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Tell Us About Your Spartan

OP Sergeant Novak

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Name: Alexander "Reaper" 115

Service #: S-115

Unit: ONI ODST Squad; last stand

Primary Military Specialization: Assassination, breach & clear, Pilot & driver

Enlistment Date: 2517

Location: Reach

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Reach

Birth Date: 2509

Alexander has never left a hostile alive unless under specific order to. A mission involving Alexander as never been a failure. His strength is unmatched, even by covenant soldiers. it was once said, and recorded, that he was blown off a building by a plasma grenade, fell close to 900 meters, landed on a phantom, proceeded to punch threw the phantoms armor in a single blow, rip the pilots helmet off, including what was still being "protected" by said helmet, fell another 300 meters in a perfect swan dive no less before flipping as to land on his feet, he then landed on another elite, and use the previously stolen helmet to kill off the rest of that elites squad. He then stated "enjoyed the show?" before ripping his helmet cam off, aiming it at himself, waving. the footage then cut out, now, we can only assume that he crushed the camera himself. He then proceeded to "go for a walk" as he said which resulted in the death of over 4000 hostiles, the capture of the covenant assault cruiser "Moral standards" the death of its crew and the capture of an Elite Arbiter Leading the assault. he has asked to acquire the ship for personal use, ONI has granted him full access to the ship as a "Base of operations" for him and his squad of ODSTs and the Elites that have sworn loyalty to him after his, acquisition, of there ship. Personally, I think ONI gave him the ship out of fear of what he would do since the above report details the events that occurred after the aliens destroyed Alexanders warthog, his favorite vehicle, they didn't want to see what would have happened if they took apart the ship he took an interest in. End of Record.

Comments: Alexander has personally furthered his augmentations, replacing most of his limbs with prototype robotic limbs of his own design to further his own strength and capabilities, he has gotten to the point where theres a very fine line between the man and the armor. He knows most covenant languages with the exception of lekgolo which he states "sound annoying up close" this has led to many doorways being opened for us in terms of surveillance and connections. He has never failed a mission.


Spartan's choice of equipment: Alexander, if given the choice, will choose a standard battle rifle, a magnum equipped with a scope and HEDP rounds, a SPNKR class rocket launcher with heatseaking missiles and one of his many energy swords he has collected, his personal favorite being a single bladed sword with a highly extended handle which measures out at one and a half meters in length, this was given to him by an elite general he had spared out of respect of his nickname "the reaper" and as a sign of loyalty.
- Alexander owns over 100 energy swords, all of which he's modified to have an unlimited charge for continued use. These energy swords have been either given to him as a sign of respect, or a bribe to let the gifter escape, or he has taken these from his fallen adversaries, one of which was an elite Shipmaster whom had refused to escape from the ship that Alexander now owns.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements:
* Execution of a covenant "prophet" by means of energy sword
* Assassination of a covenant prophet and his guards by means of energy sword
* building a base on the Elite home world of sanghelious as a "vacation home" which he had reluctantly allowed ONI to work out of as well as a garrison of UNSC forces
*Single handed defense of said base from multiple covenant attacks
* Met with a splinter group of elites and had convinced them to join the UNSC after single handedly defeating all of them in a one on one non lethal duel

Current Operation:
* currently working with the Elite splinter cell now known as "Revealed Truth" to modify the covenant ship "Moral standards" for easier human operation as well as patrolling the ship searching for any equipment, traps or stowaways left over after taking it over

Notable Relations:

*Had once won a 2 vs 1 arm wrestling match with John-117 and Carter-A259 in a bar on reach while on holiday leave
*Leads an ODST squad of 20 known as "Last Stand"
* leads an army of 300 elites known as "Revealed Truth"
* works for both ONI and the UNSC
*has many connections in the covenant which have provided a great deal of information to us
* has connections in the covenant black market which has led to us being able to test and research many covenant technologies

Service Commendations: Red Shield; no soldier under his orders has ever been KIA by hostiles

