and 'Corsam.

When the Human War began, Shaol refused to have his Clan partake in genocide. To avoid being called a traitor, however, he supported the Human Rebels of LAF. He understood their struggle and wished to help. He explained to the Prophet of Doubt, the Minister of 'Corsam on the High Council, that this would facilitate the war on the UNSC. Only when the Argonaut Company bombed the 'Corsam Keep did he decide to intervene directly.

When the Great Schism broke the Covenant, the Shaol 'Corsam enterred the Grand Council of Kaidon of the Swords of Sangheilios while keeping his State as an independent Covenant Remnant, for he still was seen as a hero to the Insurrection.
Name: Alex

Service #: S-767

Unit: UNSC/Special Forces/SPARTAN-IV/Team Hellfire Squad Leader


Primary Military Specialization: Assault

Enlistment Date: Feb. 16th, 2516

Location: Transferring to Infinity

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Earth


Performance: Heavy Armored Vehicle qualified, skilled in infiltration, assassination, data collection, pilot all types of aircrafts, tactical expert, weapons master, skilled sniper, handle heavy weapons turrets, trained in close quarter combat, hand to hand combat, trained in survival, reconnaissance, reinforcements, explosive handler, rescue, eliminates or handle enemy's vehicles.

Comments: Was part of the Spartan-II program run by Dr. Halsey. During training he nearly suffered a concussion but was able to recovered. Show excellent behavioral personality, shows true care for his team. Once fitted with his armor, he nearly lost control of his body and almost suffered cracked ribs, but he healed very extraordinary then completed the program successfully. Was then deployed on Reach and assisted with Noble team, after Noble team been defeated, he began to show sign of depression. Then he escorted Captain Keyes in the Pillar of Autumn and assist with the Master Chief in battle. After Chief disappearance, he took part of a science experiment know as Project Freelancer call sign Agent Colorado. Did not received an A.I. for the project, but performed many classified missions while taking part in the project (including assassination, hijacking, and Raid) After the Covenant war, Project Freelancer have been shut down, went off-grid when Project Freelancer was brought to Justice. Re-enlisted back to the UNSC and fought in a campaign on Requiem. Assigned to fireteam Crimson under the command of Cmdr. Palmer, he fought through various missions against the Covenant and Prometheans. One day he was captured by the Covenant and became a POW, but then able to escape. Commendation for his valor, awarded the medal of honor, the colonial cross, gold star, purple heart, Red legion of honor medal, and the silver star. Support to his fellow service members of all branch, care for his team. He become squad leaders of Fireteam Hellfire. Confidence with his team, focus on his mission and make good judgment.

NOTES: Like's to be with his team, support and assists other forces.

Spartan's choice of equipment: energy shield, energy sword, gravity hammer, healing dome, plasma grenades, jet pack.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: fought in the covenant war on Reach, on the Halo rings, and on Earth. Fought against Charon Industry troops fought against the Prometheans and Covenant on Requiem.

Notable Relations: Worked with the ODST crew in w/ GySgt. Buck. Assigned to Carter (Noble 1) of Noble Team on Reach. Worked with SGM Johnson during the Covenant war. Worked with Cmdr. Miranda Keys (daughter of late Cpt. Keyes and Dr. Halsey), then transfer to work with Cpt. Laskey on Infinity.

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: CLASSIFIED

Current Operation: Standing by for orders on Infinity.

Armor Type: War Master
Name: Jacob (a.k.a. Trum)
Service #: T-315
Unit: Undisclosed Fireteam
P-MOS: Fireteam Leader; Rifleman; Specialist
Enlistment Date: January 7, 2553
Location: Meridian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: Classified
Performance: Somewhat efficient if a tad messy; Prefers stealth but not good at hiding evidence; skilled in various forms of CQC; works well in a team as a level-headed leader and good thinker; listens to all teammates and chooses best form of engagement.
Comments: Spartan T-315 took an odd preference to the somewhat barbaric Jiralhanae weaponry, especially taking a liking to the Mauler and Spiker, both of which he keeps on his person. T-315's first mission was assisting in the Battles of Requiem and was assigned leader of an undisclosed Fireteam in preparation of several Ops to weaken Jul 'Mdama's forces. Years later, T-315 and his team fought briefly in the Battle of Sunaion and in several earlier bouts before they were sent back to Meridian. In 2558, T-315 and his Fireteam were assigned to Meridian as Peacekeepers and to strengthen ties with the local government as well as clean up remaining Prometheans and assist various scientists in the excavation of Forerunner structures below the planet's surface. When Cortana went rogue and took control of all the A.I. and Prometheans in the known galaxy, contact was lost with T-315 and his squad. His current status is unknown.
NOTES: Sometimes goes into a sort of berserker-like state when enraged severely endangering himself and his team with reckless abandon as well as having questioning morals and ethics. Requires further evaluation if he is to remain leader of his squad or if he needs to be reassigned all together. Carries an A.I. known as Zephyr; unknown what its state is after Cortana took control.
Spartan's choice of equipment: Brute Mauler; Brute Spiker; Frag Grenades; SPARTAN-IV MJOLNIR [GEN2] Commando Armor (Temporary); A.I. Zephyr
Spartans previous engagements: First Battle of Requiem; Second Battle of Requiem; Battle of Meridian (2558); Battle of Sunaion
Current Operation: Peacekeeping, negotiations with Government, Excavation of Forerunner artifacts on Meridian (Unknown current status)
Notable Relations: Undisclosed Fireteam; Friends with Fireteam Majestic and Fireteam Crimson; Worked under former Captain, Andrew Del Rio and then Captain Thomas Lasky on the UNSC Infinity; Met the Arbiter briefly during Battle of Sunaion; worked with Commander Palmer on Sanghelios; worked with Dr.Glassman on Meridian
Service Commendations: Classified
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 2553 - Present
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: Still very inexperienced along with his Fireteam. Luckily, Zephyr makes up for some of his tactical inefficiencies yet shows promise. In addition, his CQC skills and choice of weaponry could be considered barbaric, but I guess it's what sets him apart from his fellow Spartans as well as his odd personality which can vary from boisterous and friendly to cold and serious on a dime.
Name: Spartan "Bolt"
Backstory: I made this character in Halo Reach and I had imagined that he faked his death at the end of the campaign. He then went into hiding until the events of Halo 5.
New mission:Defend other areas of importance from the covenant and Prometheans.
Equipment Choice: Noble Armor, Decimator helmet, Dauntless visor. Colors are orange and white
Notes: Likes using all weapons, but his two favorites are the SPNKr EX rocket launcher and the Voids Tear plasma pistol

Thats about it!
Make him run fast and call him, Spartan "Usain Bolt"
Ho crap thats a lot to fill out.
Name: Bob Bobber Bobert
Service tag: BOBB
Unit: B.O.B. Squad
Primary Military: B.O.B. Military Academy
Enlisted: January 32, 2777
Location: N/A
Gender: Other
Birth Place: High Charity
Birth Date: January 32, 2076
Performance: N/A
Equipment: A toy pistol
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