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Where are you from?

OP GrimBrother One

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We were musing today about how awesomely far-flung the Halo community can be geographically, and it got me to thinking... Where are all of you from, anyway?! :-)

No obligation to post, no great conspiracy to read into, mainly just curious where our Halo Universe folks hail from around, well, our own universe!

Yours truly was born in raised in Tampa, FL, but now obviously reside in the Seattle area. How about you?

Seville, Spain

I'm an American citizen though.
England - born in London, grew up in Cambridge. Just a few hours away from where Randall Aiken hails (will hail) from.
Born in Newcastle, England. Now living in Australia.
LA area. Born and raised.
Metro Atlanta born and raised
Born, raised, and still reside in Woodbridge, VA. about 30 minutes south of DC.
Bay Area, California, United States of America
Born and raised in Dallas but been working in the Seattle area for the past year :)
New York, United States.
Im from Cork, the republic of Ireland.
I hail from the DIRTY JERSAAY born and raised!! :p
Kassel, Germany
Born in Thornton, CO now I live in Corcoran, CA. Got Charles Manson as my next door neighbor.
Perth, Western Australia
I'm from Ontario in Canada!
Omaha, NE
Currently living in North Carolina
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