Years of active duty: 15, still in service

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:
* John-117: never get into an arm wrestle with him, couldn't use my right arm for a week, ruined my holiday leave
* Captain Keys: very, creative, I once gave him access to a shipment of spray paints, within a week my entire ships crew's gear was personalized based on the owners hobbies, personalities and other aspects of there lives.
*Staff SGT Jenkins: he's an amazing marksman, I've never seen a bullet come out of his barrel that didn't hit an enemy in the head or the heart, though, he prefers to use a
red energy sword, I guess he's really committed to the whole "grim reaper" motif, he even wears a hood and a cape.
This would be my own Spartan from a friend of mines book, written about our squad of 9 that used to play halo. So without further ado:

Name: Unknown (Nicknamed: TheAngelofDeath)
Service #: S-066 (I am aware that S-066 belongs to Sll Soren)
Unit: ONI Freelancer District: TheUnderworld
Primary Military Specialisation: Heavy weapons - E.O.D - E.V.A and CQC
Location: M.I.A (Presumed dead)
Gender: M
Birthplace: Unknown
Birth Date: Unknown date during 2511
Performance: Overly aggressive with very small mentality. "Angel can do one thing and one thing only. Kill." uses machine gun turrets mainly but mainly handles a Brute Shot and energy sword or M6G Personal Defence Weapon System for support. Angel is irrational and gets himself in conflict often although he usually walk out the rubble he's created, unharmed. Thankfully with a solid team to cover him. Angel is theoretically unstoppable.
Angel was loosely based on myself. He was a rejected Sll created by Dr. Halsey. He was presumed dead after a failed armour test, he miraculously survives with heavy scarring all over his body, very few people have seen him without his suit, after years of training, ONI saw potential in Angel and broke his mentality, taking away all morals and rationality Angel once had. Due to the heavy scarring, Angel has no nerve endings so he relies on his team to know when he's had enough. (If he listens to them that is). He earned the name TheAngelofDeath after his extreme Covenant kill count and his un-measurable hate for the Covenant was astounding.

I can't think of anything else without rambling on. Apologies if this is rather boring but I thought I'd add to the topic.
~ TheAngel0Death
Name: Aleksander
Service #: 323
Unit: ONI Special Operations #E06B
Primary Military Specialization: Recon
Enlistment Date: Classified
Location: MIA (Presumed dead after the Battle of Mombasa)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Meridian
Birth Date: February 3rd 2511

Performance: The action of carrying out a mission was always exceptional. If not perfection. ~ ONI Colonel (REDACTED)

Comments: Spartan 323 Aleksander went MIA during the battle of New Mombosa after the Solemn Penance jumped inside the city. Presumed sucked into slip-space and lost contact.
Rumors have it he survived New Mombosa event and went AWOL searching for family that had left Meridian to start a new life at Earth in the year 2516.
ONI will make no comment on his death.

UNSC Record #E1158201

Spartan's choice of equipment: Silenced BR85, Silenced M20.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: REDACTED
Current Operation: MIA
Notable Relations: REDACTED
*New* Service Commendations: REDACTED
*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: REDACTED
*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: REDACTED
Name: Rose
Service #: S-2203
Unit: UNSC, Demolition, Spartan-IV, White Thermite
Primary Military Specialization: Demolition
Enlistment Date: August, 18, 2554
Location: Sverdlovsk system, colony Talista
Gender: Female
Birthplace: New Mombasa
Birth Date: February, 2, 2538
Performance: Rose is a heavy hitter, preforming far more aggressive than other Spartans. usually preforming flanks and taking the operation fast and swiftly. Rose can be very competitive against other Spartans. uses close quarters to advantage, shotguns and SMGs are preferred. luck is very bad, but Spartans make their own luck. will usually yell at self and tell others their flaws in the matches. 48% win ratio from 303/328.
Comments: uses primarily thin plated armor for swift movement, changes armor frequently. Yells A LOT. If you are looking for a helpful kind mentor Rose is helpful not in a competitive situation.

