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Vulture vs. Retriever Sentinal?

OP Canis Mortem

Just curious, is a Retriever sentinal from From Halo Wars 2 equal to a Vulture?

I know the Sentinal is 10 less pop cost and 800 less tech and resources , but you can only have 1 sentinal opposed to 3 Vultures.
Are you talking lore-wise ? If so then no, a retriever is closer to the size of a human frigate and, when weaponized, can go toe-to-toe with a human frigate. Compare that to a covenant corvette, which can take on 3 retrievers at once.
Na man just the game. I already feel like I know the answer though. They hella nerfed the retriever in the game...* sad face*... and why only let you have one...
Well it's a hero unit, plus it can fly unlike a scarab. Balance reasons pretty much although I think this thread should belong in the Halo Wars section rather then the universe forums.
I would say no, Retriever Sentinels, or (Strato-Sentinels) are absolutely massive in their size and destructive capacity. while their exact size is unknown, it is somewhere close to around 480 meters in length. compare this to the size of the Vulture, (35.1 meters) and there really isn't a comparison in size.