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What species crashed on Installation 04?


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In the Assault on the Control Room Terminal, Guilty Spark investigates a crashed vessel on Installation 04. My question is, what species do you think crashed on the ring?
Another thing, what exactly do you think the distress signal was?
Hard to answer when there is nothing to give us a hint whatsoever.
Well, it was capable of space travel, so that eliminates dogs, cats, and certain bears.
I believe it was the last remnant of humans prior to the forerunner extinction/disappearance.
Perhaps it was the antagonists of Halo 4?
Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
In comparison to the trailers we have so far of Halo 4, I can say that the species in the trailer may be the same ones from that terminal.

They look similar from what we've seen.
I might be wrong although I thought it was the Corvette the uncovered the flood specimens by breaking them in the crash. No signs of movement outside because they were swarmed and killed by the Flood and it's the introduction to the flood from the interference of the Covenant.
Well the atmosphere that vented out of the ship was the same as the ring's, so that eliminates the Grunts. Lot of help that hint was.

But seriously, possibly that was a hint that it was a human ship?
It was venting more than just Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere because Spark said there was a strange gas leaking which he neutralized. What could that have been? I doubt it was Flood gases because he would have known what that was. It has to be a clue to something.
I gotta say... it looks human.
Not UNSC human, but ancient human-ness with a certain roundness to its exterior..
In the halo 4 concept art there are several ships that seem kinda dead.
what if there was a force in the galaxy that kept killing everything? I mean... the galaxy was repopulated, it still seems a bit empty of sentient species considering humans have 800 places.
Sentient life was detected by 343 when it was headed to the ring. so they were alive, at lease until they crashed and were unable to leave their ship. what was the time frame on them ariving?
Since the crash happened at an unknown time after the rings were fired by the forerunners, it most likely rules out Covenant and Modern Humans(in my opinion).
The "sentients" are probably remnants of Ancient Humans as many suggested; which indirectly supports information from another terminal that indicated a total of 12 Halo rings rather than the active 7 as mentioned by 343 Guilty Spark. Its possible that some "sentients"; Ancient Humans may have survived the Halo Array.
As I recall from the terminal, the atmosphere from the ship was like the Halo's atmosphere (which must be analogue for earth like). However, the communication protocol was unknown to 343GS, which precludes humanity and forerunner (unless there is a highly divergent human group).
I'm going with a third species (unknown), as humans surviving the first halo event seem unlikely (they would have had to be outside the known universe, or be inside one of the shield worlds (as per Trevallyn / Onyx), both of which are unlikely events for humanity post the forerunner war).
Forerunners would have had a communication protocol that 343GS could have accessed (or derived).
So I'll go with option 3 - who knows. Unless of course it was early Prophets species (pre the major split, but after FTL was derived), which may have had a language protocol unknown to 343GS, but even then you would have expected 343GS to have had access to the data surrounding that species (given they were allied with humanity against the forerunners).
Well, it was capable of space travel, so that eliminates dogs, cats, and certain bears.

Certain bears!?!?!?!?

The voices in my head are liars! Why are gene songs so useless?!?!?!?
A few thoughts come to mind

1. Lifeless precursor ship just drifting that happened to crash land on the installation

2. Ancient human ship that crashed but everyone on board died

3. A unknown forerunner ship that was drifting.
Dat necropost -_-
Honestly, given it's shape? I would say a Reaper, Sovereign-class. It was snooping around the system when it was hit by the debris caused by 343 Guilty Spark ejecting a section of the ring's landscape.

That distress signal? It was really Reaper indoctrination. And Guilty Spark was neutralizing it like it was nothing more than a telemarketer's spam.

The sentient life detected? Either the Reaper's consciousness or the Husks on board. That, or an indoctrinated crew (eg. something like Saren) that was traveling back to their homeworld on this new ship they just so happened to find drifting in space when they crash-landed on I04, were injured enough that they couldn't get out of the Reaper (or the Reaper tried to make the indoctrinated servants fix it, but they couldn't).
Well since the Precursors could transmute themselves, it should be noted the Flood can do the same for infiltration purposes.

Perhaps there's a "gas" that contains supercells. The language? The best possibility I can come up with is Precursor dialect. Can't go much further than that.
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