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What's the UNSC's primary source of funding?

OP FireIllusion28

With the high cost of the SPARTAN program and with all the cool tech that the UNSC has, I wonder how the UNSC is able to afford all this technology and development? Also, what are the big human industries/ corporations, most of the ones I have heard off are apecifically about the war industry but I am sure there are other big industries similar to say oil or energy industries in the real world.
Short answer: taxes.

That's how virtually all governments operate. They tax their citizens, and in return provide government services. Things like police, firefighters, EMS, and the military are among the most prominent examples of government services provided.
I'd imagine they get it directly from the UEG. Also, given the severity of the conflict, I'd be unsurprised if they didn't start nationalizing industries to be under direct UNSC control.

(Is nationalizing the right word when they're in space and the concept of statehood no longer exists?)
It is still the right word, yes. It still applies to corporations acting within the laws of an established government.

And also yes, taxes. It is part of the reason the Insurrection happened, along with a general desire for independence and feeling oppressed by the rather archaic and aloof colonial restrictions.
Maybe the SII rejects are selling War Bonds? Dressing up in fake SPI armour and punching out Prophets after a song and dance routine?
Taxes are the right answer, because the UEG government always ran on taxes. We see this during the Insurrection, where they start rebelling because of over-taxation. With their billions of citizens, they are taxing citizens and businesses extensively to afford the high tech wars, while also funding military contractors for even more expensive technology. Taxing and spending it because they think (and they may be right) they know how to spend your money better, just like every government, ever. Of all time.
There are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and morally ambiguous military programs funded by said taxes.
Taxes taxes,shaddy deals,taxes and more taxes. Maybe licenses for deep spacing mining and tranpsort licenses too.
taxes mostly. I'd assume some corporate/rich people donations too since it was the entire species at stake (plus tax write offs) but I don't have any sources on that. I also remember in one of the books the unsc was recovering a pelican full of gold taken from a bank being shipped off from a planet under covenant siege so maybe (and I'm stretching this maybe because it's been a while since I've read this story) they were absorbing funds that were abandoned by the dead. The irl government claims your money after death if there's no one to leave it too, and there were a lot of dead people in the war so I'm sure that added to it.
Pillaging and resource confiscation. They are like America in that sense. If some other place has something valuable that isn't theirs, they'll find some way to take it.
They would get it similar in real life.
in real life, the military gets funding through taxes, partnerships with major/private companies, donations, and help through past vets.
I used to for a company that made military wiring components for things like radios in humvee’s, missiles, and power boxes in helicopters.
I imagine the UNSC does the same thing. In the expanded universe they mention that. Like the machine they use in Spartan Ops to put in the SPARTAN armor in the first episode.
Like others said, it's pretty much taxes that serve as the primary source of funding the UNSC gets from the UEG. Though one can imagine with major companies, like in real life, it can be figured that there are conglomerate-level corporations in various fields that have investment in the UNSC especially after the war since it's been implied that humanity even during Halo 4 is no where near getting close to being where we were when the war started on on top of there being maybe a third remaining at a minimum.