Mine is lvl 19 any tips
Name: Classified
Service #: F815
Unit: UNSC, Special forces, Spartan-II.
(P) MOS: Assault, Support, Close Quarters Combats, Operator, Wetwork, Stalker.
Enlistment Date: 15th August of 2514
Location: Classified
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date: 3rd January of 2507


Know for being a Lone Wolf, F815 has the sense of duty, he give it all to acomplish the mission, whatever the cost of it. He can use all kind of weapons, but in his words "Long ranks can be boring". But being a Lone Wolfe don't mean he prefers working alone, F815 has worked with large groups of soldiers and other spartans, and he like to create strong relations with team partners, what can be a disadvantage on F815. Something important to log, is thaat in the worst situations, F815 never draw back; even if the view is hopeless, he will manage to survive it. Good spartan, best friend in the battlefield.


F815 has admiration for the ODST, he thinks that the perfect combination is an ODST as Spartan and vice versa. That is the reason he usually is seen using the MJOLNIR Assault Armor Variant ODST. Many spartans how have worked with him, have the hope to see him again in the future, and he will be happy to join them in battle.
WHO IS YOUR SANGHEILI? What makes them special?
Name: Wolv Fir 'Vadam
Faction: Reservist
Unit: Unknown Guard
Specialization: The Wielder of many Swords throughout the Galaxy
Current location: Meditating with his family
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sanghelios
Birth date: Unknown
Intel on Performance: Using stealth to his advantage as well as getting a close eye on his opponents before striking. Known for stoking his prey for weeks on end before striking, even disguising himself using very advanced technology to become his prey's allies.
Choice of Equipment:
  • Energy Sword (colour of cyan to mark his colour)
  • DC-17M
  • Gauntlet plasma bolt (attached to left wrist)
  • Plasma caster (attached to backpack)
  • Wrist blades (attached to both wrists)
  • all above (minus the Energy Sword) was given for Valour, Bravery and for his service to his allies in many parts of the Galaxy
Previous Ops: Covenant invasion of Reach (protecting humans as he did not see the right in completely destroying any life on a planet)
Current Op: Serving with his family and still protecting others
Notable Relations: Married to Lelu 'Vadam, currently has two children; Vulk 'Vadam and Valu 'Vadam. Served alongside Thel 'Vadam, many relationships with other Spartans
Service Commendations: Awarded Unofficial Medal of Honour for saving countless lives on many UNSC colonies from the Covenant.
Covenant/Other faction Tenure: Unknown
Accounts of recommendations of previous commanders: Many have been said however no-one believes it
Before the Human Covenant War when the Covenant were building their armies, Wolv spent his life flying to different Galaxies to find new equipment and weaponry to help the his allies. After many years finding various weapons, armour, new ships and even new knowledge about the Galaxy, he crashed on what he thought was an abandoned planet, however it was a Halo Ring. During this time he knew of the Great Journey and wanted to follow this path until he found a Monitor. The monitor did not speak much yet told him the true meaning of the Great Journey and what it was used for. As well as learning the truth he found the flood for himself, and with the help of some constructors they rebuilt his ship and Wolv fled the Ring. After many months of travelling he returned to the covenant and said nothing to anyone, knowing full-well that this would lead to panic, confusing and heresiy, so stayed quiet yet followed his beliefs; which no one stopped him. Then it was the start of the Human Covenant War. Wolv killed many human lives but only the ones which carried weapons, leaving civilians and wounded alone and even helping them. His brothers knew what he was doing and they didn't stop him, but helped him. This small group of elites were his "unknown Unit", due to the actions they have done their personal information cannot be published until either the group has been disbanded or they are all dead.

During the Human Covenant War, Wolv spent his life defending the innocent and helping out the humans against the Covenant as he was not blinded by the Great Journey. After the fall of Reach and the death of many humans, he found a small pocket of survivors and called for his unit and phantom, so he could get them off planet and sent to another system to rebuild, some refused and others had no choice. Wolv helped all he could and then was assigned to the invasion of Earth. He was dropped with his Unit into a heart of a city which was not touched by covenant forces. During this time the Elites were allies with the Humans and Wolv was walking into a Brute trap. The unit got separated and only two survived but they found a group of ODST's and helped battle off the continuous waves of Covenant until reinforcements arrived. Then came the flood again and he protected many lives against this parasite. Once the flood were defeated and the Covenant were destroyed or driven from the planet, Wolv and his brother in arms were awarded the Medal of Honour due to their bravery and honourable service. Yet they kept this unofficial as no Sangheili has ever been given this medal, however it was needed at the time, thus bringing Sangheili's and Humans closer together. Even though it was the end of the Human Covenant War, the Civil War had only begun, which is where Wolv's life was starting to crumble.

