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What kind of music?

OP GoldOwllover

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Maddock82 wrote:
Maddock82 wrote:
well, when he's riding into battle in a warthog or any other vehicle, he plays this really loud. any other time, he listens to stuff like this.
I love your taste in 'Hog-driving classics.
thanks. not many people have respect for the classics
I mean Sgt Johnson respected the classics, right up to his death. He even made the marines listen to it while on a suicide mission on the first Halo ring
"Hey... if the Covenant wanna wipe out this particular part of my history, that's fine by me." -Pvt. Mendoza
Seems flip music is an acquired taste. There was also Corporal Locklear in First Strike.
Just shoot me now, Sarge, don't torture me with that crap first."
"Suck it up, Marine. This is a classic."
"So's a mercy killing."
Dang, the nostalgia in those lines is making me wanna play the first game again
it makes me wanna play any game with johnson in it, except halo wars. it also makes me wanna read that book again.

Canonically in Halo, a genre of music called flip music has been created, which is most like today's rock so, probably that.
I like to think that the Halo OSTs (but from something else obviously) are canon and that my spartan listens to it a lot. Besides that, flip music (rock).
I like to think that the Halo OSTs (but from something else obviously) are canon and that my spartan listens to it a lot. Besides that, flip music (rock).
Yea, I don't know what I would do if the Halo soundtracks didn't exist, probably be that much more boring. I would hope that somewhere out in the Halo universe that music similar to the soundtracks are real.
I listen to Queen: Number one bites the dust when i'm using the Sniper.
Halo music, duh.
i'm gonna be meta and say i'd listen to the soundtracks of the halo games (more often than not the bungie ones)
on a side not i dont think i've stopped to listen to any non bungie soundtrack (aside from h2a)
My Spartan likes listening to the classics:

When riding in a Warthog.

When he's sending Covies to their gods from half a mile away in a tank.

When infiltrating Covenant cruisers to plant bombs, rescue VIP's, etc. He floods the comms with either this or that. Most of them space themselves. Makes for easy exfils.

Unless its near Xmas.
Any kind of Rock, no country, and loves Electronic
xXMrSpecXx wrote:
Any kind of Rock, no country, and loves Electronic
Love a good electronic song going in the background as you mow down enemies.
Nine inch Nails, Front line assembly, My life with the thrill kill kult, Industrial all day every day.
The 10 hour version of Mjolnir Mix.
Legends Never Die :)
The cries of the Elite who is responsible for standing guard outside the Grunt mating chambers. That is the best music for my Spartan to listen to as the AI is playing reruns on the Daily Lives of the Elites, Grunts, Brutes and etc.
What kind of music does your Spartan like to listen to? It can be anything from on a daily bases to what they listen to in their helmets behind the regulators backs
It really depends on what he's doing. Being that my spartan used to operate heavily is ONI operations and is privy to a generous amount of missions reports, video logs, exploration reports and more, he often sits in his quarters and simply studies the state of the galaxy, keeping in touch with the younger Spartan IV recruits and offering advice and help to them when needed. To the point, he spends a lot of time in his quarters on his computer, relaxing, so in such cases he listens to Synthwave, older music from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Bob Crosby, and other classics. He does also have a fascination with Sangheili and their culture, so he often listens to their drums, flutes and other cultural songs from Sangheilios.

When he is in battle, he likes to listen to something that will stimulate him and keep his blood pumping, which could be anything from more intense Synthwave like Purtubator, Dan Terminus, Daniel Deluxe, etc. He also listens to dubstep from artists like Skrillex and Kill the Noise.
Five Finger Death Punch and Sabaton I guess.
Pretty much anything synthwavish.
Obviously just the Rock Anthem for Saving The World on repeat as i ride in on a Gauss-Hog
i'm not a spartan so i really wouldn't know lol
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