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When and how will Spartan V's be a thing?

OP TripleKillB3

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Chimera30 wrote:
Chimera30 wrote:
The only flaw to that program I can think of is, if the flood ever make a return, the subjects would more vulnerable than the other gens (or not).
Not if you put them in Mjolnir armor.
Then what would be the point of the original Spartan IV's if you were to just put them back inside Mjolnir. If the flood was still around in force post Halo 3, these experiments would probably have never seen the light of day.
I could see a potential development in the program that'd come about from the cost associated with physical training / biological augmentations. Potentially through the implementation of advanced mechanical 'bodies' remotely operated through a neurological link, for example, since realistically, upon reaching a threshold in combat technology where the combatant need not even be present, why not make use of it?

Forerunner reverse engineering, years of experience in mechanical appendages on various scales (Everything form the MK.II Heavy Cyclops to Kat's prosthetic arm) and advancements in HUD technology. A support ship need only orbit in operating range after a fly-over to launch HEV's loaded with scenario equipped 'Spartans' while the operators control their action through mimicry in an AR environment (essentially a holo-room or VR setup in the case of pilots / drivers).

The advantages to this system are numerous, greatly reducing the risk of troops on the field, offering recordable feedback to analyze real combat scenarios instead of simulation training, ships remaining fully staffed at all times, and of course, negating the risk of infection during a skirmish with the Flood; if, by chance, they emerge once again.

And if that doesn't sound like an appropriate setup for a Halo VR game...
Depends when the developers decide that the series needs a new generation of SPARTANs but given the earlier timespans between the project i think it could be in canonical timeline from 2 to few decades after SIV has been a thing. It could happen earlier though given the suspiciously fast changing of tech after the human-covenant war. Some could think that such a war that was about survival of human race would have had more impact on producing capabilities of human beings but guess not. So its hard to anticipate when in canonical or even in irl time the new project is going to happen.
Spartan V's would, as others have said, have to be considerably different and upgraded for them to be classified as a new generation of Spartan. Three possibilities come to mind:

1. Clones. Unlikely but options are options.
2. Forerunner caste mutations. Also unlikely but not impossible with humanity's current rise after the war.
3. Every human is augmented like Spartans. Halsey herself said the Spartans were "our destiny as a species".
IV's is as high as it'll get probably. Only way I could see V being a thing is if Forerunner technology became a key part of the development of the V's
Surely, if humanity is to face an uprising of an artificial hive mind like intelligence, with advanced cumulative knowledge of both UNSC and ONI Battle and combat strategies, as well as the specific capabilities of each of its individual units, then a newer, unpredictable spartan program will need to be introduced. they will not then end up factored into the AI or forerunner Plans. Spartan V units could take lessons from II and IV to Harness the peak efficiency of all of its candidates. an example would be where in place of the mostly chemical augmentations of spartan III and IV iterations. there is the more intrusive but Combat effective Augmentations used in the Spartan Ii iterations.

ONI could then step in with training in Covert operations and offensive tactics as well as any survivors of reach or any discharged veterans providing and advisory role in combat training. It is likely that the capabilities of all UNSC ships will be known to the created however, a large scale overhaul on outer rim planets could provide enough change that the basic fundamentals of the ships are different. Including the Stationing of Spartan V's and any experimental ONI armor.

Overall, Due to the fact that the created have such a wide access and have a collective knowledge similar to a hive mind, anyone siding with the created will have access to mostly the same information. Anyone siding with the UNSC would drastically need to change their Structure to avoid predictaillity. the spartan V's would neet to be trained completely differently to Previos spartans.
The Spartan IV program is the culmination of all the benefits of the first three programs. It's modular and adapts with new technology. The other three weren't as modular and had definitive ceilings on their purpose, scope, and capabilities. So I don't see how there would be a Spartan V program because any advances or changes to the Spartan IV program would just be considered updates, and not an entirely separate program.
I really hope there isn’t one. We already have IVs which is good enough.
The Spartan IV program works fine so i don't think it needs to happen tbh
Unlikely. IF there is a new iteration of the SPARTAN program, it would likely involve restricting recruitment to career military with genetic profiles within the SPARTAN II range of variability. Training has improved due to involvement of surviving S-II and S-III personnel, incorporating lessons learned throughout the Human-Covenant War and beyond. Augmentation technology has improved since the onset of said war, as has weapons and armor technology. While no performance has matched that of S-II personnel, no program will ever resort to child conscription again. Limitations in time and technological resources prompted the decision to use children in the SPARTAN II program. No such limitations now exist.
Please nooo, spartan ivs are good enough
I have actually made up a fan fiction and short story about this. It's obviously not canon, but here is the jist. On Delta Halo, in the frozen tundra. There is an ONI facility working in secret. Inside, are the Spartan V Prototypes, or as I call them, Proto V's. They're made from willing Spartan IVs with an excellent combat record. The Proto Vs job is to eradicate any and all Flood forms left on Delta Halo. The first Fireteam is named Fireteam Onslaught. It consists of Jessica (Sniper), Andrew (Lead), Alexis (Covenant/Forerunner Intelligence), Jaimin (Stealth). There are two other Fireteams, Eskimo and Albatross, but the two are MIA deep inside Flood infested Forerunner structures.

