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[Locked] Your UNSC Ship

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Tell Me About Your UNSC (Or Covenant) Ship! In These Categories:

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Modified Paris frigate
Energie source:experimental background radiation generator,fusion reactor
Weapons:Macgun,Missiles,Nukes ,Nova bombs pointdefensesystem,TieIntercopter
Capcity:Atleast three warthogs and two Scorpions
Persons needed to fly:3 In an emegercency:1
The G38 is currently assigned to Fireteam Echo for tests of the experimental power source and slipspace drive.
Role:Support and scout
Just a small ship.
UNSC Agamemnon's Spite

(Trafalgar class super fleet carrier successor to the Punic class)

Length - 4,525.4 meters
Width - 750 meters
Height - 812 meters

Engines - Mark IX Shaw- Fujikawa FTL drives,
X6 Mark XVII Deuterium fusion reactors

Armour - Titanium A-5 plating. 4 meters
XGS-4CII energy shielding.


X3 Super MACs Forward firing
(Mark X super MACs allow for two rounds to be fired from one charge)
X16 light coil MACs batteries
(x4 quad turrents super firing x2 Port/ x2 Stbd)
X40 Mini MACs batteries
(X5 batteries total, each battery consisting of four twin gun turrents. Located x2 Port/ x2 Stbd/ x1 Aft)

X250 x20 Archer Pods
X200 x20 Rapier Pods
x300 x45 Howler Pods
x450 x90 Medusa Pods
(Ion warheads mixed with conventional warheads within each pod. Ratio 2:5)

X90 Fortress Guns
(Fortress system split between heavy, rapid firing cannons and directed energy/laser turrents)

M85/97 CIWS stations
(Guass reapters replacing heavy gatling guns for increased leathality. MITV style missiles integrated into launchers.)

X6 Rudra/Shiva-Class warheads
X12 Hyperion-Class warheads
x12 Havoc-Class warheads

Flight deck
Containing X1000+ various single craft,
Broadswords, Longsword, Pelicans, Valkyries etc.

Vehicle Bay
X1500+ vehicles including x2 Mammoths
SOIEV/Heavy-duty SOIEV launch bays

Support Ships
Capable of docking four support ships underslung which would form her strike group.Typical configuration;
X2 Strident Class heavy frigates
X2 Iroquois Class fleet destroyers

The success of the Punic class during the Human Covenant war cannot be disputed, their size and firepower were the often the balancing factor in whatever battle they fought, often buying the UNSC valuable time during an invasion. A successor to the Punic class was decided by the UNSC, dispite the introduction of the Infintiy class warship.

The new Trafalgar class is meant to supplement the UNSC Infinity in the role of fleet command ships and super fleet carriers. The improvements over their predecessors aren't only in size and hangar capacity but also inclusion of energy shielding, improved MACS, inclusion of energy weapons in the use of CIWS,greatly improved sensor equipment and more precise slipdrive engines.
Another one of these huh?
NAME: UNSC Cascadia
MAIN CREW: 250 Navy, 6000 mixed garrisoned troops (Army, Marines or ODSTs) or 3000 Spartans
INVENTORY: 6x Pelicans, 6x Owls, 4x Longswords (Two bomber, two fighter), 1x High Occupancy Rapid Deployment System, 6000 SOIEVs.
ARMAMENTS: 1 1FRSG1 MAC, 4x Rampart PDG, 4x Goalpost PDG, 1x Sunrise Multi-Warhead Launch System
NOTABLE FACTS: In effect a Pelican on a capital ship scale, the Cascadia is designed to infiltrate a lightly-defended enemy systems and basically bury them in troops via orbital drop or dropship. The passage of a Cascadia-class troop deployment ship is said to block out the sky with drop pods.
BIO: The Cascadia is the name-ship of a new class of vessel, designed to deal with smaller brush conflicts that involve little to no atmospheric combat. Built over the colony world of Pacifica and crewed almost entirely by Naval officers from that colony, it has already received the grim nickname of "The Fist of the UNSC" from the rebellious colonies and Covenant hold-outs that it has buried in soldiers.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Beacuse the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
Name: UNSC Selene's Shadow
Class: Shadow class Prowler
Length: 500m from stem to stern
Width: 750m across
Height: 300m dorsal to ventral
Maiden Launch: July 2553
Crew: 350 crew, 200 Trooper complement, 4 ODST, 1 SPARTAN
Cargo: 10 Stealth Insertion Pelicans, 7 Sabre Fighters, 10 M12 Force Application Vehicles
Offensive Armament: Single Quadruple Coil Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, loaded with EMP shield-negating 100 inch shells
Defensive Capabilities: Optical and Digital Stealth Coating, Shields
Main Engine: Generation IV Shaw-Fujikawa translight engine
Secondary Engine: Prototype Pegasus Sublight Booster
Tertiary Engine: Prototype Harpy Attitude Thrusters (Strafing only)

Designated TOP SECRET by ONI Section Three. This stealth cruiser was built for infiltrating enemy battle groups and hitting the enemy flagship with its powerful MAC and strafing capabilities for a ship of its size.
This ship was assigned to Captain Christopher Sky for the express use of Fireteam Christmas.