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your favorite aspect of the banished

OP Rougespartan116

my favorite aspect would have to be it was made by the the brutes who are a savage race so being able to be lead under one brute without help of a originally smater race like the elites or prophets is really cool because it shows that even the most savage of races can learn and be smart.
My favorite aspect of the Banished is the fact that it not only survived the Covenant, but it thrived. The Covenant was a powerful empire spanning over a thousand worlds, but the Banished still managed to become more than a thorn in their side. After the Covenant there were a lot of splinter factions, like the Servants of the Abiding Truth and the Keepers of the One Freedom. But none of those were able to make much of a dent in the galaxy compared to the Banished.
My favorite part is the way all their vehicles and equipment looks. The Covenant had sleek and smooth designs because of the Prophets and Elites, while the Banished are run by Brutes and the vehicles show the rugged and bulky nature of them.
I love what the Banished stand for in regards to Halo's setting. Wheres the Covenant Remnant are fighting for religious reasons, the Swords of Sanghelios is fighting for unity and land... the Banished? Fight because they believe that's the way to live. By being the strongest and most dominant. They represent the concept that the universe can't improve, that you live to survive by fighting to be the best. They're the risk that the Halo universe will be permanently stuck in a constant cycle of fighting. That's why they were on the Ark in the first place; control of the Halos, or just one Halo, is the ultimate weapon.
Yeah for me, it's the way they've either taken already made covenant vehicles and weapons, and then given it their own unique twist (which still puzzles the UNSC as they seem to be incapable of reverse-engineering even simple weapons like the Banished-style spikers) or how they've come up with something entirely new starting from scratch (like the Blisterbacks or Reavers).
I like how it killed the 'brutes are dumb' opinion a lot of the fanbase had against them. They weren't shown to be terribly stupid in the games yet because they were called brutes and looked kind of apeish a lot of people thought they were dumb brutes. Contact Harvest, they're first main narrative debut (they barely had a presence in First Strike or Ghosts of Onyx), also showed them to be intelligent, and every brute character we've had has been rather component. I mean there's some arguments to be made but I feel like all of them end up being hollow.
  • They stuck with the Covenant, but I don't find sticking with a belief system that's been drilling into your society for generations unreasonable. Up until a little light bulb said something, everything was going good for the Brutes. Oddly enough, unlike the elites, they seem to not let religious dogma get in their way as much. Just look how tartarus treats the oracle. Unlike elites who often let it and their weird sense of 'honor' get in their way.
  • They nuked their own planet into a nuclear winter, but humans have come very close to doing so ourselves.
  • They dont tend to wear much clothes but do they need it? They're bodies are immensely durable and more powerful.
  • They charge in to gunfights and stick blades on everything, but given their natural durability and strength, its not a terrible idea for them to do so.
The divide between brute and elite is less brawn vs brain, but 'practicality' vs 'honor'. Brutes design and do things because it works.
Best thing about the Banished is just how different and disruptive they are to the rest of the canon. They're the only faction since the Covenant (or Covenant remnants) who include multiple species without utilising religion as an unifier.

They're definitely flawed characters which is also great. Atriox can't be everywhere and he seems to have precious few reliable lieutenants which sooner or later will be the Banished's downfall.
The 3 things I absolutely love about the Banished is, first Atriox. Something about a brute leader that can not only physically beat his enemies (Red Team for example) but also can think tactically and command large amounts of troops.

Second, the different species within the Banished. Something about seeing brutes work with grunts and elites is just weird but also very cool, making them more of a threat.

And last, their art style. I like the how it’s stolen Covenant technology but has a brute spin to it, making everything look more menacing with the spikes and the red and silver colors.