Hope you like my little fan fiction here. 😁
Thinking about newer generations of Spartans is frustrating to me because they come with significantly less lore than the original Spartans.
And yes, I did say "when" not "if". Spartan II's remain the most impressive and powerful of the generations, so I would think the Spartan V program would seek to replicate that again. Maybe even going back to using children again but with a twist of some sort, such as the children being volunteered by their parents, or the kids being exact clones of the Spartan II's themselves.
Well that would be an interesting prospect. However, we have to take some things into account:

After finding out about the abducted kids, the UNSC isn't in the highest opinion at the moment. The UNSC has pretty much never been in high regard with all of humanity, come to think of it... So I don't think paren't would willingly give their kids to ONI for experimentation.

The other part of the premise also needs to be discussed: cloning. This is feasible... partly... as it is how AIs, at least 3rd generation AIs, are made. They flash clone a deceased brain. ONI has flash cloned the Spartan II candidates in the past already, when they abducted them in the first place... but they all died of complications because flash cloning a full human doesn't work. Individual organs, they are fine, but a full human hasn't succeeded yet. We need some lore in the advancement of the technology first before this is a possibility.

However, with the advancement of robotics, I wouldn't be surprised if they used AI from previous spartan brains... oh wait, Halo 5 exists. Thanks Brian Reed. X (
Like Keny said, there's really no need for a S-V program. The S-IVs might be all a-holes, but their augmentation procedures and training make them much more cost effective than the rest of the programs, all without ethical issues. Especially since humanity is on the top now, there isn't any need for a more advanced Spartan program.
Except they aren’t all -Yoinks!-.
Sarah Palmer says hi
The "taller" insult was just friendly banter, she respects the chief. Just because she doesn't worship him or cry of joy upon seeing him doesn't mean she dislikes him.
I still think Palmer has a thing for Chief. Probably thought she could rattle his hips or something when they 1st met. Hey, you never know. It is only Human after all to think like that. I do realize that sexual tendencies are reduced due to augmentations but still never know.
Like Keny said, there's really no need for a S-V program. The S-IVs might be all a-holes, but their augmentation procedures and training make them much more cost effective than the rest of the programs, all without ethical issues. Especially since humanity is on the top now, there isn't any need for a more advanced Spartan program.
Except they aren’t all -Yoinks!-.
Sarah Palmer says hi
Kodiak, Vale, and [SPOILERS] all say hi back.
It would have to be when the UNSC/ONI scientists can replicate Master Chief’s gifts from the Librarian.
Honestly, there is no need for a Spartan-V program when the Spartan-IVs are the culmination of the whole system. Say what you will about the individuals, but the SIVs have been able to surpass the limitations of the SIIs and SIIIs on a technical level. Going back to kids is way too ethically problematic morally and ethically. Even with parental consent, you are denying agency for the child being raised to be a Spartan. What if they don’t want to be a solider? Clones present the same problem, you are creating human beings for a purpose and denying them any agency in their own lives.
When Halsey tries to tell you that kidnapping kids for the future of Humanity is too problematic. Smh
I suppose whenever Spartan IV’s are not viable anymore.

Spartan II’s were too expensive, Spartan III’s were made cheaper and to be expendable.

I don’t know what drawbacks the IV’s have that would warrant the creation of Spartan V’s (but Spartan V is a pretty cool name. 😎)
I think the Spartan IIs, IIIs, and IVs are equal as far as physical capabilities. The IIs have proven to be “better” only because of their more immersive training. They also received top of the line equipment from the start. The IIIs were conceived to “complete” high reward suicide missions. Their equipment was substandard compared to the IIs. When IIIs were given the logistical support as the IIs they performed as well as any Spartan II team, i.e. Noble Team (minus Jorge). I wouldn’t consider IVs too inferior though. Some stop gap improvements that can be made to increase combat effectiveness:
1. Specialized huragok for equipment customization, improvements, and repair.
2. Integrate AI into all Gen 2 Mjolnir suits for peak performance.
As far as Vs, I do not think they will ever recruit children again. Admiral Osman is now in charge of ONI, and a former Spartan II, she does not like Halsey’s methods. I think Spartan Vs will start being made once they can replicate the gifts the Librarian gave John-117.
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