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343 Please HELP Game Not Working

OP UltimaDragoon89

To any 343 staff out there.
Halo 5 is broken on my Xbox. I booted the system up this previous Sunday and it tried to load all 91gb of data as it is for so many people recently. It also however caused the system to crash and after spending way too much time bringing the system back to life the game will not work. Every other game I put in the system works. When I put my copy of the Halo 5 disc in, which is not damaged in any way, it tries to install the game, stops the install, and when I select it it brings me to the shop and wants me to purchase the game again. I am staring at the data on my hard drive right now. It is there.
In a hope that the issue was that the data was on an external drive, which is approved for use for Xbox One, I have made space and tried to move the data to the main drive. This has not worked. It gives me an error and will not let me move the game data. Please respond and fix.
This happened to me do we have to buy it again we should get it for free we already payed for it
I have not had the chance to try it yet but they had me delete the old corrupt data on the harddrive and have it load all 91gb again.