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Wich HALO Game is the best? and why?


I would like to see what the you think and why these are my rankings

Multi-player CAMPAIGN
  1. Halo 5 Gardians 1. Halo 3 And Halo 3 ODST
  2. Halo Reach 2. Halo CE
Halo 3 is the best IMO. It had great single player and the best multiplayer. I have so many memories from serious PvP to fun custom games. It had everything
Big time Halo 3 fan. I loved the campaign for so many reasons from storytelling to fun game play. The addition of Brute weapons and vehicles to the sandbox were fantastic as well. The multiplayer was my favorite as well because I grew up playing system link with me and seven buddies pulling all nighters nearly every weekend. Plenty of fun memories solidify this as my favorite Halo game.
Halo 2
The game have the best story and art style
It would have to be either Halo 2 or 3. Both had fantastic campaigns and I sunk countless hours into the multiplayer of both games. If I had to pick a best overall I'd go with Halo 3.

I can't say I like the direction 343 took the series with Halo 4 at 5, at least from a gameplay standpoint.
Halo 3/ ODST
As a lore junkie, I loved Halo 5 multiplayer b/c of the speed and maneuverability of the spartans. It felt like way they they're supposed to move as a super soldier. But then I went back and played Halo 2 and Halo 2A again and again and I think those would have to be my favorite. It was just so simple and perfect. Especially Halo 2A because it has an game engine that can better handle a larger 8v8 match without lag.
Probably Halo: Reach, only by a slight margin. It offers such a fun campaign, and great emotion throughout it too. I especially love that your customizable character shows up in the campaign, which allows you to immerse yourself as never before in Halo. The multiplayer is super entertaining, as IMO it offers a good balance between old and new movement systems. And Forge is super fun, it allows for great community maps that I've wasted days playing with my friends. And the music is so good.
for multiplayer H3 would easily take the cake because it's pretty self-explanatory
for campaign H2 because of the chief/arbiter dynamic and the story is so well put together, but ODST is definitely a close second
Halo 3 for both (hope Infinite changes this).
It only improved on a formula proven to work. Only adding and polishing the identity of Halo instead of changing it for no reason like Reach, 4 and 5 did. Just look at the sales and popularity.
Halo 2A because of it's movie like cutscenes and amazing story.
halo wars 2 too due to codex system and artstyle and story.