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Arena REQ bundle not showing up

OP O13J1

So I just bought it and it's not showing up in my open packs section. Any help?
Same issue
Likewise, not showing up. Any solutions?
Same issue
Looks like you should contact Xbox support. Reqs not showing up.
ya, similar issue happened with my brother who bought the Warzone one. were waiting till Monday, but he should have gotten the first pack when he installed. The one thing though is that we have a Home Xbox type thing, so what ever I get he gets, he just had to install it, not buy, but I still did not work.

If I ever plan on getting the arena one, I hope I don't have to wait for my brother to get it first.
For those of you that didn't get your packs, did you also not receive the Mark V armor set?
yup no armor set Xbox support told me to wait 24 hours
yup no armor set Xbox support told me to wait 24 hours
I hope it's only that long.
When you buy it you should get two packs and one will have the mark v armor. Then two more packs on each Monday. If you didn't get your packs about all you can do is try a hard reset of your xbox. If they still didn't show up wait to see if you get packs on Monday then there is clearly an issue and I would hound Xbox for a refund.
Mine came in! Check yours and good luck!
Sweet meats!
;-; I didn't get anything worth it in any of my packs, I honestly wish I never spent my money
Mine used to show up every Monday but now they don't🍆🔚🔫