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OP Sergeant Novak

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Glad that your on our side. Helping the Swords of Sangheilios, our allies, plus defending civilians, is a major good thing. If you want consider joining the Light Night Dragons Army. Where we do the same things.
This isn't the place to recruit new members to a clan
To give the covenant back their 💣
This is 117 leader of blue team
Status: Osiris and blue team have team up to form the Spartan company blueteamandosiris
Mission status: CLASSIFIED
Spartan II program
Check out BlueteamandOsiris
This isn't the place to recruit people for your company or clan. That should be done in the recruiting section. You should also follow the recruiting rules listed here. Please and Thank you.
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Name: Nathan Valour
Service number: S-038
Unit: [Classified] (S-II)
Primary Military Specialisation: Assault
Enlistment date: August 10th 2518
Location: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arcadia
Birth date: March 2nd 2510
Performance: Nathan is incredibly effective working as a team, he shows courage, bravery and skill unlike any other Spartan besides Blue Team. As of 2526 during the attack on Harvest his skill as a soldier and teamwork had saved over 2000 lives and, as well as the rest of his squad, has since been marked as a hyper-lethal vector. His hatred of the covenant fuels his combat effectiveness and causes him to decimate any covenant forces standing in his way. He is excellent at adopting new techniques of murdering his prey and is possibly one of the greatest Spartans at head on assaults.
Comments: He is reported to have constant nightmares of traumatic events he has witnessed and seems to want to destroy any Scarab he sees. It is unsure what caused this hatred for Scarabs as he refuses to talk about it. A marine once heard him while he was asleep mutter the words "You're not dead in my heart," implying that it was someone close to him that caused these traumatic experiences. In 2554 he was diagnosed with PTSD and is constantly paranoid that a zealot is going to jump out at him or a sniper is going to murder him when he's least expecting it.
Notes: He will not mention anything regarding the year 2552. Despite having these traumatic experiences he seems to act happier and more confident in a combat situation.
Spartan's choice of equipment: 60 bullet AR and .45 R23 pistol.
Previous engagements: (major roles are in italics) the Attack on Harvest, New Constantinople, Arcadia, battle of Psi Serpentis, the Fall of Reach, the battle for Earth, Requiem.
Current operation: Retrieve coordinates to a valuable forerunner artifact on Requiem
Notable Relations: Blue Team, Red Team, Noble Team, Sargent Avery Johnson, Captain Cutter, Captain Keyes, Doctor Catherine Halsey
Name: <Redacted>
Service #: B-310
Unit: Fireteam Storm
Primary Military Specialisation: Explosives and Heavy Ordinance Expert
Enlistment Date: 2539
Location: MIA
Gender: F
Birthplace: Arcadia
Birth Date: 4/8/2533
Performance: B-310 has always had a thing for the largest weapon on the battlefield, as seen in engagements where she was sighted ripping Assault Cannons from the arms of Hunters and using them against Covenant Forces. As well as this, her skills with explosives is said to be inhuman, with reports saying that she was disarming Covenant Bombs and repurposing them for the needs of the UNSC in record times. These skills combined with her knowledge of weak points of vehicles and ships has made her a very effective member of Fireteam Storm.
Comments: During the Battle of Reach, <Redacted> was to be deployed on the surface by the UNSC Horizion to help protect the Castle Base, independently to the Spartans IIs of Red Team. When the Horizion was disabled by Covenant Forces, she was forced to hide from the Covenant boarding party of Brutes, led by a Brute Chieftain. Due to the horrors she saw committed by the Pack, it has been recommended to keep her off any operation involving Brutes in fear that she will go AWOL to kill them
Spartan's choice of equipment: Mjolnir Gen 2 Raijin Armour with an Anubis Helmet and Gauntlets, Solar Visor and painted orange and blue. She is commonly deployed carrying a M395B DMR and a Hydra Launcher.
Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Fall of Reach, Battle of Earth
During the Battle of Earth, 310 was deployed to Egypt, away from her other team members, to protect the Giza Plateau from Covenant Teams who believed that the Pyramids were built to hide Forerunner Artefacts, due to the nature of the site, she was forced to only use explosives as a last resort, something which it luckily did not come to.
Current Operation: Unknown
Notable Relations: <Redacted>
Name: Niklaus Wolf

