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What do unsc weapons use

OP BroodGuitar3757

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Jebsquared wrote:
UNSC Firearms still operate largely the same as real firearms. The MA5 series even uses the ammunition as the M60 LMG. The propellant charge is likely more advanced, but otherwise they work like real firearms do.
Always hoping to find some more advanced mechanism. Even Aliens they have more advanced firearms. I love the hydra laser and railgun there advanced and feel up to date but the other firearms have a near future feel. Its interesting many unsc ships have advanced weapons in the form or coilguns and bomb-pumped lasers and plasma spears even the airplanes have rapid fire coilguns and now we have gauss repeaters for most mechs a tank and airodrones but anything infantry still feels like todays stuff although the sniper rifle does use compressed gas instead of gun powder as thats what the halo 2 special edition manual says
I hear "advanced mechanism" and my mind translates as "more difficult to field strip", "more parts/functions that can potentially jam/fail", and so forth. I'm fine with relaitvely simple designs.

That said, specialized weapon platforms for specialized roles typically are a bit more advanced. So, all in all, the representation of UNSC arsenal to me seems fairly well reasoned.
M6 (Magnum)- 12.7×40mm M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive/.50 Magnum caliber rounds
M90 (Shotgun)- Soellkraft 8 gauge magnum
BR55 (Battle Rifle)- 9.5x40mm M634 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing
M392 (DMR)- M118 Full Metal Jacket Armor-Piercing
MA37 ICWS (Assault Rifle)- M118 Full Metal Jacket Armor-Piercing
System 99D Anti-'Matériel' (Sniper Rifle)- 14.5×114mm APFSDS (Armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot rounds)
M319 (Grenade Launcher)- 40mm grenades
M41 SPNK-r (Rocket Launcher)- M19 102mm surface-to-surface missile/M21 antipersonnel rocket
M343-A2 (Minigun)- 12.7×99mm M255 HVE[1] or HEDP ammo
M555 (Gauss Cannon)- 25×130mm M485 HV/FTHPP
Hydra MLRS- HEAB Gyroc rockets
ARC-920 (railgun)- 16×65mm M645 FTP-HE
M80 Missle Pod- Varies
M739 LMG (SAW)- 7.62×51mm FMJ
M7 (SMG)- 5×23mm M443 Caseless FMJ
I thought they worked as the modern guns
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