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What's your UNSC/Covenant ship name?

OP TheWetzelBoys

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UNSC Advent Terminus
UNSC Red Wind
UNSC Blood of Winter
UNSC Silent Crypt
I got the:
UNSC Shanghai - A Paris-class Frigate
UNSC Greensboro - A Paris-class Frigate
UNSC Afternoon - A Charon-class Frigate
UNSC Spirit of 2532 - A Halcyon-class Cruiser
UNSC Shock and Awe - An Orion-class Assault Carrier

The world's most cliche names. But I still like them.
Covenant Ship - Hand of Faith
UNSC Ship - The Siren's Calling (or The Siren's Song)
Got a few to add:
UNSC Endeavour - Halberd-class destroyer, modified early on for planetary assault.
UNSC Arrow Flight - Charon-class light frigate
Omniscient Spirit - Jiralhanae CPV-class heavy destroyer
UNSC Get Out the Way
UNSC Achilles - Frigate
UNSC Eternity
UNSC Eternity
You do know that's an actual canon ship right? It's the UNSC Infinity's sister ship, whose parts were used to repair and upgrade her older sister.
UNSC Star’s Arrow - Charon-class frigate
UNSC Eternity
You do know that's an actual canon ship right? It's the UNSC Infinity's sister ship, whose parts were used to repair and upgrade her older sister.
I didn't realize since I am not that familiar with the Halo Universe. Thank you for letting me know.

UNSC Iron Nebula
UNSC Highwind
My UNSC ship name is called the UNSC Primus.

Still deciding whether it could be a Paris or Phoenix-class ship.

My covenant ship name is called Darkest Day

Although it wouldn't be a covenant ship (since their reign of terror is over lol) it could be the Banished, or even a new faction.
Inseparable Battlegroup:

UNSC Tank Beats Ghost
UNSC Tank Beats Hunter
UNSC Tank Beats Everything(!)
My favorite UNSC ship name of all time has to go to the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. Just a really cool ship and a dope name.
Clarky31 wrote:
UNSC Ours is the Fury.

Halo meets Game of Thrones.
Oh, I like that. A lot. Just about any of the GoT House words would make great ship names.
UNSC Primus
Phoenix Class or Paris Class

Commanding Officer: Captain Amanda.

Notable Marines & ODST’s:
Rhino (Augmented) Blue Company
Tiger: (Gold Company)
Diamond: (Purple Company)
Havoc: (Red Company)

Crew & Vehicles
5,000 Marines (Approx.)
600 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers/ODST (Approx.)

Several of the following
M121 Jackrabbit’s
HRUNTING Mark III Cyclops’
M12R LAAV Rocket Warthog’s
M12 LRV Chain Gun Warthog’s
M12G1 LAAV Gauss Warthog’s
M831 Troop Transport Warthog’s
M312 Elephant’s
M9 Wolverine’s
M8 MBT Scorpion’s
M274 ULATV’s (Mongoose’s
A Custom Type-30 Locus (Green)

(This is fun, and also for my story. I will add more in the future obviously)

(and this is still a W.I.P)
Name: UNSC Spitfire
Ship-Class: Autumn-Class Heavy Cruiser
Commissioned: Officially commissioned in 2557

Primary - Attack and Command
Secondary - Escort

Length: 1,425 metres
Width: 383 metres
Height: 431 metres
Mass: 10.1 million metric units

Engine(s): Fusion Drives
Slipspace Drive: Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Other system(s): Hyperscanner detector

Hull: Titanium-A armour
Shielding: Shield-reinforced armour

1 Mark IX Heavy Coil 45J3D3/MAC
4 Mark 40 Spitfire naval coilgun batteries
6 M66 Sentry autocannon turrets
32 M58 Archer missile pods
6 M910 Rampart point defence guns

30 Command Crew
5000 Sailors and Naval Personnel
1000 UNSC Army Personnel
2000 Marines
1200 ODSTs
3 Spartan-IIIs (non-Fireteam personnel)
2 Spartan-III Fireteams
4 Spartan-IV Fireteams
Launch Pods:
11,000 Lifepods
1500 SOEIV
1000 M8823 HEV drop pods
200 D82-EST Darters
Air Vehicles:
2 EV-44 Nightingales
6 AC-220 Vultures (prototypes for new technologies)
10 AV-14 Hornets
8 AV-22 Sparrowhawks
4 AV-30 Light Assault VTOLs (Kestrels)
20 AV-49 Wasps (including Hannibal Wasps)
16 UH-144 Falcons
30 D77 Pelicans
28 D79 Pelicans
6 G81 Condor Gunships
Ground Vehicles:
24 M274 Mongooses
20 M274-M Gungooses
14 M290 Mongooses
20 M290-M Gungooses (Tundra, Urban and Woodland)
12 M121 Jackrabbits
42 M12 Force Application Vehicles (Warthogs)
8 XRP12 Combat Support Vehicles (Gremlins)
10 M9 Main Anti-Aircraft Tanks (Wolverines)
12 Special Purpose-42 Main Battle Tanks (Cobras)
14 M808B Scorpion Battle Tanks
24 M808C Scorpion Battle Tanks
18 M820 Scorpion Battle Tanks
10 M850 Grizzly Battle Tanks
4 M400 Kodiaks
6 Mk III [A] Exoskeletons (Cyclops’)
2 Mk III [M1] Exoskeletons ((Cyclops’) Undergoing field trials)
6 Colossuses
8 M313 Elephants
4 M510 Mammoths
UNSC Spirit of Fire.
Well I am in a bit of a dour mood so how about

Ashes into Dust

Failure is a Hard Lesson
UNSC Big bird
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