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Bug Report: Malfunctioning Character and Lighting


So, there are two bugs that I notice a lot when playing Halo 5. The first is terribly annoying, and I'll try to explain it properly, and how to reproduce it: When entering a server (when you go into matchmaking, usually Warzone), as soon as you connect to everyone else, if you're in the character-customization screen, the character will often disappear. The character does not reappear after closing and reopening the menu, and will only reappear after the conclusion of the game. I experience it mostly when I'm customizing my character when waiting to be matched with other players, and then suddenly the character disappears.

next is less troublesome, and generally easy to fix, but annoying as well. The easiest way (as I've found many) to get this bug to occur is to wait until after a matchmaking game (usually Warzone), then when in the after-screen report, go directly to the Open REQs menu contained within the report. Then just press "B" once to exit the menu, and the character will not have lighting loaded, and will instead be a mostly-black character. It's easily fixable by closing the menu completely then reopening.

hope this helps.