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Any one else having problems with dedicated server everytime I try to play multi online it gives me "problem with dedicated server" Help please any one know how to fix?
I just got a can’t connect to server tonight too. So packed it in early
Yep. Also had two short playing bans from losing my connection with the server. Love spending 30 seconds in almost every match to end up frozen and dead in a new area on the map. Worst was when I got a dbl kill to win the 48 to 48 match and it froze then the screen popped up saying lose 48 to 50. Odd how often Id super lag right when I did a big thing or finally get the team in a corner with the perfect weapon. Also would die so often hearning a single shot or less. Impossible almost to rank up doing it solo when 30% of the time a player quits or whatever. Seems like the low population playing would have the best connection playing. I dont know how it all works. So whatever. Never see a champion look like hes anything other then faster at killing than ever before. Oh well