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Halo 5 major campaign audio issue

OP UncoolTomo

I have seen so many posts on this problem and no fixes from 343.

The voices of all characters in both gameplay and cutscenes are simply not audible. You cannot hear the voices. All other audio is fine.

No fixes, such as making sure in-game voiceovers is set to 10, making sure your xbox sound settings are set to HDMI stereo uncompressed, changing your language settings, reinstalling the game, work. There are simply no solutions and based on forum threads all over the Internet, it has been an unresolved issue for years.

The halo 5 campaign is the only halo campaign I have yet to play, and this issue has been immensely frustrating and has meant I cannot play the campaign.

Is there any fix that actually works??? Such a shame..
I have the same issue! No character dialogue is audible both in game and during cut scenes. (The first initial cuts end had audible dialogue, but that was all).

Makes it difficult to follow the story without being able to hear any dialogue. Someone please post how to fix this issue..
same problem.
no voices in campaign and no announcers in multiplayer. i can hear the previews when selecting different announcers though.
all soundeffects and osts still work fine. the 10mb "announcer pack addon" is installed.
i have un- and reinstalled the game. i checked all the sound settings and reset them to default.
i cant seem to find a solution to this problem, but i found people reporting the problem from as far back as 2015. in 5 years noone found a solution?
im getting back into halo 5 to prepare for infinite, but not hearing the announcers and expositionheavy story is kinda dampening my enjoyment.
This is absolutely ridiculous! How is this not fixed yet? Seems to be a thing for years.
The game really is unplayable without voices...

Like the comments here, thought I'd get back on the Halo 5 bandwagon for the lead up to Halo Infinite... To my surprise I really started to notice the complete lack of voice over as I progressed through the first mission.

I suggest 343 you get some people onto this sooner rather than later as I imagine more and more people will be getting back into Halo 5 for the same reasons..

So I too have wasted a bunch of time trying the suggests on the internet from a few years ago...
Did some googles.. checked the last 5 years or so worth of random posts around the web on this, xbox forums, microsoft forums, halo waypoint, reddit etc...

There were seemingly some workarounds to get voices to work, which included reinstalling, switching console languages around etc.
None work! So now I'm wasting more of my time time to let you guys know on this thread.

Is Halo 5 so hated, that 343 aren't wasting any time on fixing core bugs and problems?

PS - those huge yellow subtitles are awful and impossible to read during shooter-gameplay, quite hard to play and read at the same time.

If anyone actually ever gets on this bug... This was on a Xbox One X console, and the console was set to Australia (although now I'm telling my xbox im in the USA, but that workaround fix did not fix either).

Will someone from 343 comment? Seems to be a very inactive forum.
I dont understand how this issue still hasn't been fixed, its been happening since 2015.....