During this time Wolv did not engage in close quarter combat like most did but he used his stealth abilities to assassinate numerous Covenant targets, making his life at that point very challenging and life threatening as killing over 30 targets in the Covenant. After many events of the War, Wolv spent his time finding his family and getting out of the war life. So he found his bloodline, The Druahgoon 'Vadam's. He lived his life with the other 'Vadam's and currently still does. Yet on the sideline he still visits his brother in arms from his old unit and they train and fight together, as well as building the unit again to also help safeguard the Bloodline. Now at this current time Wolv has been a Kaidon (leader) of the bloodline and has been a vital member and very loyal to his family. The current year being 3,254 and the Human Covenant war was around 2525.

(Key Note this story line does NOT fall in the same category as the Halo story line. Many events will be the same to get the feel of Halo any major problems or questions contact me on Xbox GT: piperlewis Thank you for reading)
Biographical information
SPARTAN tag: 105
Homeworld: Mars
Birth date: October 5, 2511

Physical information
Gender: Male
  • 7 ft 2 in (in MJOLNIR armor)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Light Blue/Green

Affiliation and military information
Affiliation: UNSC Navy
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Specialty: J.O.A.T, Commanding, and Drill instructor
Human-Covenant war
  • Battle of Harvest
  • Battle of Pirth city
  • Fall of Reach
  • Battle of Earth
  • Battle of New Mombasa
Post-War Battles
  • New Phoenix incident
  • Battle of Requiem
  • Battle of Miridian
Class I: 2525
ONI Classified Document .,'';.;///

Name Unknown

Sevice Tag -S047

Armor-- Dead eye Helmet
Infiltrator armor
All black
Unit-- Lone wolf
Missions: classified

Birth date: 8/1/2523

Home world: Mars

UNSC turned Insurrectionist

Considered high value target KOS.

Transmission out
ONI Classified Document .,'';.;///

Name Unknown

Sevice Tag -S047

Armor-- Dead eye Helmet
Infiltrator armor
All black
Unit-- Lone wolf
Missions: classified

Birth date: 8/1/2523

Home world: Mars

UNSC turned Insurrectionist

Considered high value target KOS.

Transmission out
Name: "Spectral"
Service Number: S-285
Unit: No information
Primary Military Specialization: No information
Enlistment Date: No information
Location: Unknown
Gender: Female
Birthplace: No information
Birth Date: No information

Status: MIA
Name: Jared Harshaw

Service #: 110

Unit: The United Nations Naval Institute; Alpha-One

Primary Military Specialization: Master in combat engineer

Enlistment Date: August 7, 2536

Location: Aboard the UNNI 'Beyond The Horizon'

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Florida, Earth

Birth Date: 2501

Performance: The trauma from 110 has decreased his overall efficiency with weapons. The source of the trauma comes from the death of Julia T. Nightengale, she died from a long-term notice of breast cancer. It is sad to know that he finally met up with her over a year after the crash, only to watch her pass away only two days after they reunited. He seeks life to get revenge, for not being there for her. He will get extremely hostile when in contact with any former/present 42nd Union members. His hostility at this time will be most definitely "God-like" as he will commence every way possible to kill a man, from the most unexpected objects to the least violent. (WARNING! Very brutal)

Comments: "We suspect that he will be permanently traumatized from the aftermath of the Crash of the Argon, and the scars left behind will never heal"

-Very useful with the great knowledge and skill with vehicles
-Gets aggressive when pushed out of his comfort zone
-Valuable asset to Alpha-One
-Let him drive

Spartan's choice of equipment: Bayonet (Shrivel III Modified)

Previous Engagements:
-Battle of Gorondou
-Defense at Outpost 13
-Hot Zone Repair: Orion
-Raid on Base Luntee
-Kalan Bombings
-The Crash of Argon

