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What is your favourite Halo species?

OP DoggosVoid

Tell me about your fav alien race in Halo if you would like
I'm gonna go with the Sangheili, their warrior culture and toughness is something that can be admired
Precursors. Who can do better than literally controlling life on a galactic scale?
If not, then I'd say Sangheili
mcmaker13 wrote:
If not, then I'd say Sangheili
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Am I allowed to say humans?
But for real probably Huragok. Not quite organic, not quite machine. Interesting personalities and behaviour too.
You should make this a pole! My favorite species would be Humanity :p
Sangheili all the way.
I would say the Sangheili people along with the Kig - Yar people are my personal favorites of the Halo universe.
Either Sangheili or Unggoy. I feel like the Unggoy are interesting, we got to see a little bit into their normal lives in Legacy of Onyx...but you can't beat the Sangheili. Ancient humanity was also pretty good, even though we don't get to see them at their peak at all in the Forerunner novels.
The Precursors. In a game full of aliens, they're by far the most alien and mysterious creatures in the series.
The Sangheili of course, My favorite character in the game has showed me that Sangheili are the noblest and bravest of all the current species, until of course the arbiter decided to become a politician :/
Aesthetically, T'vaoan Kig-Yar. They have a kind of predatory elegance about them, and seem to hold themselves to a higher standard of decorum than the other two subspecies. Kig-Yar society is still a horrid mess of pirates and shysters.
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T'vaoan sub-species Kig-Yar.
I like the honor code of the elites. I’m also impressed with how devoted the engineers are even if the forerunners made them for that purpose. So I guess it’s a tie between the engineers and the elites. I hate humanity in the halo universe because well honestly because of how in the expanded lore the inner human colonies basically enslave the outer colonies and I also am not a fan of the oni secret police.