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The fall of reach: book or comic? Which is better?

OP DeadAnarky7641

which is better? the book or the comics?
The books 117%
The comics are basically an adaptation of the book, so by Rule of Lore, the book is better.
TBH there aren't really that many differences between them. Most of the stuff thats different is just artistic design, which is an inevitable result of it being a comic. Or weird stuff like a shotgun transforming from a T45 to an M90 in between panels.

But overall the book does a much better job of tying everything together and laying the groundwork so.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
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The book for sure. The comic was just an adaptation of the book. But I will give credit to the comic for adding in a little more info that wasn't directly present, but implied in the book.
Book is definitely the better choice overall, the comics adapt more of the key events in the entire book. For more detail the book is the better choice.
which is better? the book or the comics?
I would say the book. The book gives you more clues about the Halo universe and it's really fun to discuss with your friends about what you learned.
The Book. There's just so much info there. Also, since I read the book first, I already had a pre-set visual of how the scenes in the story looked. The comics were often counter to mine and it was jarring.
I've both read and listened to the book, and I am about halfway through the comic now.
The pros of the comic is the visuals, the cons are that you never get to know how the characters are feeling and thinking about everything, which is one of the most important parts of the book to me.
For more lore info the books are an obviously better choice but if you want a better more simpler summary of the books story then i'd just get the comics. Definitely a lack of information and certain scenes that aren't critical to the plot are missing from the comics but overall it shouldn't bring the experience down by much.