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Can't Download Multiplayer Content

OP FBomb2F

So about a week ago, I bought an XBox One and started playing console games again. I got Halo 5 and installed the game and played through the campaign before ever touching the multiplayer option. Now that I've played the campaign, I'm trying to access the multiplayer. When I go to multiplayer, it prompts me to download the multiplayer content and takes me to "My Games and Apps" and starts the download, but then immediately stops and gives be error code 0x87e00005. I just got off a chat with Rico from XBox support and he was unable to resolve my issue and said posting here might bring better results. I've tried hard console reset, clearing local game saves, removing and adding my account back, uninstalling and reinstalling the base disc, and trying to download it on different networks (both wired and wireless at work and home), I've contacted my ISP and they tell me that there isn't anything wrong with my network or connection so I'm at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
Not sure what you mean when you say “downloading multiplayer content”. The base disk comes with multiplayer; what you download off the store are updates. Is that what you are talking about; your game isn’t updating?

Try going offline and installing the disk, completely. Uninstall Halo 5, go to Network Settings and select “Go Offine”, and then power cycle the console (also delete your local saved games again). Make sure that no updates are queued in My Games and Apps. While your console is offline, put in the Halo 5 disk and install it. Once installation is finished, go back to Network Settings and go back online, then update Halo 5.
I guess that it is an update but when I put the game in it doesn't act like an update. I can play through the campaign just fine, I have tried doing the installation offline and made sure that my que is empty. Currently Halo 5 is my only qued game but it says that installation has stopped and gives me that error code (0x87e00005)
Yes, that error code shows up sometimes when you are trying to install a game and update the same game at the same time. If your game is already fully installed and the update still isn't happening, then I don't know what the problem could be.
Can you try installing on a different profile to see what happens?
Snickerdoodle, I tried creating a new profile and doing what you suggested, but to no avail. I still get the same error code 0x87e00005.