Service #: S-1313

Unit: S-|||, Freelancer

Primary Military Specialization: Spec-ops, Marksman, Infiltrator, Assassin

Enlistment Date: [CLASSIFIED]

Location: Sanghelios

Gender: Male

Birthplace: [UNKNOWN]

Birth Date: [UNKNOWN]

Performance: Wolf is a excellent marksman, tactician, and infiltrator. Wolf from very early on showed a keen eyesight, sense of observation, intelligence, and accuracy. His accuracy was to be described as godly by shooting impossible tagets even rockets out of the air. He works really as a lone wolf or with teams he is familiar with. Wolf has shown to be very patient and deadly. He had operated in all typed of terrain making very adaptable. Wolf usually works as a lone wolf due to his survival instinct to look after himself. It is unknown of why he chooses to rely on himself possibly due to past experiences. Although Wolf like to rely on himself, he can work really well with others if they earn his trust. He also has a no civilian casualty rule alien or human, and when asked why he said,"No one should have to suffer the horrors of war or go through what I had to. It just isn't right." This leaved us to believe he lost some one close to him due to war.

Comments: Wolf hates to work with and usually distrusts people he doesn't know making him hard to reach. Wolf is a amazing soldier and dangerous enemy, but he refuses to be anything but a freelancer due to his hate of paperwork and preference to being in the field.

NOTES: Wolf is very untrusting of a lot of people, but he despises and definitely distrusts ONI leading to some disputes and awkwardness in the pass. He is also very sympathetic to the Arbiter and his Swords of Sanghelios, even learning the culture and language. Wolf has also had some sympathies with some insurrectionists he ran into in the past.

Spartan's choice of equipment: Wolf likes to use his specialized Explosive-round Sniper Rifle alongside a close quarters weapon usually a Shotgun or Energy Sword. Wolf also likes to use his active camo armor ability, a gift from a elite on Sanghelios, to infiltrate and move around stealthily. He prefers his Scout helmet with midnight visor and Viligant Watcher armor in all black.

Some of your Spartans previous engagements: Wolf was involved in the Covenant-Human War and many classified missions. Wolf also started his career pretty interestingly by discovering and bringing to justice a corrupt UNSC officer, the leader of his squad, with the help of [REDACTED] now currently a fellow freelancer.

Current Operation: [UNKNOWN] Believed to be helping the Arbiter with Covenant fanatics.

Notable Relations: Wolf has a distaste for working with people he doesn't know. He does work really well though with [REDACTED], another sniper of excellent skill and [REDACTED], a CQC fighter who specialises in assassinations and torture. He also works well if some other freelancers he has met through his career. Has worked with the Arbiter many times.

UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: [CLASSIFIED]

