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What Covenant races are likely to join Cortana?

OP ThreeCaesar5341

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In Bad Blood the grunts had submitted immediately, to avoid death.
Yes, That's what I was referencing earlier in this thread, I just couldn't remember the name of the Novel. Thank you for reminding me of the name.
Happy to be of service citizen!

And the the day is saved by your friendly neighborhood grunt!
Would be pretty interesting to see innies fighting for her
I could deffinetly see Innies or even fanatics joining Cortana's cause. Willingly or not.
Jackal's probably.
Grunts, Jackals, Drones, Hunters, Insurrectionists, Brutes, Prophets, Prometheans, possibly the Yonhet, and maybe some new species that was part of the covanent fringe.
I can see zealot group joining such as Keepers of the One Freedom or something like that. I can't think of any others of the top of my head because I got done re reading Halo: Retribution recently for the second time. Not exactly a race but I like to think that anyone can be recruited given the right motive and it why I chose the option i did.
Kig-Yar (jackals) could be an interesting species in this regard. Maybe some will join up because they see the opportunities that come with advanced technology while others will use their pirating abilities to avoid and even raid Cortana's soon-to-be military fleets.

We don't know much about Lekgolo society at large, so they could maybe be a wildcard species that splits loyalties as well.

Yanme'e might be on Cortana's side because all she would have to do is influence the Queen of each hive and the rest would follow suit.

Yonhet are largely unknown or even discussed in canon, but they were given a mention in Cortana's final monologue so I imagine they may play a bigger role as well. Like the Unggoy, they were a fairly marginalized species within the Covenant. Even lower than Unggoy because they were a fringe species, and were not a wholly integrated Covenant species.

Prometheans are self explanatory as a Cortana ally

We don't hear alot about those guys. Could be neat to give them a spotlight for once.
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My personal guess would be jackals, brutes (that aren't affiliated with the Banished), drones and hunters.
One species I forgot to add in my first post was the San Shyuum (Prophets), which have been mentioned by a few folks in this thread. They have a propensity to seek power wherever and however they can find it. With the collapse of the Covenant and their access to power, allying with the Created would be an easy way for them to regain the standing in the galaxy that was lost to them.

It would be very interesting to see them return to the games in a more active role, or at least as a leadership caste below the Created that control the day-to-day workings of the Created's organic armies.
I would think most likely Kig-Yar, provided Cortana promised something in it for THEM, as they are a species that look out for number one.
I’m not sure about Lekgolo, as, well, we don’t know much about those ridiculously overpowered worms.
For the Buggers, maybe, provided all Cortana would have to do would be convince the queen and the rest would follow. (Someone already said this, but I forgot who)
For the Elites, the ones that aren’t in the SoS might, as Jul Mdama’s death makes them without a leader.
Brutes, like the Kig-Yar, would probably need something in it for them.
I’m pretty sure the San Shyuum would have no interest.
And we already know the Unggoy have submitted.

I am not so sure if we will see Covenant as part of Cortana’s faction. I haven’t seen anything that firmly points either way.

- Reading Halo Bad Blood, the submission of the Grunts on Balaho is simply them trying to make the most out of the situation and not being too enthusiastic. They basically just get food aid and stay amongst their own. It’s not “all praise the machine god! Blessed be the Omnisiah!”. They’re no more with her than the humans who are compelled to surrender. Plus Cortana doesn’t seem interested in arming the people she’s warded, in fact the exact opposite seems to be the case. The Guardians basically show up and attack anything with a gun.

- The setting for Halo Infinite seems to prohibit it. Why would Cortana bring an element she can’t control to the Halo? If we aren’t going to worlds like Balaho then Chief shouldn’t be running into them.

- To get meta. A lot depends on how long Cortana both remains the antagonist and how long she remains that powerful. If it’s a one game thing, they probably won’t feel the need to have a whole Covenant built by Cortana. They would probably just say “oh yeah an Elite Shipmaster crashes on the ring and is a problem for Chief”. If it’s going to be a permanent fixture then they would need to work the Covenant races into the story more effectively than “they just show up and happen to be there”

I mean from Halo 4 I got the impression that 343 take on the Covenant was that they want something to replace the Prophets and revitalise the old faith. So it does make sense that they would project that belief onto this situation they are in post Halo 5. But they got rid of the Storm Covenant in Halo 5 to clear the slate so it’s difficult to tell.
Honestly, all except of humanity and elites. Actually, the drones might not join cuz they focus on their queen. They could care less about galactic wars.
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