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Who's your favorite Noble team members?

OP Marve1vsCapcom

Mine's Emile
They’re honestly all pretty good in my book but honestly, my 3 favorites are noble 1 (Carter), noble 4 (Emile), and noble 5 (Jorge).
Emile for me. I've said it before, but I'll say it again here lol. He knew what he was about, and he was okay with it. He lived by the sword and quite literally died by it. And his response to his very poetic death was nothing short of legendary: "I'm ready! How bout you?" The man looked death right in the face and didn't even flinch.
Jorge, by a fair margin. For the rest of Noble Team, Reach is just another assignment, but Jorge was born on the planet and I find that personal investment pretty engaging.
I gotta go Jorge. Sole Spartan II on the team, awesome way to go out, your final view of him as he tosses you out of the ship, it was great.
So far, I would probably have to go with the one who isn't quite dead yet...
Honestly, none of the characters particularly jump out as my favorite, I didn't spend much time with any of them that aren't 6.

Most of Reach is spent with Kat either in your ear or passenger seat, so I'd have to go with her. As well, her death is really portrayed as sealing everyones fate. Jorge is the beginning of the end, but Kat really hits home that 'Hey you're ALL going to die' vibe within Reach.

so yeah, I'd go with Kat. I love Carters character but I have the most attachment to Kat.

RIP Noble.
All of the characters were pretty bland to me. I know a lot of people love Jorge, but in my opinion, he died to quickly for me to gain any attachment to him. I was kinda like "oh well" when he died.

Carter was my favorite, he always was on-top of the mission but also knew not to compromise his team or the priority.

Emile was my least favorite, the only time you really interact with him besides the cut-scenes is the last few missions after Carter died, and that interaction is limited to 20 minutes of gameplay. He came off to me as some edgy-lord (no pun intended) who only 'LIVED TO KILL COVIES', and made me dislike him. Yeah, I know, that's kinda his whole character but I just didn't like that. His death was kinda cool though.
agree mostly with the post above ^ could never feel any connection with noble team
jorge is an exception: his reason for fighting, his whole "big teddy bear" personality, and his death were what made me love so much about him
he died believing that he was doing a great service for his home and saving it, and even if that may have not been the case at all, it's still one of the better ways to go out
not mentioning his death cutscene was one of the better ones in the game as well
I think Jun is going to be my answer here. His armour (I don't know, I'm partial to the good old days of Spartans wearing green MJOLNIR, I guess), his voice, his general personality, being a sniper, and his past as a Headhunter, plus the fact that he actually survived the Fall of Reach and went on to recruit for the SPARTAN-IV Program, lend weight to me just wanting to see more of him. Say what you want of the SPARTAN-IV Program, but that Jun actually started recruiting for it and went on to become the acting Chief of Staff for the UNSC's independent Spartan branch was pretty cool. Kinda wish he had returned to the field as a Headhunter after a couple of years, but oh well.
I go with Jun, he's the only one who survived Reach and the feats he preformed while helping Halsey escape is really admirable
Jorge, kat and Jun. I don' t really like emile, don't hate me
Well, Noble 6 would be the obvious choice in the sense that they are each of us as a player. Bungie really did it in for the whole immersive and custom experience with that stunt.

As for the rest, I think they're all pretty cool, but my pick would be Jorge. I don't know, I just feel that Spartan II's always held that reverent mythic status over any other kind, which made me like him more. A dying breed kind of situation, I think.
Thom, because I love the deliver hope trailer so much. My boy Thom deserves some back story, even if it’s just a pre “halo reach” comic of noble team or something.
Lange wrote:
Thom, because I love the deliver hope trailer so much. My boy Thom deserves some back story, even if it’s just a pre “halo reach” comic of noble team or something.
Wholeheartedly agree that he needs something to his name other than that trailer. Everybody seems to forget he existed for some reason.
My favorites are Jorge, Kat and Noble 6. i don't mind the rest of Noble, but these three are my personal favorite.
I like Jorge for his background as a Spartan-II. I use to like Jun, but once I read Halo Intiation and found out he recruited Sarah Palmer, I hate him now 😑