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Who would win in a fight? Lore based

OP Ozbubb1egum123

So my friends and i have been arguing for some time now over who would win in a fight, The Warhammer 40k universe or The Halo universe. I decided to ask the experts in all things Halo just to prove that im right. So if theres anyone who could help with this predicament we would be grate full thanks.

P.s sorry for not just talking about halo, this was the best place i could think of the resolve this problem.
Both Universes are vastly diffrent so a comparision is difficult.
This Topic contains many pros and contras why one faction would win.
I'm inclined to say Warhammer 40k would win if every faction was fighting together against halo. I'm no expert, but Warhammer 40k has some really crazy stupid stuff. The whole universe is meant to be over the top. I assume the best chance Halo has is to fire the rings. But even then I don't think could stop WH40k's more powerful stuff like their Chaos Gods who inhabit another dimension. I also heard that some of the ancient stuff from WH40k is on par with the precursor stuff. I'm not sure if anything in Halo can deal with literal gods. I don't even think the Flood could stand up to WH40k. Supposedly there are infinite numbers of demons in the 40k verse and none of them have real biomass. They're all just pure energy. Plus Necrons.

then again, Precursors and Forerunners were pretty strong too. Try /r/WhoWouldWin on Reddit. They'd probably know