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Who is your favorite character?


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The Master Chief of course
I have always liked The Arbiter. As well as SGT. Johnson.
KyoshiBT wrote:
KyoshiBT wrote:
  1. Jul 'Mdama
  2. Arbiter
  3. Let 'Volir
That's a lot of aliens
Yes i know :)
Nothing wrong with that.
1. Rtas 'Vadum
2. Thel 'Vadam
3. Jul 'Mdama
(for top 3 humans, it's Vale, Lasky, and Jorge.)
1 Sgt Johnson
2 Rtas Vadum
3 John 117
1. Thel Vadam
2. Master Chief
3. Sgt. Johnson/Rtas Vadam
  1. Spartan Locke
  2. Spartan Vale ( I especially liked her knowledge on the Sangheli)
  3. Master Chief (and that's really because the games didn't give you that much to work with until 4)
  4. Thel Vadam
  5. Buck
Buck is probably my all time favourite character since he’s appeared in both Halo 3 ODST and Halo 5.
A shoutout to Sergeant Johnson who went out with a bang
Ranger Vil 'Kthamee from Halo: Broken Circle. Was a well developed character in my opinion.
1. Thel 'Vadam
2. Let 'Volir (because he's a badass shipmaster)
Arbiter for sure.
Carter and Emile
Favorite character overall might be Johnson, because he was a big part of the whole original trilogy, but while they didn't play as integral of a role, I'm always gonna be a big fan of Emile or Jun for their personalities.
Johnson, he knows what the ladies like.
Arbiter and Chief
Noble Six.
Master Chief and Sgt. Johnson
El mio es master chief
I always like the grunts mainly because I find them funny. Also have tried to make the grunt my emblem in each halo I have played.
I have to go with the Chief. Don’t get me wrong there are many other great characters throughout the games and lore. But the Cheif is what started it all.
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