Final Assessment: Keep as is but keep a very close eye on. Possible Threat
Name: Black Death (A.K.A Noble 7 A.K.A Black Plague 2)
Service: Ex spartan 3 (Partner Black Plague 1 KIA) now runs his own faction
Unit: leader of black death faction
Primary Military Specialization: Mgalekgolo/ Lekgolo/Flood specialist
Enlistment day: N/A found in cryo pod at Earth (10 feet below ground) wearing CQB armor
Current Location: Greater Ark attaching it to mother ship getting ready to leave to the lesser Ark
Gender: Male
Birth place: all that knew besides him are dead
Birth date: all that knew besides him are dead
Performance: highly deadly do not fight anyone in his faction especially not him or his A.I counter part
Comments: ... He's coming for you Atriox
Common Equipment: Splaser (short for spartan laser) shotgun, custom energy sword, sentinel beam, A.I Black death (there one in the same) built in improved armor lock
Previous engagents: 70% of all Oni personal, 9 covenant fleets, one banished fleet 19 of all sentinel types at once, 200,000,000,000,000 prometheans, and millions of flood
Notable relations: Black Plague 1 Noble team
Service Commendations: Your life over mine (Awarded to UNSC personal who has save millions and lost less than five lives in doing so)
Years of service: 45
Name: Jay Warren
Service number: 30578-924-JW
Unit: SPARTAN IV programme - fireteam charcoal
Specialisation: tracking, infiltration, espionage, marksman
Enlistment date: October 31st 2550
Gender: M
Birthplace: Reach
DoB: August 3rd 2529
Armor: HUNTER class mjolnir (prototype)
Weapon of choice: Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
Current posting: stationed aboard UNSC Infinity awaiting further orders
Notable engagements: Battle of New Mombasa, Battle of installation 00, the Reqiem Campaign
Born into a comfortable farm life on Reach, Warren bore witness to his parents' murder at the hands of a team of Sangheili Zealots. He enlisted into the UNSC as a way of honouring their memory, as well as avenging his parents. He was stationed in New Alexandria mere hours before the Covenant began glassing the planet. He managed to singlehandedly save a family from a pack of Jiralhanae by quietly dispatching them one by one, as well as creating diversions with what was around him. This caught the attention of ONI, as unbeknownst to Warren, the father in the family was an ONI agent. He agreed to the ONI training afforded to him, which would train him in the art of stealth and espionage, something he took pride in since he wanted to use the Covenant's tactics against them after what they did to his parents.
This was the beginning of the road leading to him volunteering for the SPARTAN IV project.
Name: John
Rank: Field Marshall
Service Number: S-387
Unit: UNSC Spartan-II Class-I, No fireteam
Location: Sanghelios/Earth
Gender: M
Birthplace: Portugal
Birthdate: November 27 2518
Status: Active
Spartan Armor:
Helmet: Mark-VI FC-I[2] Attachement
Left Shoulder: Commando
Right Shoulder: Security
Chest: Tactical/Patrol
Wrist: Tactical/Tacpad
Utility: Tactical/Hard case
Visor Color: Gold
Knee Guards: FJ/Para

John was one of the few survivors of the Spartan-II augmentation. As of this day, he is still haunted by the loss of his comrades, family and friends, but that only motivates him to keep fighting, until he no longer can. Before the Human-Covenant war, he participated in various top secret missions against the Insurrection, and other factions that were against the UNSC, or the actual Government.

Human-Covenant War
John has participated in many battles throughout the war, but he claims that The Fall of Reach was the worst. His last known mission in Reach was to assassinate an important, deadly Sangheili General (of which the name couldn't be recovered by the UNSC) that was aboard a CAS Assault Cruiser. Secondary objective was to destroy the ship. His entire squad died and John was severely injured, to the point of having to retire of the war. He promised to never lead a squad ever again, explaining that there was no one that could replace his fallen teammates.

John recovered of his severe wounds and returned to active duty on the UNSC in late 2557. To this day, he's still fighting against all forces that threated the Human race.

John is usually quiet and focuses on many things at once, including protecting his squad members and killing an important target (multitasking). He's also patient and agressive. When he's off-duty, he usually thinks about many things, including Death itself. Other times, he tries to learn everything Sangheili, including culture. Other times, he's trying to perfect his skills.

John can deal with many dangerous situations where many highly skilled soldiers could die. His understanding for the enemies behaviour and weapons allows him to apply strategies, even when the situations are very tense. It was notable that John had incredible reflexes, surpassing the average Spartans' (By a bit). He masters most of the weapons he's seen thoughout his life. His most notable weapons are the BR55 Service Rifle, M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon, Type-50 Sniper Rifle System, dual Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle, Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword and the Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer, all of these modified by John himself.

