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What weapon would you choose

OP CollaredNote634

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Of all the weapons which one would you choose
Of all the weapons which one would you choose
Prophet's Bane because infinite active camo is entirely amazing.

In terms of a general weapon though carbine every time
Battle rifle because it is so reliable in close and mid range
The energy lance from Halo: Shadow of Intent.

Now that is a weapon I am hoping to see in Halo Infinite.
Halo CE magnum, it saved the day soooooo many times....
An Energy Sword, because guns are primitive. 3:)
I’ve always been a DMR kind of guy
DMR would easily be my first choice.
V4L4KH wrote:
Halo CE magnum, it saved the day soooooo many times....
Same. I’d go with the CE Magnum.
I would choose a binary rifle if i had a bunch of active cami but otherwise i would probably go with a hydra
In slayer, a gravity hammer would be my #1 though. It really depends the mode
I mean id say DMR but i kinda want to go with the Needler. The Needler can be a devastating type of firearm.
The Battle Rifle, I fell in love with it ever since seeing the Halo 2 E3 demo and I all ways wanted that burst fire unscoped/Semi-Auto Scoped version;
If i cant have that then I guess the Brute Plasma Rifle from Halo 2 (The only time where it does more Damage and has a higher fire rate, after H2 its dmg was lowered but kept it high fire rate.)
Honestly, the BR-55 (Halo 2) version.
Playing it back then vs now in H5 just brings and new level of.... this weapon will destroy everything I touch.
Maybe a Silenced SMG. Not for it's suppressor, though, but for it's increased range. I appreciate small automatics.
If I were a Marine fighting I'd definitely go with the BR55 rifle. If I remember correctly, it has select-fire, so I could go both automatic and more controllable with the bursts.
Sniper rifle, all the way.
Two weapons (can’t choose), Carbine and Neelde rifle, for the same reasons;

Accurate, fire as fast as you can and plentiful ammo.
The whispered truth, magnum, three round burst, silencer, speed boost, fast reload, large magazine, lots of ammo, accurate, great for any range.
Just too good to pass up.
The Halo Array. Almost nothing can beat it, unless you’re a 7 foot tall walking tank, then you win.
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