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Thoughts on the librarian?

OP Lifeworker3477

Tell me what you guys think of the librarian in 3 adjectives and then explain why you think like that about her.

My three words: Loving, Beautiful, Motherly

loving because she was a really nice forerunner who loved humanity

beautiful I the way that she was beautiful by a lot of human and forerunner standards

motherly because people see her as a mother. Even forthenco called her 'great mother'
Brilliant, Shrewd, Obligated.

Brilliant because her intelligence ranks among the Forerunners, like Dr Catherine Halsey's ranks among modern humanity.

Shrewd because even in saving humanity, she's remarkably cold and calculating when she heads the composing of humans to be preserved, genetically coded in others.

Obligated because she has a duty to the Mantle, which she follows to the best of her ability, even if her entire civilization doesn't really understand what the Precursors intent regarding the Mantle was.

(I would also point out that she programmed humanity to identify her as a "beautiful", and "motherly" figure, something I factor into her shrewdness.)
Committed, Bold, Shortsighted

She is committed based on how she sticks to whatever plan she keeps. Conversation Measure? Literally saw it to the end. This one is a bit wobbly, but she was determined to her husband, be it the Ur-Didact or Iso-Didact. I'd say she was even committed to her people and humanity.

She is bold in the choices she made. She took many gambles that paid off be it the journey to Path Kethona to the confrontation of the Ur-Didact on Requiem. Even her sacrifice on Earth placed her at risk, but she made the decision anyway.

However, I do think she is shortsighted. Her goals were certainly to help humanity advance, but she didn't really leave us with the proper wisdom to succeed where the Forerunners felI. Honestly, rather than attain our own legacy, she's trying to much to mold us in the image of the Forerunners for better and for worse. I feel she hinged on the Domain being something we'd find eventually (certainly she hoped the Ur-Didact would use it as a tool), but it was wiped out and a potentially huge part of her plan fell away. Now her AI has been patching things up the best it can, but the Janus Key fiasco is a major stumbling block.