  • Even through John participates in many battles, he states that he has never encountered the Flood. After he heard about their disappearance, he became upset, 'cause he really wanted to fight them. (If the Flood comes back in Halo 6, this note will be removed);
  • John appears to have some social issues and tends to stay away from crowded places and avoids communication with everyone he doesn't know or trust;
  • John has indirectly shown to miss old friends, classmates he considers as a second family. When he thinks about them, he's mostly speechless and lone and in this state he becomes violent when anyone attempts to have a serious talk about his past. After this state of extreme behavior, he gets depressed and needs some real time alone to contain the aggressive feelings and try not to remember his classmates/family;
  • He is the only known portuguese Spartan-II;
  • John has been noted and diagnosed as victim of thanatophobia (fear of dying);
  • John is currently supervising the construction of the UNSC Eternity.
name: darren
service number:3-gg
unit: UNSC marine corps,spartan III,fire-team shark-back
birthplace: Earth
birth date; April 4,2424
skilled marksman and cqb operating in the UNSC marine crops.know for extreme Resistance to pain due to drugs that increased his strength.Was part of the SPARTAN-III program,but was was deployed during the campaign on requiem in 2558.
primary military specialisation: marksman
enlistment date: November 20th,2556
prone to frustration on the battlefield,and can get angry at his teammates if they disobey his orders. despises any form of alcohol,and has put himself at risk on numerous engagements.3-gg is a born leader and brave even when facing the darkest foes.
Choice of equipment:
BR85N heavy barrel service rifle,m6h2 personal defence weapon system,m45d tactical shotgun
previous battles: battles on requiem
current battle: battle of Genesis
conclusion: a natural leader,brave,heroic and not afraid to put his life on the line if need be Rating: BLOODTHIRSTY.
notes: pls dont make fun of my spartan. i think hes awesome
notable relations: spartan 117.
service commendations: first blood,prisoner of war
years of active duty: 16 years
enlistment date: November 20th,2556
I hope this is a typo, I have a hard time believing someone over a hundred years old would be able to sustain spartan enhancements.
oops yes that was a typo i was really hard to think of enlistment date sorry:( and yeah i cant imagine my granddad wearing spartan amour and wacking elites with his walking stick)
Name:Roy Carter
Service #:S-214
Unit: Spartan IV ONI Black Ops
Primary Military Specialization:Marksman and Recon.
Enlistment Date:1 Aug 2535
Location: Ruins of Harvest aboard UNSC Frigate Harmony
Birthplace: Harvest
Birth Date:2517

Lone wolf works better alone but if needed can work with a team. Doesn't like to get close because of the pain of losing his Fireteam. Excellent Sniper and used for high risk intelligence missions.

Escaped Harvest on a civilian transport . Joined UNSC at 18 as a marine and eventually joined the ODSTs. Performed Multiple combat tours against the covenant ranging from . Was captured and held as a POW for 5 months until freed by the crew of the UNSC Harmony. Requested transfer to an ODST Squad aboard the UNSC Harmony. Was then Recruited into the Spartan IV project with the rest of His ODST fireteam and was station on the UNSC Harmony. Served in the battle of Requiem where his team was wiped out.
Spartan's choice of equipment:
ODST Armor Updated for Spartan IV use. SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper rifle and MA5K Carbine prototype integrated invisibility armor unit.
oops yes that was a typo i was really hard to think of enlistment date sorry:( and yeah i cant imagine my granddad wearing spartan amour and wacking elites with his walking stick)
Lol that would be hilarious and he'll be like ("I thought i told you to stay out of my ship, you lousy, no good, 4 jaw alien freaks!" [hits the cane right in the sangheili's ding dong area] XD
Name: Ben
Gender: Male
Service Number: S017
Unit: UNSC, Naval Special Warfare, Spartan II, Black Team
P(MOS): 18A
Enlistment Date: N/A
Location: Classified
Date of Birth: Unknown
Homeworld: Classified

Upon initiation in the program subject 017 began showing signs of hyperactivity and other similar mental disorders. However this had no negative affects upon augmentation.

Numerous cases of insubordination with subject 017. However he seems to keep to himself and doesn't talk to the others.

S017 is cleared for duty. Reccomended for use in task force Kilo-Five.
Name: Starr
Service Tag: 1337
Unit: Blood Dragon
Primary Military Specialization: Sneaking behind enemy lines, Taking down high priority targets.
Enlistment Date: 7/3/2558
Location: Unsc INFINITY
Gender: F
Birthplace: Earth
Birth Date:7/3/2541
NOTES: Highly skilled with a sniper
Spartan's choice of equipment: Active camo, sniper, Whispered Truth
Current Operation: Assasinate a high valued covenant General
UNSC Tenure/Years of active duty: 15 months of service
Name: Sparkplug
Service#: WWJD
Unit: UCCG also was part of the Spartan 111 Program
Primary Military Specialization: Captain/Infaltrater/Stealth
Enlistment Date/Location: 2553, Classified
Gender: Male
Birth Place: Earth
Birth Date: Nov-8-2532

