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[343 Response] Stats disappearing and so do my RP

OP Soke Rampage

So I was logged in earlier today and I was level 58 and my stats were bad not gonna lie but i logged in later in the day and literally my level and my req points vanished my stats aren't visible can someone please tell me this is just a random bug since they opened a new season for ranked play
I have the same problem. I am at 0 REQ points. Glad I am not the only one
It only started happening since the season reset this is annoying because I can't open packs
I'm lvl 116 with over 200,000 to and now it's all gone im pissed as hell this happens again and again but it fixes itself after a match but it hasn't fixed itself yet.
I really do hope it's just a bug I can't even get my stats to show up on waypoint
My qualifying matches aren't working either so I don't know if I'm even getting ranked
The issue is being looked into
They actually think this is resolved -

Can you guys check and let us know?
Hey folks. Just adding that I also experienced this issue. I just logged in, ready to play for a few hours and all of the sudden it was showing me as a level 1 with 0 REQ points and games played, like I was new. Caught me a little off guard but simple trouble shooting of closing and relaunching the game appears to have fixed all.

Glad to see it wasn't just me. Scary to see desyncs dropping 4 years of playtime even just for a second for sure. Hopefully all is good, as I got games to go for SR 150 lol.
They actually think this is resolved -

Can you guys check and let us know?
It looks like it is for me at least. Earlier I was coming on to report it and found that I couldn't even check my Profile here, nor make any posts! (It kept saying "You have reached your daily limit of 0 forum posts." when I tried)

So... I just waited. Checked back every now and then to see if there's any updates, and now my profile's back, and in-game my SR and RP are both back. Was strange, but at least it got resolved quickly? :D
Happened to me, haven't tried it since, however this site was also unavailable and now it's back.

My question is will i get the XP and RP that i got during the games i played at SR1?

Actually it does look probable that the XP and RP have been added.
A bit delayed but all of my stats are back to normal.