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[Locked] Banning system

OP Vopel

Two days in a row now i have been banned for unjust reasons, yesterday i finished a good game of arena and it backed me into the lobby and said could not establish connection, i couldn't see my game stats and i was banned for 23 hours, today after a free for all match the same thing happened i was backed out, could not establish connection and now i am banned for 3 days, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE, this must be fixed this is a broken system
I keep getting banned due to randomly getting disconnected midway through games. The ban system in this game is extremely harsh and seems to be faulty to the core. To many problems with the servers. I've seen people getting banned for all sorts of issues. Idk what the deal is with this game, but it seems to have some core debilitating problems that need addressing
I am having this same exact issue. I got banned a few days ago for 5 hours and now I am banned for twenty four hours. I play the entire game and when the game ends it says "connection to server lost" and it acts like it quit somehow and it bans me. It has happened at least 6-7 times, maybe more, and now I can't play halo 5 Arena at all. I really need someone to contact me about this. This is ridiculous. I have quit maybe 2 games in 15 days. I have the entire night and day tomorrow to play and now I am banned.
Yeah the ban system is out of control they have to be able to see if someone is quiting or getting disconnected
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This is the third time I have been unjustly banned, and it is really getting frustrating. Since the last two updates I have gotten kicked from games because of connection issues or simply blackscreen and then the next thing I know BANHAMMER. If you could please review my case, I try to never quit or betray and I have been playing since halo 2. But this is the first halo I have ever had so many issues. Resetting my BANHAMMER I increment back to zero would be awesome! Thanks!
Please don't revive old topics thanks, you can use the ban thread at the top of the forums. Thanks