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Achievements no unlocking

OP Baked Snickers

My achievements are no longer unlocking when I play Halo 5, talked to Xbox support and did troubleshooting there, it appears that the problem is that my profile somehow isn't properly syncing with 343's servers. Anyone have any idea how I can get this issue resolved?
what happened to me was similar bro. i have been doing the campaign SLASO and up to my last mission i have been getting a special emblem next to each mission in
my campaign stats.
i did Battle of Sunaion and finished it on legendary with all skulls on and not only did not get my special emblem but it did not even register that i completed the level. so i did it again and the same result or lack of result. it has said i completed the mission 27 times since before i did it the last 2 times.
i am beyond frustrated and disappointed. probably as frustrated as you
Yeah my CTF and Strongholds achievements never unlocked :/
Yeah my CTF and Strongholds achievements never unlocked :/
i feel your pain my friend