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Anvil Legacy Req Pack

OP Kettleroot

I never received the Anvil Legacy Req Pack but i keep getting the prompt to open one?
It usually show up a few hours after the drop. Give it time, they will show.
I have most all the reqs, when and have saved 100k points to get the new reqs with. I see those are not showing up yet either. Any ideas? I really want a new armor. lol
The REQ sweats have started!!!
The reqs aren't in and the maps aren't available
Halo 5 has been messing up for me for several days for some unknown reason(s). I get daily win packs, commendation rewards, promotions etc. They haven't been showing up, at all. Same goes for my Anvil pack now. So annoying.
A few of us are having problems with the REQs see thread below.

The reqs go live in 2 hours, I imagine you can redeem it then
Patience my Gs, they are on the way!!!
They are available in Gold and Silver REQ packs NJOY!
My halo 5 finished updating an hour ago and I've been looking for the anvils legacy req bundle and I've been restarting my Xbox hoping for it to pop up for the armor can I please have help figuring out if there's ever even going to be one
Sm0kez90 wrote:
They are available in Gold and Silver REQ packs NJOY!
then, one have to open gold and silver reqs to get the new stuff?
My req system won't even work, I sat for 3 hours and nothing happened, the game says I have 4 packs, and 34,523 points, but I can not access them. I press Y to go to reqs and it says req service unavailable, so I play a match, afterward I check again and it lets me go in but says retrieving data and just sits for 3 hours, I got fed up and restarted my console, same thing happened.
Yeah i tried opening the req pack the update gives you but it only said error twice and took the req pack away. I got nothing
How do you open the req? I don't see it.
How do you open the req? I don't see it.
Just check your Silver and Gold REQ packs. If you do not have all the items yet, the new ANVIL's LEGACY items will just appear when they appear. Which is randomly.

I have all the REQS which is why I got them all straight away.

There is no SINGLE REQ pack for ANVIL's LEGACY.
Thanks for the info.appreciate it