Current Operation: Operation: Recovery

Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: "110 witnessed what may be the one of the most horrific stories heard in the history of survivors. He first went into the thought of him being the only survivor, him not getting through survival, and the miracle that he did survive. Lastly, his final thoughts were of losing the close grasp that he had of his loved one, and thoughts of time flying by with no way back to his old life. Almost 1 & 1/2 years after the crash, he gets to return back to his home, only to find that the thing he loved most in life was gone. Dread washed over him, and the sorrow in his veins will keep him infected for eternity. We stand here today to remember our brothers and sisters who have been through hell, and those who have been taken by it. We now honor Julia T. Nightengale, and pray for her everlasting peace."- Former Major Albert Hondrigo, of the UNSC
Here is mine which you can see on my bio page:

Name: Kevin [last name classified]
Service #: 10076-17351-KB
Height: 217.3 cm (post-Augmentation, in armour)
Weight: 285 lb (post-Augmentation, outside armour)
Unit: Headhunter, operates solo or duo, occasionally works with different Spartan fireteams
Primary Military Specialization: Spartan Ops
Enlistment Date: April 17, 2527
Location: Mobile
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth (Ontario, Canada)
Birth Date: July 19, 2513
Performance: Efficient, "Hyper Lethal"

Comments: His skills have made him a bit arrogant, but he means well. Though he has a very high kill-count, he never takes this lightly. Because of his valor during the Human-Covenant War, he was offered to be part of the newly-created Spartan Branch which he accepted. Before military, he was a regular kid growing up in the suburbs, wanting to be a part of the military and defend humanity from any threat. He is happily married with twin daughters, and tries to visit his them whenever he has the chance and cares for them very much.


Spartan's choice of equipment: He wears Gen-II Decimator-class Mjolnir and is skillful with most weapons but generally carries the M6D magnum (Halo CE Pistol) and BR55 battle rifle (Halo 2 Battle Rifle). His M6D is his most prized possession and has kept it since the Battle of Installation 04. As for his BR55, even though considered outdated, he used it quite effectively during the prolonged Battle of Earth and thinks it insulting to replace it. After his Spartan-IV augmentations, his proficiency with both weapons has greatly increased.

Spartan's previous engagements: He enlisted very early in the Human-Covenant war at a young age (in his teen years he always looked older, and with the outlook of having to fight a two-front war between the Covenant and Insurrection, the UNSC was taking any soldier they could get their hands on with his parents very supportive surprisingly), he fought in the many stages of the Harvest Campaign, later participating in the Battle of Arcadia. Kevin also came into conflict with Atriox's clan as well as Decimus, seeing many of his fellow soldiers die, though killing many brutes in return. He, along with some Spartan-IIs and other soldiers, had battled Thel 'Lodamee's battlegroup on Miridem, coming into conflict with 'Lodamee himself, though Thel escaped to capture Dr. Halsey instead, which cost Thel his entire battalion. Kevin would later participate in the Battle of Reach as well as the Installation 04 conflict, serving alongside many Spartan units (including Noble Team) as well as serving alongside the Masterchief on Installation 04 (how he escaped remains classified). Later on Earth, he again fought alongside the John-117 as well as Buck in various battles, and his many experiences made him highly respect the Spartans. He fought in the last battle of the Human-Covenant War on Installation 00. He served with honours and distinction throughout the war being highly decorated by its end.

Current Operations: Unknown, though likely fighting the occasional pocket of Insurrectionists or Covenant Remnants of varying factions as well as Cortana's "Created." He fought during both deployments to Requiem and was not surprised to find out the Masterchief was still alive. Kevin participated in the destruction of Jul 'Mdama's military fortresses on Hesduros and fought against the Warden Eternal (one of its bodies anyways), succeeded in destroying it with a handful of marines at his back. He is also credited with destroying numerous Grunt Goblins.

