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connection lost problems since infection launch

OP TheTrueSparda

Is anyone else constantly losing connection since the infection launch? My connection is fine, NAT is fine, and only one on internet. Not sure what is up just trying to see if anyone else is having issues. Its an everyday thing.
Thank you for your report! We’re taking a look at this.
Same here, probably spent an hour waiting too because of getting banned and lost multiple boosters.. :(
I have lost connection 3 times.
All iTiS wrote:
Same here, probably spent an hour waiting too because of getting banned and lost multiple boosters.. :(
Same, lost so many boosts to this, and banned a couple of times
Has this been resolved yet? Disconnects are annoying enough, but it's also refusing to show true ranks and/or service tag information.
The game is broken. Losing connection 50% of the time all of a sudden. Reminds me of Halo Master Chief fiasco.
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Slt, moi aussi sa me le fait, il faut qu'il corrige leur beug et vite !!
Same here...
I lose connection minimum of once a day. Most days it's multiple times a day and it really pisses me off. I play warzone a lot and I basically keep wasting my reqs on games that I don't even get to finish and get any xp or req points from. I've lost connection from warzone games literally minutes before we were about to win and I was ranked really high up on my team. I know it has nothing to do with my connection because my internet is working fine every time it does it. I've also been in games when almost my entire fireteam loses connection at the same time. It did it some before the Memories of Reach update but since the update it happens a lot more frequently.
Yeah still having issues even after hog wild update. Connection loss is still a daily problem.