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[Locked] Would you like Halo Legends 2?

OP Ice Warriors

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I'm not to big a fan of halo legends because a lot of anime elements didn't seem to fit in well to halo to me but I wouldn't mind seeing more explanations to the lore.
Agreed. Halo cartoons? Yes. I think that could be a cheap way of getting us mini-movies out, specifically anime though? No. It doesn't mesh well, the cultural differences were really apparent in Halo Legends an it really irked me.

I did really enjoy the motion-comics they used to bring out on waypoint, even more of those would be welcome.
I loved most of Halo: Legends, it combined the two most important things in my life. Anime and Halo.
Yes, especially if they explain what ever happened to Thel 'Lodamee!!! :D
yes please
I would like a follow up on the return story
If it’s as good as the first one, I will go nuts and say yes to this.
It would be amazing if they did
The book was good. Liked the stories. Visually I didn't care for Legends as much. Doesn't mean I wouldn't watch another though.
This might be Halo 6’s Hunt the Truth.
I would love to have Halo legends 2, the first gave us some humor shorts, and looks back in the universe while also showing new things, like Ghost and the Prototype.
Definitely yes i would love to see more.
Yes! I would love a second Halo Legends. I thoroughly enjoyed the first and I've enjoyed the various animations and live action films. I would nothing more than to add another volume to my shelves!
Could be interesting. New stories based on the new lore
I would definitely love a Halo Legends 2!
  1. Rtas Vadum before he was a shipmaster and his early days as one .
  2. What the Arbiter had to do to keep Sanghelios together after Halo 3, and even though I didn't like him, the rise of Jul Mdama
  3. Something about the Spartan-IIIs of Saber Team after being rescued from the Dyson Sphere
  4. 1337
  5. The rise of Atriox
  6. Gray Team (possibly in a Blue Team, Red Team, and Gray Team team up)
  7. Spartan B-312 before Noble Team
I would pay any price to see it , if it happened
Thanks for the thoughts everyone :)

Some great ideas if Halo Legends 2 was something and like to see what everyone put.

I think after seeing what you said here is what I like.
  1. The Rise of Atriox
  2. Swords of Sanghelios
  3. Spartan 1337
  4. Would like to see Naomi-010 with AI Black Box
  5. Onyx would also be very interesting to see the AI with all the sentinels.
As for studios who help to develop the film/segments I am unsure but I think who they get would work well but also like what people suggest!

Great stuff Spartans!
It would be great! More professional additions to the universe, but maybe miss out the silly episodes like spartan 1337. But that’s my opinion.
Heck yea. I love halo legends, that would be awesome
I would say yes. I would like to see bits from books adapted into some animated form like First Strike or Ghosts of Onyx not like the Fall Of Reach adaptation. They ruined that badly.
Ooh, yes! I'd like that. It'd be interesting to see what else they could come up for a story. And I'd like there to be a deeper story surrounding Daisy, seeing as she is a great character. Plus, another one like the package.
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