Notable Relations: As stated, Kevin fought alongside both the Masterchief and Noble Team. Kevin also fought alongside Forge during the Harvest Campaign and Arcadia and greatly looked up to him as well as Buck. He also fought alongside N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham on the Ark, gaining both their respects.
Kevin doesn't think highly of Andrew Del Rio, as a captain or a senator, thinking him incompetent at both and respecting Lasky much more. He is disgusted by Rio's disrespect of Spartan-IIs in general.
Name: Luke
Service #: G102
Unit: Gladius Company (Leader); S-III, augmented to S-IV
Primary Military Specialization: Reconnaissance, Commander.
Enlistment Date: February 19, 2539
Location: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Reach
Birth Date: December 16, 2523
Performance: Excels in completing his mission, highly recommend for impossible operations. Highly lethal, doesn't leave an adversary alive unless they surrender or the subject is ordered to.
Comments: G102 is not easily angered, but when he is, it is highly suggested to not be the enemy. Recommended to keep him with his men. He does all the gun work, such as recommending loadouts for the OP, maintenance, and attachment work. Has friends in several black markets, and can move over large distances without detection.
NOTES: G102 was recorded beating a high ranking elite to death with his bare hands in front of the Elite's inferiors because he had mortally wounded one of his squad mates. He then proceeded to rip off the Elite's energy dagger, and take its sword. G102 performed first aid on his squad mate, and carried him five clicks through enemy territory to a pelican. G102 arrived at the pelican losing blood at a dangerous rate, and denied medical assistance so he could man the guns of the pelican.
Spartan's choice of equipment; Let it be noted that the subject always has his Magnum, energy sword, energy dagger (which he obtained from the field), and kukri.
  • Primary load out weapons (load out varies on op).
    • M395B Designated Marksman Rifle; sound dampener, extended magazine, sentinel sight, laser targeter.
    • BR85N Service Rifle; sound dampener, extended magazine, longshot sight.
    • M6C/SOCOM/Tactical
    • MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System; sound dampener, extended magazine, recon sight.
    • M20/Personal Defense Weapon; sound dampener, extended magazine, projection sight.
  • Additional weaponry
    • Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920; modified to charge faster, hold charge, APHE projectile, longer zoom projection.
  • Melee weapons
    • Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword; modified to swing faster, help the user to move faster, with a longer lunge range. Colored blueish purple
    • Energy Dagger; placed on right wrist, slightly longer, colored blueish purple.
    • Kukri; kept on right shoulder.
  • Grenades
    • M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenade x3
    • Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade x2
    • Z-400 Pursuit Disruption Grid Generator x1
  • Armor mods
    • Patrol case
    • Advanced motion sensors
    • Advanced thrusters
  • Armor abilities
    • Z-90 Photonic Coalescence Emitter/Aegis
    • Active camo
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Fall of Reach, Requiem campaign, several raids on rogue Spartan bases.
Current Operation: unknown
Notable Relations: His company, referred to by him as his family.
Service Commendations: n/a
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 19 years and counting.
Letters of recommendation from previous commanders:
you can check my bio, grettings.
weapon of choice "my bare hands"
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my spartan's information is classified sorry
Name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Service number: E-126
Unit: UNSC Echo class Spartan IV
Enlistment date: [Unknown]
Location: Sanhelios
Birthplace: Titan
Birthdate: April 9, 2531
Performace: An effective Spartan that has a tendency to "screw up the plan." Most of the time he gets the job done. Prefers to work alone but has a fireteam called Fireteam Silent.
Notes: He has gone rouge seven times, Him and his fireteam has gone off the grid for 3 years and has problems with O.D.S.T.'s he has gotten into many fights with ODST's.
Notible Relations: Sarah F-130, Marc S-126(KIA) Phoenix 0-&*%[Classified](KIA) Spartan B316(KIA) and other Spartans aboard the U.N.S.C. Pillar of Autumn, Franklin, Deep Devotion, and Infinity.
Conclusion: Is an effective Spartan that most of the time will get his job done. Rating: HIGHLY LEATHAL
My spartan is amateur
Service#: S4-01824


Primary Military Specialization: Mid Range combat, Hand-Hand combat specialist


Location: [CLASSIFIED]

Gender: Male




Comments: [REDACTED]


Spartan's choice of equipment: MA5D Assault Rifle, M6D Pistol, Combat Knife

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: [CLASSIFIED FILE ERASED]

Current Operation: [CLASSIFIED]

Notable Relations: UNSC

*New* Service Commendations: [CLASSIFIED]

*New* UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: [CLASSIFIED]

*New* Letters of recommendation from previous commanders: [REDACTED]

Pre UNSC Career: [UNKNOWN]
Existence: [UNKNOWN]
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