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Whose yo favorite spartan

OP IronWolf888

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Fred, Jai, Locke, Cheif and Kat
I'm gonna have to agree with Simplicityy and Greenleaf.
This topic should read "Besides master chief, who's your favorite Spartan". Everyone's favorite is chief, or they don't know halo.
Mines Linda and Vale. Linda makes people like Hawkeyes look like stormtroopers. Vale likes sangheili, my favorite species. Plus their armors are sweet.
Gotta be Kurt-051. "Die? Didn't you know?"

"Spartans never die."

*detonates nuke
Definitely Kurt-051 lol.
Obviously Master Chief
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Mah favorit' spartan is Fred, yo.
I think everyone at their core loves Chief the most.

But I personally am a massive fan of Frederic-104. He has some pretty complex relationships in the novels - Last Light was interesting.


"The Great Journey ends here."

Does it get any better? Shame he was so bland and uninteresting in Guardians.
Master Chief
locke, has the perfect bald head
Spartan Carter, run through sh... and died like a badass in Reach.
Noble Six
Emile, Master Chief, and Noble Six are my favorites by far
Master Chief, Noble Six and Otto from team black would be my favorite.
Chief, Palmer, Buck, Fred, Locke and Jerome
Noble Six
Carter or buck both old school heros
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