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[Locked] What’s with the casting for Halo TV show?

OP Fhajad 084

I just wanted to know what the heck 343i was thinking with the casting for the upcoming Halo TV show. They changed the ethnicity of Jacob Keyes, a character we’ve known and loved from Halo CE and even before that with The Fall of Reach book, then they also change Maranda Keyes as well. Aside from those two things they are completely breaking the canon with the characters back stories and one human character being raised by the Covenant! I was actually really excited for this show but with this amount of canon breaks I’m just in complete disbelief and I’m confident this show is going to flop.
1. The ethnicity change is common Hollywood practice. The original Halo games were predominantly white aside from Sargeant Johnson and Hollywood does not do predominantly white casts anymore. If these actors are good and fit the role, their skin color won't matter, so let's hope that will be it

2. The whole "raised by Covenant" thing does indeed sound weird, but let's give it a chance and see what that actually means first. The character's description lacks the proper context to understand where they're going with this (though it really does sound silly).

I'm generally hopeful. I'm actually more pumped for this than I am for Halo 6. I like the cast (especially Pablo), and this seems to be a big deal for Showtime. I doubt this will be a faithful piece of the EU, as this is clearly an adaption of existing characters and events (adaptions tend to stray from their source material). Hopefully it will be a good show in its own light, and capture the spirit and style of the Halo universe even with these changes.

To start off, I’m nothing more than a dedicated halo fan so I have no knowledge of the filming industry when it comes to casting or anything else. (Having said that)

BUT! For 343i to cast actors so unbefitting the roles they’ve been given is just appalling to me, that even after they said they’d respect existing canon. Regardless if this will be a branched canon or not.
now don’t get me wrong I’m sure the actors are talented enough.
though I just can’t get this through my head, even going so far as to change Jacobs Keyes’s backstory and lore that has existed for however many year not only his too but Halsey’s as well implying they were married at some point.
and also apparently Miranda Keyes is a doctor now too???

Also a human being raised by the covenant? Don’t even get me started, she probably would’ve been killed on the spot by them once discovered as a child.
however cool the idea sounds I just don’t see it happening like ever.

Bringing my rant to a close I just want to say, obviously I can understand the need to appeal to a broader audience and stuff but it really disappoints me to see previously established characters changed so drastically etc. Right after you say you’re going to be respectful to the lore, only to disregard it in the end.
I think 343i has done a good job of listening to the fans lately and I have high hopes for Halo Infinite. I also share a lot of excitement for the TV show. But seeing something like this only makes me lose faith in the hope of this being a -Yoink- Halo story...
(sorry for the rant just felt like I needed to say it)
The whole casting thing is ridiculous and it's been done deliberately. There is no reason to change Keyes ethnicity except for the sake of diversity points.

If Keyes was Black back in 2001 then no one would have cared about this ethnicity change. How can you expect longtime fans to connect with a character that doesn't even resemble the one they remember in-game!

You're not gonna have people sitting on their couches watching this and think about the time they rescued Keyes from a Covenant ship. Viewers are just gonna watch and be confused as to why everything has been turned upside down.
Diversity promotion in Hollywood is not new, and to me, it's not a huge deal so long as the studio isn't doing it to say "look at us, we're so diverse". That's where diversity promotion becomes cringe-inducing.

That being said, there are sadly some unavoidable issue when you change the race of an established character. As mentioned by some above, those who are already well versed in the series will be disenfranchised with what they see as an unnecessary change to a beloved character. But there's another issue that's a bit more practical from a marketing standpoint imo.. for someone who isn't familiar with the series, when they see a non-white character in the show and then go play the games or read a book with that same character in it, they'll get pretty confused and question if they're mistaking one character for another.

While the altruistic goals of diversity are noble, they get bogged down in these circular discussions because we can't go back in time and re-diversify a previously established series. Thankfully though with Halo, there are a bunch of nationalities and cultures represented throughout the series. So for me, I guess I'm just confused by the decision to inject diversity in one place when there are already other places within the series that provide that opportunity. It comes off as a tad lazy, but to be fair, it's awfully early for me to definitively say that the casting choices are a mistake.
I'd much rather Jacob and Miranda just not be in the show. Why could they not use those actors to play entirely new characters? I guess it's all moot anyway. The show could never have redeemed itself once it included a "human raised by the Covenant" story thread. I feel sorry for the actors. They're most likely great at their job, but they don't know what they've gotten themselves into with this project. I'd rather there was no Halo show at all than this mess. I certainly won't be watching it.
Let's stick to this topic for the time being and let's also remember to try and keep our criticisms constructive. For the record "I’m confident this show is going to flop" is not constructive.