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[Locked] Control Issue - Aiming randomly becomes very slow

OP Hi TeK55

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I was playing last night, throughout the entire night I had this weird issue where when I would try to just look around, sometimes I could look to my left and right incredibly fast, then without any notice, I would only be able to look to the left or right at a snail's pace. It got me killed many times... has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it. Was really annoying. I tried two different controllers and my friend was having the same problem.Thanks in advance
I'm having the same issue and posted about it a few hours ago... No response. No idea how to fix.
Well I guess the best we can hope for is to keep bumping this in hopes of a response.
Thank you for your reports. Can you please provide information regarding which controller(s) you are playing with?

Additionally, if you are able to access multiple Xbox One controllers, can you please confirm whether or not the issue exists with all controllers?
Dear forum team please look at and let us know what's going on with the user sync issue!!!
Thank you for your response -

I've personally tried it with 2x Xbox controllers, see below for model information. I can confirm the issue was present on both controllers.

One is a week old, this model -

The other is about 2 years old, this version -

My friend said he was experiencing the same issue on his brand new xbox elite wireless controller. This version -

Some additional info: It seemed very sporadic and random, but I don't believe it ever happened when I was sprinting, usually only when I was aiming or running/walking I believe it happened more when I was trying to look to the left also.

Thanks again -
I'm using the same factory controller I received with the Xbox one purchased a little over a year ago.

To me, it seems like the Xbox is having trouble rendering and is getting ultra slow frame rate, but (for me), only occurred when looking to the right.

I assume you've tried an install/reinstall?
I haven't no, I bit the dust and just tried to deal with it/pray for hofix since the install took quite a while. But I may do that tonight, thanks for the suggestion.
Thank you very much for the detailed info - our team is looking into this!
I just finished an uninstall/reinstall.
I changed the power settings to energy saving. I also did a power cycle/hard reset.

Took over 8 hours to install.

At this point the game is unplayable.

Here is a link to my post.
Upon further testing in game, I've found that if you change your thumb stick layout to anything except default, you are lag free.

This is not a fix. Default thumb stick layout is what's causing issues. I assume it will be the same for you if you test it.
Are you sure you aren't just feeling the effects of aim assist? I played through the entire campaign last night and my aiming would slow down suddenly as well.

Check and see if it is happening specifically when your reticule is moving over enemies. The game like many FPS games on console has an aim assist feature which slows down your look sensitivity when you are aiming at an enemy to help stop you from jerking the thumbstick away from them when trying to hit them. Unfortunately in Halo 5 it's incredibly strong and I don't think there is any way to disable it. Most FPS games have aim assist as either mandatory or non existent.
This occurs when no enemies are present.
I also updated the controller's firmware, but it did not fix the issue.
Yea it doesn't appear to be aim assist - I run into this when no enemies are present.
I am using bumper jumper, and have yet to experience this. Could be just defult controller ?
The only solution I've found is by purchasing a new controller. The old ones seem to have issues with default layout.
I am using bumper jumper, and have yet to experience this. Could be just defult controller ?
Im using bumper jumper and I have experienced it
Yea, getting the same thing. Really screwing me up XD
I am using the default thumb stick layout and xbox one "day one" controller

I am also experiencing the same issue with the right thumb stick:

-Large deadzone feeling
-Un-normal look speeds

-I don't remember this being a problem during the Beta.
-I have tried all sensitivity levels with no resolve.
-I created a multiplayer match with no one else in it to see how the control reacts. It seems that the response isn't linear, once you get past a certain point the speed changes dramatically.
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