Ever since I got Halo I just absolutely loved the Covenant they were powerful ruthless and yet honorable in their own respectful way and above all they were committed to the holy journey (lie of the prophets) but I just admired their dedication and faith i wanted to open a discussion about them, first what would have happened if the prophets didn’t make the mistakes they did such as boot the elites, build the Covenant on a lie, or didn’t try to focus on so many things at once? My opinion is they would have dominated the galaxy assuming the prophets weren’t hell bound to destroy it with the rings they could have very easily dare I say finished humanity and the flood and become as powerful as the forunners before them but that’s just my opinion I want to know what other fellow halo fans think and feel just leave a comment I’d really like to see what you think would have happened if the Covenant/prophets didn’t mess up so badly.
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The Covenant were extremely powerful, and their dedication to their faith is indeed admirable. It's just a shame that the Prophets decided to order humanity be exterminated simply out of greed and spite. Otherwise, the humans and the Covenant, especially the Sangheili, would've - or perhaps could've - gotten along just fine.
I think the San'Shyuum were genuine believers of The Great Journey since the beginning. Why would they feel there's any need for reform if what they think that has been the bedrock of the Covenant dogma is honourable and just? Besides the few outlying sceptics and the realisation of the Journey's absolutism in transcendence being challenged by Mendicant Bias's declarations, everything remained largely cohesive. Really, the only liabilities that persisted were the bad blood between the Sangheili/Jiralhanae and the potential conflict of interests with the Sangheili's rigid honour system.

Now as for humanity, I can't see a lot of them agreeing to sign away their autonomy and beliefs for an alien ideology based around technology remnants of a foregone civilisation. You would have a plethora of issues in trying to incorporate humans ranging from religious beliefs to civil liberties to restricted caste societal limits that would probably make Ussa 'Xellus's sectarian profanations resemble a local street protest by comparison.
Both of you are so right and thank you for your opinions I really respect and like the elites the most out of everyone and everything in the halo universe and if they were running the Covenant I guarantee you that they would have never started a war with humanity and if they ever did it wouldn’t last long due to their sense of honor if the brutes however were in charge well I think we all know the Covenant wouldn’t last very long haha