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Halo Channel and nightfall armor

OP Cavalier Garau

Hi everyone, I'm having a lot of problems unlocking the nightfall armor via halo Channel, both Xbox and Windows versions.
I obtained the series by promotional code, found in my MCC Copy (bundled with my Xbox one) way back in 2014. Knowing what would have happened after I watched it, I played it immediatly, finishing it soon. But no prize were unlocked. I tried several times but still nothing. A few years ago I tried again and the "0/8" prizes unlocked still remained as they were. A week ago I tried in the Windows version of Halo Channel, seeing 343 responding to another thread and saying that now It would be solved, but again, nothing. I tried one last time on the Xbox, but nothing changed.
Does anyone know any tip or have any suggestions on how to solve this?
Thanks in advance :)
hey need odst armor plz help me