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Content Broswer Issue: Viewing Maps

OP A Wolf Of Chaos

Ever since the new update (Anvil's Legacy), the bookmarks section of my content browser does not function correctly. Whenever I try to navigate past page 1, my page number will change, but the browser continues to display the 12 most recent custom games instead of switching to various options. I have attached 3 pictures below to demonstrate the error I am receiving. I know there are many other friends of mine who are also experiencing this issue, so I hope you can provide a speedy fix to this issue as this is making custom games extremely difficult to host when the gametypes are of limited choice.

Screenshot showing page 1 of 5

Screenshot showing page 2 of 5

Screenshot showing Page 3 of 5
I have the exact same problem, it's really infuriating that they added this new system but now I can't play any of the 199 maps I bookmarked in prep for the update. Only the first page of my bookmarks is available, pushing RT to cycle through only changes the page number, all of the maps stay the same as the first page. Really hope this gets fixed, couldn't even play an octagon match with my friend last night.

Ill be be putting this in the halo 5 forum as well, it's a real -Yoink- oversight and should have already been fixed tbh