Performence: Does Great under stress, and is a great leader. WWJD has super reflexes and does great with the Energy Sword that he got when he killed an Elite Commander when he was an ODST on a supposably suicidel Mission that's classified. He fights like a ninja so gracefully yet is one to jump in the middle of an Elite Armada and fight his way out. WWJD does well with projectile guns but prefers to get in and personnel when he fights to see the enemies face to face. When he leads his squad into battle he has a motto of "No Man Left Behind" therefore he won't leave anyone behind.

Origin: WWJD/Sparkplug was a marine for a few months but over exceeded his training and job so he was offered to become an ODST he joined because he wanted to fight the horrible covenant and Rebells who killed many of his people and not to mention his parents. WWJD was 16 when he joined the ODST's Volunteerly serving 5 years as he was one of the best and a natural borne leader as he graduated in the top of his class. He was a captain of the 5 squad mates he had in his training through his 5 years. Their Names were NopoWolf aka his Brother the Heavy Duty/Explosives Expert, SavageKillerDog aka Tracker/Sniper, DragonDerpYT aka Tech/Tactics, Snapscroll aka Stealth/Infaltrator, and Millertime aka Assault/Chaplin. As those 5 years went by WWJD wanted to do more when he herd of the Spartan 111 Program. When he heard of this he got his squad to join him. They volunteered to join the Spartan 111 Program successfully becoming Spartan 111's. WWJD now leads his top secret squad of Spartans know as the UCCG's on top secret missions to help stop the Darkness in the Universe.
NAME: Redam'Vorell GENDER: M FACTION: classified Radam'Vorell is an Sangheli general who was nearly executed by the UNSC but was fortunately spared due to his hidden hate against the Prophets. Most information on Redam has been removed from records on ONI request. He currently resides aboard the UNSC Infinity. He has exceptional skills with crafting and using energy swords and daggers. In recent years following the Didact events it has been speculated that he rules the War Games without mercy. CONCLUSION: trustable and resourcful. generaly avoid angering him as he is likely to crush his foes under foot
Name: Spencer "Glitch" Spreutels
Rank: First Lieutenant
Service Number: 267
Unit: Third Special Operations Task Force
Primary Military Specialization: Spec Ops, Sniper, Recon, Stealth.
Enlistment Date: Jan 18, 2530
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Teribus Island, Eridanus II, Eridanus System
Birth Date: Mar 23, 2514
Performance: Stealthy, loves to toy with the enemies.
Comments: Stealthy, smart, intellectual, an all around tactical fighter.
Choice of Equipment: Variable, any type of weapon, preferably tactical, precision, or silenced.
Favorite "Power Weapon" Combo: "Arrow of Time" Sniper Rifle and "Vorpal Talon" Energy Sword.
Favorite "Loadout": Dampened Sentinel DMR and Silenced Recon SMG.
Previous Engagements: Insurrectionists, Flood, Rogue Spartans, Forerunner, Covenant, Prometheans, and Rebels.
Helmet: ODST/Helljumper
Visor: Blue
Body: ODST/Helljumper
Red Scarf
Service Background: First Lieutenant Spreutels (Sprew-TELLS) enlisted to become an ODST on January 18, 2530 and was placed on the UNSC Spirit of Fire. He was put into Cryogenic Sleep on October 8, 2532. He was awoken on July 15, 2552 and boarded the Pillar of Autumn for the Battle of Reach and the start of the Human-Covenant War. He was put on the Athens (a UNSC Space Station) in mid-2552. He escaped the Athens via Pelican and boarded the UNSC In Amber Clad. Glitch was put on the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn later in 2552. He fought alongside Sierra 117 and other ODSTs in the fight for the Ark. He was placed on the UNSC Infinity as it was in prototype stage. Glitch was again put into Cryo Sleep on September 30, 2554 and woke up two years later on February 4, 2556 to become a SPARTAN IV. Glitch then fought against the Prometheans on Requiem. Glitch was again put on the UNSC Spirit of Fire to fight against the Banished.
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