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UNSC infinity vs Covenant Super Carrier

OP BroodGuitar3757

We all know that the Infinity is a match for the Covenant Assault carrier but how do you think she would fair against a covenant super carrier on her own. My opinion unless the infinity has a novabomb kiss goodbye to the infinity
The general consensus is the INFINITY wins against anything that isn't a Forerunner vessel simply because its Super MAC guns are seen being able to punch a hole into the Mantle's Approach. Naturally that means if the INFINITY, ETERNITY or any future INFINITY-Class Supercarrier is able to fire any of its four Super MAC cannons. The Covenant Supercarrier is either going to be dealt catastrophic damage or will simply be destroyed depending on where exactly it hits the Covenant Supercarrier. Versus like this are not my favorite or anyones really as there are to many factors to consider when putting up a Covenant Supercarrier against the INFINITY.

I'm not a person who can crunch numbers or tell you what the firepower is behind the INFINITY's arsenal, but I can bet if you had placed one of the Covenant Supercarriers up against the Mantle's Approach. Plasma is going to do a lot more damage to its hull compared to the UNSC's own MAC rounds. I can't tell you how hot the plasma is behind the Covenant ships weaponry but as we saw in Halo 2. The Scarab is able to melt through the doors of Delta Halo's Control Room and since in Halo. Size usually means stronger weapons, the Covenant Supercarrier's Energy Projector(s) are going to easily melt through the Mantle Approach once its shields fall or an opening appears.

Personally since the INFINITY like all UNSC vessels have an overly exposed bridge. Outside of the likely support fleet both sides will likely have with one another. I am going to side with the Covenant Supercarrier as one plasma lance is likely going to destroy the bridge as there is no evidence the UNSC's shielding is superior to the Covenant's own. Plasma does ridiculous damage anyways and the only real feat we've seen of the INFINITY's shield in action was it ramming an outdated RCS-Armored Cruiser in Spartan Ops. Size equals stronger shields, but I still find it unlikely a plasma lance or even multiple are not going to destroy the INFINITY's bridge.
Be warned you’ve stuck an infamous bone of contention here among the Halo community.

To answer your question ruling out plot armour, in a realistic scenario Infinity would not stand a chance against a Covenant CSO-class Super Carrier, and to be honest I doubt Infinity could best a CAS-class Assault Carrier either.

The Covenant and its various successor factions are still technologically centuries if not millennia ahead of the UNSC in most fields.

Infinity’s one advantage over a CAS or CSO-class warship is its Forerunner slip-space drive, and this is a piece of tech that they’ve proven to have no control over. This makes Infinity’s slip-space drive just as much limitation as it is an advantage. (All its takes in one flick of a switch for the UNSC’s flagship to be disabled, which potentially could net the Covenant a cadre of very high ranking prisoners. And the UNSC doesn’t know how many of these switches are spread across the galaxy)

To date the largest ship we’ve seen Infinity destroy with its slip-space ramming maneuver is a Covenant warship less then half its size, and the largest warship we’ve seen its weapons destroy is a Covenant warship about one quarter of its size. Impressive when you consider the UNSC use to loose 3 ships for every 1 Covenant ship of equivalent size they were able to destroy, but not exceptional.

At the end of the day Infinity is still armed with the same basic MAC cannons and missiles that left the UNSC so hopelessly outmatched in every fleet battle it fought in over the course of the human-covenant war. I can’t see these weapons being able to punch through as CSO’s shielding when a single CSO withstood without any visible damage the combined firepower of 20 SMAC’s and 120+ capital ships the UNSC had available to it at Reach.

And by all indications the LNoS destroyed Reach's entire defense fleet single handedly, which gives you an idea of the kind of firepower it could level against Infinity. Could the largest human warship survive barrage that destroyed over a 100 of its smaller kin plus their 20 defense platforms.

But others may disagree.
I still need to go into the numbers for my own research, however, ultimately, it's an unknown, as we haven't seen the two engage each other (that I know of). Further, aside from just the statistics relating to armor and armament, adherence to doctrine or tactical variability of the respective captains could swing the battle. Contextual variables such as environment might sway the decision.

All that said - I think an Infinity-class vessel is at least on peer/near peer with a CSO-class vessel.
The Covenant super carrier is 125 times the MASS of the Infinity, how the heck can it take it out. Lets say the Infinity MAC 6 shots other Infinity class ships, for a CSO it would take 750 rounds...