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Which Noble member has the best character growth?

OP NS HighJingo

I was wondering who the community thought was the most dynamic Noble Team member, since i don't see many of them change personality wise.
I mean the only real option is Jun to be honest. Considering he's had years of character development (both in-universe and out) compared to the rest of Noble Team (who had a couple of months at best). The fact that there is almost no EU material about Noble's operational history doesn't help.
Jun, because all of the others are dead.
Yeahhh gonna be Jun on this one since he's actually still alive and developing as a character... but if we exclude him from the bunch, I'd go with Noble Six. He went from a lone wolf operator to a cohesive team member over a very short period of time. For someone who likes to go off and do his own thing, he didn't have a problem working with a team. That seems pretty dynamic to me.
Jun since all the others are brown bread
I don't really think any of them have a real arc. No one changes, they just die—and that's totally fine for the story they were trying to tell.

If you throw in "A Fistful of Arrows", you can bookend Jun's role in the games to give him an arc, but that's a) not technically canon, and b) still outside the game itself.

I think the dynamism, such that it is, that comes from Reach's characters is how they react to their situation. Jorge is more than happy to sacrifice himself to save (he believes) his home. Emile ultimately is willing to choose going down fighting over trying to escape. They all ultimately choose a form of sacrifice over self-preservation, and that's the point.
There was a thread a while ago about Emile, basically saying that he changes over the course of the game because he’s scared of death, but comes to accept his own mortality. Intentional or not, if you agree with this interpretation then Emile is probably the most dynamic member.

Edit: Found the link